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Celebrities Who Look Gorgeous Even Without Makeup

We have to admit that at this point in time, a lot of us women rely on makeup. With the beauty industry being at its peak the past few years, it’s not surprising to know that a huge percentage of female population wear makeup. A lot of us women have found happiness in buying and wearing cosmetics for it allows us to express ourselves while also giving us a sense of empowerment. In addition to this, famous celebrities give an undeniably huge impact to everybody whenever we see them all glammed up! Well, just like us ordinary people, celebrities let their faces rest too. If you want to take a look at how celebrities look like sans makeup, then you are going to love this blog post. You’ll know that behind all that heavy makeup, these celebs can be just as gorgeous!

#1 – Adriana Lima

Source: Cosmopolitan

It’s not really difficult to imagine Adriana Lima without all that makeup. While we usually see her in her most glam self as a phenomenal Victoria’s Secret Angel, her naturally beautiful features are quite noticeable at first glance. Adriana’s bare face right here is quite justifiable – she’s battling against a terrible cold! Don’t we wish we look just as gorgeous as her when we are sick?

#2 – Bella Thorne

Source: Cosmopolitan

Oh well, to be young and beautiful – that’s what Bella Thorne’s no makeup selfie is all about! She knows that her fresh bare face is worth sharing on social media, hence the Instagram post! That poreless flawless face doesn’t even need a foundation over it, don’t you think?

#3 – Beyonce Knowles

Source: Cosmopolitan

Once again, Beyonce proved that she is Queen! She’s quite a natural beauty and we all know that, but seeing her face with zero makeup is just too gorgeous for words. Not to mention how she nailed that wild hair going on around her bare face! Well, who needs makeup if you’re Beyonce.

#4 – Emma Stone

Source: Cosmopolitan

La La Land star Emma Stone has always been this sophisticated-looking petite girl who’s always in her bright red lipstick. We all have to admit – we love Emma in her bold red lipstick and tantalizing mascara! Not every day we see Emma Stone’s geeky side, fortunately the paparazzi caught a good shot of barefaced Emma Stone as she leaves LAX. Still looks jolly and beautiful with her nerdy glasses, huh?

#5 – Gina Rodriguez

Source: Cosmopolitan

With Gina Rodriguez’s Puerto Rican descent, there is no doubt that she’s quite alluring with her Latina beauty. Are you sure this selfie isn’t something for a magazine pictorial? Just look at that beauty! We love Gina’s beauty marks scattered on the center of her face, her natural tan, amazing teeth and her messy beadhead hairdo. How can someone look so gorgeous in her messiest hair?

#6 – Gisele Bundchen

Source: Cosmopolitan

Another supermodel joins the list! There’s nothing to argue about when we talk about how gorgeously stunning Gisele Bundchen is. Although for a supermodel, it’s a bit hard to spot them without any makeup on. Thinking about all those catwalks and magazine shoots, we can only imagine Gisele being immensely glammed up! However, in this candid shot, Gisele shows a genuinely happy smile while enjoying the freezing snow – all that with zero makeup. One proof that smile is a woman’s best cosmetic!

#7 – Jaime King

Source: Cosmopolitan

How can someone look so perfectly flawless without any foundation on?! Jaime King knows how to work her gorgeous face without having to draw her brows, cover her dark circles and sport a bright lip color. This #nofilter #nomakeup selfie is everything swoon-worthy.

#8 – Jennifer Lawrence

Source: Cosmopolitan

Being this generation’s big star, Jennifer Lawrence is not our traditional reserved actress. Her naturally fun and quirky character is her superior charm and since she’s quite a carefree, easygoing girl, it’s not a rare sight to see her with no makeup on. She simply doesn’t care and we all get it; she doesn’t need any makeup at all just to look beautiful! Just look at this pretty shot of J.Law with her adorable dog!

#9 – Jennifer Lopez

Source: Cosmopolitan

One of the most beautiful Latinas we know is no other than Jennifer Lopez! Jenny from the block is more than just heavy makeup and sexy clothing – Jennifer Lopez is an exquisite beauty of her own. Just look at that healthy glowing skin, does she age, really? Thinking of going organic with your skin care? Check out 5 Best Organic Skin Care Brands that Your Skin Would Love.

#10 – Kim Kardashian

Source: Cosmopolitan

Let’s admit it, when we think about Kim Kardashian, most of us imagine her with her immensely dramatic contouring (which broke 2016) and super full matte lips. Now here’s a look that shows the other side of reality TV star Kim. Her bare face is just as beautiful and flawless! With her naturally long lashes and picture-perfect flawless skin, what’s not to adore?

#11 – Kirsten Dunst

Source: Cosmopolitan

Spotted in the streets of Los Angeles, Kirsten Dunst showed everybody that A-list celebrities can walk the streets barefaced too. With her messy bob, undone brows and bare lips, she still looks very beautiful. Oh, and can we also talk about how stylish her top is? That will make a great fashion piece for the Spring Season.

#12 – Kylie Jenner

Source: Cosmopolitan

Just like her big sister Kim Kardashian, we often see Kylie in her full glam makeup. Well, that’s pretty understandable as she runs her own huge makeup brand. Despite being spotted with dramatic contouring, perfect brows and full bold lips, Kylie still knows how to let her skin breathe. When she does let her skin breathe, she does it with grace! Isn’t she lovely with all that youthful freckles she’s got all over her face?

#13 – Lady Gaga

Source: Cosmopolitan

Ever since Lady Gaga shook the music world, she left a striking impression to everybody with her gaga costumes and peculiarly gorgeous heavy makeup looks. Recently though, Lady Gaga has been flaunting her unglammed persona with all her simple casual attires and zero face makeup. She did not disappoint us. In fact, she even surprised everybody about how gorgeous she is behind all that makeup!

#14 – Taylor Swift

Source: Cosmopolitan

Everyone falls for our beloved Taylor Swift and she proves that her charm is more than just an all-glammed-up Taylor. Spotted in a very casual sweatshirt hoodie, Taylor Swift still allures everybody even in her most laid-back look.

#15 – Tyra Banks

Source: Cosmopolitan

Lastly, let’s talk about modeling legend Tyra Banks. Without hesitating to bare it all with not a touch of makeup brush touching her face, aren’t we all empowered that all of us can be extremely beautiful with all our imperfections present? Tyra revealed her dark circles and dark spots without fear and she totally pulled it off!

Did you like our list of barefaced celebrities? Aren’t they all gorgeous! Well, for sure many of us got inspired to take good care of that skin underneath all the makeup! Whether one chooses to wear makeup or not, we have to realize that every woman is beautiful in her own unique ways.

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