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What to Wear to an Office Holiday Party?

Holiday season is all about cheers and celebration. Everyone seems to be in a hurry to wind up all the work before holidays. With all other holiday preparations, sharing this festive feel with others including your colleagues is equally important. Most of the offices are preparing to go for a memorable holiday bash with all the coworkers. When it comes to holiday office party, things do not remain so easy. Especially for women. Finalizing a look for office party is not that easy.

You can’t wear any other outfit from your closet. Office parties are a bit different from the other celebrations that we normally do with our friends. Obviously, you can’t wear a bolder look with shorts or or other body-hugging clothes (at least not in front of your boss). Your dress should be somewhere between formal and festive. We know, at the moment, many of you are struggling to get the best idea for your office bash. Though it’s a never ending outfit debate, but here we have tried our best to end this what-to-wear-dilemma by presenting the best ideas for your perfect outfit for holiday party at office.

Best Looks for Office Holiday Party

Style# 1: Leather Pants with Statement Coat

It’s a winter celebration, nothing could replace your everyday office blazer except an elegantly styled statement coat. Oversized coats are always trendy and promise comfort plus a sleek style. To get the perfect party look, pair it with a slim fit and glamourous leather pants. And obviously, this look would not be completed without a pair of complementing pumps. As it’s Christmas time, if it’s snowing outside, you can add a vibrantly hued (even red would be fun, after all it’s Christmas bash) scarf around your neck.

Style# 2: Incorporate something Sparkly!

We normally prefer colors like beige and grays for office wear but for festivity and celebration, there is nothing wrong in experimenting with something livelier. Give a shimmery surprise to your colleagues with a dazzling outfit. Add a metallic or sequined piece to a simple and plain outfit. Try a plain top with a sequined pencil skirt. Or set out in style with a metallic or sequined top with some neutral shaded trousers or skirt. Even a pair of metallic shoes is not an exception.

Style#3: Turtleneck Top with a Statement Skirt

For office clothing, a single rule rocks, clothes should look as good as you feel. For keeping the things both comfy and stylish, pair your favorite turtleneck with an upstyle statement skirt. A statement skirt would draw all the eyes towards you. And above all, it perfectly complements a plain turtleneck. For a classier feel, pair your outfit with a stiletto heel. [Find out here: The most stylish ways to wear a turtleneck in fall/winter 2016.]

Style#4: Sweater Dress with Metallic Shoes

A sweater dress in winter is one of the most suitable outfits for office. Incorporate some dazzling features with this plain piece. Be it some dazzling pieces of jewelry, a clutch or a pair of metallic shoes, it all would ensure a balanced look for the eve.

Style# 5: Warming Sweater with Culottes

Amaze everyone around you with your standout style and flawless fit by simply pairing your cozy sweater with some trendy and stylish culottes. Check out the image below, it’s a really balanced look for wearing in the office bash. To make it more appropriate for office, opt for a simple hair updo and of course, your handbag or a clutch is surely going to accompany you. [Read about the best clutches to dazzle up the look.]

Style# 6: Seasonal Print with Classic Coat

Readying for a party does not require to spend a big amount in buying some sizzling formal dresses. Simple seasonal printed dresses can also get you a glamorous look (especially for office). [Read about Style Tips for Wearing Leopard Print & Style Fashion Ideas to Flaunt the Classic Plaid Prints.] This one is a remarkably comfortable style for a celebration in your office. Pair any seasonal printed dress with a classic styled long coat. Matching tights and booties go great with it. Your knee-length dress would show off your funky style while a long coat over it, would balance the whole look. This idea is quite economical, you don’t have to spend a lot, and here is the final look, we have picked for you.

Style# 7: Knee-length Blazer Dress with High Heels

When we talk of an office party outfit, no one can compromise on comfort and grace. Outfits that are too flashy or bold are not suitable even for a party. Following all these limitations, a knee-length blazer dress is yet another suitable outfit for wearing in your office’s party. Make sure it is not too short. For adding a festive appeal, accessorize it with some light jewelry pieces like earrings or a bracelet. And last but not the least, don’t forget to get it paired with stiletto heels.

Style# 8: Go for a Velvety Touch

Velvet is never outdated. Adding it to any plain-looking outfit can easily glamorize the whole look. There are so many ideas for incorporating velvet. Give a try to a velvet midi dress, paired with some rocking winter booties. A velvet top with denim or a velvet jacket or blazer with jeans trousers, all of these ideas are perfect for an occasion like this.

Style# 9: Peplum Top and Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt is something that goes from office to after hours with extreme ease. You too should try a different look with a sleek and stylishly fitted pencil skirt paired with a peplum top. To add more to its style, pair it with a pointy pair of shoes.

Style# 10: Flare pants with Tunic

Enjoy your office holiday party with a comfy tunic. A tunic top is the best way to get a boho-chic appeal. For a more stylish look, opt for a tunic with bell sleeves. Pairing it with a flared trouser would give a more flattering look. We recommend it because it offers comfort plus style. [If you want to get the best office look, here are ways to light up your office wear.]

Conclusion: To manage a formal yet festive look is all that matters while picking the best outfits for office holiday party. A look not too simple, nor too flashy is what you all should focus on. I just hope the inspirations given here would be helpful for you in getting a suitable look for your holiday party with coworkers.

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