How to Tie A Turban

Turbans are gaining popularity day-by-day especially in winter; they provide a warm and enduring look. There are so many attractive scarves of different colors, prints and styles available in the market that you would end up buying them. Are you the one who tried tying a turban so many times but ended up with a messy look? Don’t worry as we are going to provide you various ways to tie a turban elegantly.

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By Folding A Square Scarf Into Triangle

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The first step is to fold a square scarf into a triangle and after doing so, carefully place the middle section of the triangle on your head. The next step will be to take the two corners of the scarf on each separate side and fold them in such a way that they overlap. Next twist them together and on doing so, pull them back behind your head and tie them into a turban

The High Knot Style

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If you have a bandana or a cloth hairband, you can use it to create a turban. However, it should be a little long in length; then it can be used as a turban. All you will have to do is place the bandana around your head in such a way that it is basically flat around the head. Then, pull the ends of the bandana in the upwards direction and twist it in such a way that rope is created. Coil the created rope and then tuck it. The turban will be basically a high knot and will look very stylish.

The Criss-Cross Style

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If you want to try something new, try out the criss-cross style of tying the turban. First, tie up your hair into a high bun and remember to tie them firmly so that they don’t come loose. Place the scarf around your head in such a way that both the ends are loose over the shoulders. With both the ends, tie a knot into the lower end of your head and then again bring the ends in the front. Alternately, keep tying both the ends in such a way that the zig-zag pattern is visible. You can also try it out with two different scarfs. Hold the knotted scarf with a stylish pin or a brooch; it will turn the look into a party look. Also, the pattern will look very elegant.

Wear It Like A Bandana

You can go simple with your scarf and wear it like a bandana. But, for this, you can either take a super-high puff or let your hair loose. Repeatedly tie the scarf around your head but in such a manner that the top of the head is open. So it would be just wrapping the scarf around your head and later on tying it into a knot at the lower end. You can try this out with casual wears like jeans or skirts, and it will make your outfit look elegant.

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