5 Best Organic Skin Care Brands that Your Skin Would Love

It has become obvious that our generation is becoming more conscious about our health and lifestyle. From vegan food to cruelty-free products – it is quite a global billion dollar business. Among these healthy organic products that have surfaced all throughout the years are skincare products. We have researched reputable websites and reviews to come up with the 5 Best Organic Skin Care Brands that you should definitely add to your skincare routine.

#1 Organic Skin Care Brand-Dr. Hauschka

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Founded by Dr. Rudolf Hauschka, an Austrian chemist, author, inventor, entrepreneur and anthroposophist; the skincare brand originally began in 1935 as a manufacturer of natural medicine. As their research begins to grow, the brand has pioneered in perfecting rich blends of top quality natural ingredients that effectively benefits the skin. The goal of the brand is to deliver high quality organic skincare products that feature only the best natural ingredients, sourced responsibly and proven earth-friendly.

Bestseller from Dr. Hauschka

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One of Dr. Hauschka’s most phenomenal products is their highly-concentrated body oil. A lot of beauty editors and reviewers have expressed their love for it by saying that these oils are so pure it actually feels like you are fully immersed in nature. Dr. Hauschka’s body oils come in different types of variants and each one features a specific function. The oils are quite soothing, moisturizing, rejuvenating and calming. In addition to that, it’s a great multifunctional product as I can also be applied onto the face and the hair.

#2 Organic Skin Care Brand-Juice Beauty

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Juice Beauty is a California-based company founded by wellness entrepreneur, Karen Behnke. Along with a team of PhD chemists, physicians and microbiologists, Karen went with her big skincare journey – finding the best organic ingredients that deliver effective results and luxurious experience. The brand is USDA Certified Organic and 100% Cruelty-free as well. In addition to this, Juice Beauty’s brand a highly recommended and recognized by InStyle, ELLE, Allure and EWG Awards.

Bestseller from Juice Beauty

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Juice Beauty’s Green Apple Peel Full Strength made it to ELLE’s list of Best All-Natural Skin Care for its exceptional exfoliating effect on the skin. With its purely natural ingredients, mainly derived from green apple, the peeling gel effectively removes dead skin cells while supplying superior nourishment to the skin. This results to healthier skin cells for softer, smoother skin.

#3 Organic Skin Care Brand-Odacité

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Odacité is actually a very interesting brand. According to its founder, Valerie Grandury, the birth of the brand all started when she decided to make an extreme change to her lifestyle. After she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Valerie realized that her lifestyle needed so much change for her to be able to transform it to something much healthier. Because of this, she then embarked on a whole new journey of exploring natural wonders that can perform as equally, or even better, as the regular luxury skincare brands. The brand aims to produce only the purest and the best natural ingredients to their vast collection of cosmetic products.

Bestseller from Odacité

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A lot of beauty bloggers and forum users have continuously raved about Odacité’s Healthy Glow Beauty Package. It’s a set that includes a cleanser and a moisturizer that works in complete synergy to deliver rich moisture and radiance to the skin. It restores skin vitality and maintains the healthy glow of the skin all throughout the day.

#4 Organic Skin Care Brand-Trilogy Natural Skincare

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Trilogy Natural Skincare is quite a familiar brand for natural cosmetic lovers in America and Europe. The brand was founded by New Zealand sisters Sarah Gibbs and Catherine de Groot. It all began when they first discovered the amazing skin benefits that rosehip oil gives to the skin. As the brand grows, they have also continued their vast research on natural organic skincare products that will perform amazingly onto the skin.

Bestseller from Trilogy Natural Skincare

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As Trilogy started out with the nurturing of rosehip oil for the skin, there is no doubt that the brand’s bestseller is their Certified Organic Rosehip Oil. It’s an all-around serum that provides nourishment and repair for optimum skin health. It has bagged several Beauty wards for its effectiveness and exceptional performance onto the skin. It’s proven gentle, so even people with hypersensitive skin can freely use it.

#5 Organic Skin Care Brand-Weleda

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Weleda is an all-natural organic skincare brand founded in 1921 stemming from the teachings of Dr. Rudolf Steiner. His life’s work focused on how natural ingredients can greatly contribute to people’s wellness overall and how it should affect an individual’s healthy lifestyle. Weleda also cultivates its own Biodynamic gardens in which natural ingredients are grown naturally without any synthetic additives.

Bestseller from Weleda

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This is definitely a moisturizer worth the hype. ELLE also included Weleda’s Skin Food Cream in their list of the Best All Natural Skincare and it truly swept a lot of beauty enthusiasts off their feet. The moisturizing cream works great for rough and dry skin as it delivers a superior amount of moisture that goes deep into the skin.

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