Be Chic and Fabulous in Different Shades of Brown!

In fashion, we usually classify “safe colors” in black and white, but apart from those shades, warm and earthy hues have always been an immense fashion favorite. It is quite true that brown hues are just as versatile as black and white when it comes to fashion. It embraces many different fashion pieces that give a whole new definition to your amplified styling choice. There are so many ways on how to wear the shade of brown when it comes to clothing and it is actually very fun to mix and match it with different other hues. No idea on how to amplify your basic brown pieces? Here’s a guide that we have thoroughly researched for you! We researched stylish pieces from bloggers, designers and celebrities that we can all take inspiration from. If you want to see more of it, just keep on reading!

Brown Pieces Spotted on the Fashion Runway



Side by side, these stunning brown pieces from designer brands Phillip Lim, Trussardi and Tibi respectively, defines the authenticity and versatility that this earthy hue brings to any ensemble. Many may find brown as an “ugly” color but these iconic designers say otherwise. This color also adds warmth to the whole look; making it a perfect color for the fall and winter season. It can be worn alone or in layers – there’s no fashion mistake to commit with such versatile color!


Source: Loewe

Apart from clothing, brown is also a great color in terms of add-on accessories, bags and shoes.

Style Combo #1: Brown + Black


Source: PopSugar

Olivia Palermo paired a sexy knitted top that bares half of her shoulders with a black plaid skirt. Earth colors perfectly suit gold pieces so her gold necklace, ring and bangles truly made a sophisticated finish to the look.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

This fashionable wool wrap coat goes all-in with its plain brown color to complete the whole ensemble in one piece. While the dress coat isn’t as tedious as it seems, considering that it has really unique accents and cuts, adding a bit of color play would make the look more stylish. With a black leather clutch bag, everything in this look will definitely work together perfectly.


Source: Pinterest

Fancy something sexy to pair up with your vintage velvet cropped pants? Here’s a look that’s edgy and sexy for you! In this look, the model wears a sexy plunging bodysuit with a long black cardigan over it. The top ensemble perfectly complements the color and material of the velvet cropped pants by drawing even attention to the whole coordinate.

Style Combo #2: Brown + Blue


Source: Vogue

Strut it like a French Girl by playing with all the basics and optimizing your fashion ensemble by mix and matching them up. In the photo above, it features specific basic elements that were worn with the right pairing to look extremely chic. She flaunted her plain brown coat and brown boots with her basic denim jeans and navy blue turtleneck to top it all off. Tips on dressing up like a French Girl? Read this article!


Source: Cut & Paste

Here’s one more brown + blue denim pairing that really works. In this look, she features a comfy and casual brown maxi dress with an edgy fur denim jacket draped over her shoulders. Wear this attire with your go-to brown slippers and brown leather satchel and you’re editorial-worthy!


Source: elle

The secret to successfully layering your fashion pieces is to some up with a solid concept. From there, think of the matching colors you have to blend together and the elements you have to mix. For instance, the look pictured above went on loose, casual drapes which made her layer a draped long cardigan over a loosely-fitted blue blouse. To complete the brown and blue ensemble, she also wore navy blue bootleg trousers to create a laid-back, effortless look.

Style Combo #3: All Brown



Kylie Jenner proves that going for a single shade color coordinated ensemble is still very much wearable today. We tend to think that intense color coordination looks too dramatic and overboard but Kylie showed us how to do it right. She went for all brown ensembles in a variety of undertones to still give the look more depth.


Source: pinterest

Paired with a designer leather bag, her all-brown ensemble is looking very much high fashion! No fuss and frills needed to draw attention to the whole look because the color itself makes a statement of its own.


Source: pinterest

Wearing darker brown hues help enhance complexion and shape. Whether you choose a body-hugging piece or a loose fit, dark brown tones give full definition to your overall ensemble. In this particular look, she rocked an all-brown ensemble with her wool blend coat over her basic knit top.

Style Combo #4: Brown + Gray

Source: Just The Design

Source: Just The Design

Perfect your chic winter ensemble with your favorite brown coat and gray knit scarf. This color combination not only adds definition to the whole fashion coordinate but also gives proper contrast that gives life to your outfit. Brown and gray may seem like dull shades but believe us, this trendy combination is slaying fashion this year!


Source: pinterest

Let’s draw away a bit from brown clothes and see how stunning they can be in bags and footwear. Spotted in the streets, this lady flaunts her breezy gray chiffon dress with a sleek leather bag and mandals that come in matching clay brown color.


Source: Hjärterum

Get warm and cozy with this chocolate brown fringe scarf partnered with a basic gray knit cardigan. This ensemble allows you to mix and match gray and brown in various undertones to add definition to your casual look.

Style Combo #5: Brown + Red


Source: Vogue

Be fiery and fierce with pairing up your favorite brown hues with blazing red pieces. Coats and leather jackets usually come in black or brown, so looking for a brick reds are unique and fabulous.


Source: WhoWhatWear

Here’s another look that features mix and matching various pieces that come in an almost similar color but different undertones. In this look, her bright orange scarf stands out in her sophisticated brown coordinate. Match it up with pointy-toe strap heels and a burgundy brown clutch and you’re all set.


Source: Le Catch

If there is something you need to wear for fashion week, this is the outfit to go for! The look embraces a chill, retro vibe with its funky shades in red orange, tangerine and clay brown. It’s quite eye-catching but is definitely not too overwhelming to wear.

Style Combo #6: Brown + White


Source: Reinvent Yourself

This runway ready ensemble calls for paparazzi to swarm around her! We love this editorial-worthy look that features a mustard brown shade matched with white in symmetrical patterns. The oversized fit made it look warm and comfy and the brown patent leather boots is a perfect way to pull off the look.


Source: Write and style

If you’re only thinking of going out for a quick walk in the park or an impromptu grocery shopping, wearing something comfy and casual like this ensemble is the way to go. With a basic knit shirt and a pair of black leather leggings, the look is quite a seamless take on winter style. With a conventional brown wool coat, a hip beanie and your go-to Converse, this white and brown ensemble is an effortlessly chic way to style up for the cold season.


Source: The Impression

For an elegant and sophisticated take on the usual casual clothing, go for an oversized brown jacket and drape it on your shoulders to balance out your all-white ensemble. Just like in the look pictured above, you can also add more brown accents to bring dimension to the whole look, like ankle boots and a small sling bag.

Brown From StyleWe

Which among these looks do you find easy to pull off this season? Whether you choose to go elegant in a dress of casual in denims, the key to perfecting your brown ensembles is to find colors and pieces that will not battle each other. Have them blend really well to draw singular attention and not look too confusing to the eyes. Wear your ensemble with confidence and just flaunt it that way you like it!

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