How to Make a Tulle Skirt

Tulles are fabrics mostly made of nylon and polyester which are lightweight and follows a sheer woven mesh pattern. Tulle is pronounced as ‘tool’. A single layer of tulle is used to make bridal veils and layers are put together to make skirts that are stiff enough to stay in shape and away from the body. The number of layers makes it opaque. The same method of construction can be used to create petticoats or full-length skirts made of cotton or silk, which stays away from the body and give the skirt a full shape. Tulle skirts are also worn by ballerinas. Without further adieu, let us take a look at how to make a tulle skirt.

So the first thing to do would be to collect all the essentials that you will need to start working on creating your tulle skirt. Let us see what all you would require.

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  • Decide on how long you want the skirt to be. Depending on the length you want, measure from your waist till that part, if it is the knee, till the knee and add one inch to it. Then measure the radius of your waist and divide it by ‘2pi’, which is equal to 2×3.14. Now add the length and the number you got after dividing the waist radius by 2pi.
  • If the number is less than 27, you will need six yards of tulle. If the number is more than 27, you have to opt for twelve yards of tulle.
  • The lining for the tulle should of the color which is similar to the color of the tulle. The waist measurement will have to be multiplied by 1.5 to determine the measurement of fabric that required to make the lining.
  • Measuring yard stick
  • Scissors
  • Elastic ribbon: elastic should be chosen in a way that it fits around the waist perfectly and one inch more for overlap.
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine (optional)
  • Thread, of course.


Wash the tulle first, then dry and iron it to make the fabric soft. You can avoid this step if it is already soft. Be really careful, though. Wash it gently and maybe let someone who is good at ironing do it for you if you do not feel up to it. This is one of the steps common for No Sew and Sew Tulle Skirt.

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No-Sew Tulle skirt

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  • Cut the tulle into a dozen strips by laying it flat. Each strip should measure anywhere from two to three inches. Use wider stripes if you need a fuller and fluffier skirt. In case you want the skirt to lay down a little more, it would be advised to use thinner stripes of the fabric.
  • Once the tulle is cut into stripes, the stripes have to be folded to half. This will help to add the tulle to the ribbon easily. Folding the tulle stripes will leave it having two tails and a loop at the other end which will later be attached to the elastic ribbon.
  • Take one of the strips and place it on the ribbon so the loop overlaps it. Make adjustments so that the loop sticks out by about two inches. Make a classic hacking knot with the stripes by wrapping the tail ends around the ribbon, away from the loop and pull them through and around the loop on top of the ribbon.
  • Continue the process and add the rest of the stripes on the elastic ribbon. Use only the classic hacking knot to add these stripes. To accommodate the other stripes, space can be made by pulling the tail ends of the stripes to minimize the size of the knots. Organize them smoothly and let the elastic ribbon be filled with the knots made by the stripes.
  • Once you have added all the stripes, it leaves only the tail end of the elastic ribbon. This part is to be used to tie your skirt around your waist. Now sport you beautiful tulle skirt while going outdoors.

Sew Tulle Skirt

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  • Fold your Tulle into half width wise. So that if you are using a 54-inch tulle, it will become 27 inches. Once again fold it to make it off four layers.
  • Take the folded tulle and sew an elastic casing through the length of the tulle of a little more than two inches wide to appropriately accommodate the elastic ribbon. Make sure to sew the folded side of the four-layered tulle.
  • Add the elastic ribbon through the casing. Use a hook or a sturdy long device to get the elastic through to the other side of the casing. Make sure to keep both tail ends of the elastic out of the casing, so that it can later be used to sew the elastic band. Use a safety pin to keep the elastic from going inside the casing, if required.
  • Now, take both ends of the elastic bands and sew it together. You can use different patterns and designs to sew the elastic. Make sure to sew the excess of elastic ribbon by folding it onto the elastic waistband and follow the pattern you have chosen for sewing.
  • Now bring closer all the layers of the tulle together and pin the edges of it. Taking a measurement of one-fourth of an inch, sew from the edge through the whole length. Be careful while stitching as you have to stitch through all four layers.
  • Use your hands to separate each layer of the skirt and let it stay up and make the skirt fluffier. Add patterns to the layers to make it look more beautiful if needed, and your tulle skirt is ready.

Make sure to add a little extra of the elastic ribbon if you are planning to tie a bow at the back. You can see for yourself that it is a pretty easy process to make a tulle skirt. Try it out sometimes and make a skirt for yourself or your little princess.

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