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Emma Watson: A Walkthrough in her Career and Fashion Timeline

Today’s vast entertainment industry is filled with countless amazing actresses who perfectly excel in their craft. But while there are just so many huge names that echo in Hollywood today, we can only spot a few who really explored things beyond acting. In this article, we would like to celebrate an actress’ dramatic transition in terms of her life and career. More than acting and modeling, she is an activist who fights side by side with billions of women around the world. She battles for the rights of women suffering from inequality and discrimination all across the globe.

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Emma Watson is definitely a woman worth talking about. Apart from her groundbreaking role in the Harry Potter series, many of us have seen her grow tremendously in her craft. We do know that there aren’t many actors and actresses out there who we have seen grow all throughout the years. With Emma, she constantly has been under the spotlight: from her blockbuster films to her HeforShe campaign.

Background: Her childhood under the spotlight

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Emma Charlotte Watson was born in Paris, France in April 15, 1990. Both her parents are British lawyers but were divorced as soon as she reached five years old. After her parents’ divorce, Emma then moved to Oxfordshire, England to live with her mother. By the age of six, Emma got very interested into acting and performing which led her to study part-time in a theater school called Stagecoach Theatre Arts.

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Emma Watson’s role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series is her very first professional acting project. Prior to this, she only had the chance to perform in minor stages produced by the theatre school she was in and in school plays as well. Despite bring her very first professional acting breakthrough, Emma Watson’s role in the Harry Potter series as Hermione Granger has become so phenomenal along with the film series itself.

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The Harry Potter films have become a constant blockbuster all throughout its 7-year roll. With this, Emma Watson’s fame skyrocketed and her entire life – from childhood to her adult life, has always been a constant hot topic in the media. She never really worked on other projects aside from the Harry Potter series until its final film “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2”.

UN Women Goodwill Ambassador: HeforShe Campaign

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Emma Watson is also very well-known because of her human rights endeavors. The United Nations appointed her as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador in July 2014 after which she began her HeforShe Campaign. The campaign aims to call men to advocate for women’s rights. Because of this UN campaign, Emma Watson had numerous activities visiting several places including remote areas in third world countries to deliver speeches.

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Source: UN.org

Emma Watson persevered into taking part in many UN-related activities that advocates in equal political rights for men and women. Because of these activities, she landed on TIME 100 list of the Most Influential People which is her first ever appearance on the list.

Emma Watson Fashion Spotlight

All throughout the years, Emma Watson’s fame kept her every move on a constant watch. As she is a very well-known personality, her fashion style is something very influential to many. In this section of the article, we are going to walk you through Emma Watson’s best fashion moments.

Elegant Red Carpet Long Dresses

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Source: Teen Vogue

Emma Watson walked the red carpet a million times and we can’t even count how many glamorous gowns have she worn! Despite all those glitz and glam gowns, this outfit by Misha Nonoo definitely lands into our favorites list. The chic navy blue lapel coat went very well with the ivory maxi dress beneath it. It gives a semi-casual but very elegant look.

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Source: Teen Vogue

Emma goes sexy back with this sophisticated black dress that she wore in the premiere of her 2014 film “Noah” held in Germany. Her black chiffon racerback gown is by Wes Gordon. It also featured a pretty ribbon accent that goes all the way down to the hem.

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Source: Teen Vogue

Here’s another classic black gown that reveals some skin! This asymmetrical Prabal Gurung gown is an absolute winner for its unique tailoring. She wore this stunning gown during the Costume Institute’s punk-themed gala event.

Chic Street Style Looks

We have to say that Emma Watson’s street style is one of the most fashionable of today. Her wardrobe pieces epitomize the classic European style in the most effortless way possible. Here are some of our favorite picks!

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Source: Nutter Buster

This get up is perfect for all seasons! Paired with her classic black trousers is this oversized grey layered top that looks comfy and stylish. She layered an oversized knitted sweater over a plaid long-sleeved blouse which truly proves that wardrobe basics can work perfectly together to create a very fashionable get-up.

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Source: Celeb Mafia

If you are in search of something warm and cozy for the winter season, here’s an Emma Watson-inspired winter attire for you. Her wool blend cape coat goes perfectly with her plain white long-sleeves underneath. Plus, for that ultimate European chic style, she wore knee-high leather boots and a pair of black skinny leggings.

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Source: Pinterest

Here’s another stylish coordinate that is very easy to pull-off during the summer or spring season. The get-up is pretty laid back and her top blends so well with her printed chiffon scarf. Plus, she definitely rocked those classic ripped denims with her grey flats!

Stunning Fashion Looks for the Holidays

Before we wrap this article up, here’s a bonus section that we have prepared for you! As the series of festive holidays are quickly approaching, we are pretty sure you’ve been trying to come up with a complete holiday wardrobe to accompany you in these holiday events. Here are some our holiday picks among Emma Watson’s most stunning attires that you can take inspiration from.

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Source: Elle

You can never go wrong with a classic black and white ensemble. In this look, Emma is looking super elegant and classy with her long-sleeved blouse and sleek black trousers. The top highlights Emma’s feminine physique with its draped front and plunging neckline. To add glam to the whole loo, she also wore a gold cuff over her white blouse.

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Source: Elle

Of course, the holidays won’t ever be complete with loads of gold and glitter! If you are feeling a bit festive, you can take it from Emma Watson’s stunning Burberry dress. No extra frills and accessories needed because the dress alone is quite a stunner! She paired it up with black strappy sandals to match her belt.

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Source: Elle

In her edgy Dior ensemble, Emma gave justice to her gorgeously printed mini skirt by pairing it with a high neck loose blouse. Then again, one rule in fashion is to wear point pumps along with mini skirts and Emma shows us how to properly flaunt it!

Emma Watson is truly one of the most colorful public figures out there. There’s just so much about her that a lot of us love! From her fashion choices to her human rights advocacies, she is an absolute inspiration for many women today.

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