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Wanted to try thigh-high boots, but too scared to try them on? Well, they are a little scary as you have to carry them with confidence and you will look like the fashion icon. Especially, when it is winter and we have to protect our feet from extreme cold. There are lots of options for thigh-high boots, such as Plus size thigh boots or leather thigh-high boots or over the knee boots for women. You can choose for your own. How provide a guide to choose for your own body type or you can look for Who What Wear to get style tips on thigh-high boots. Let’s see how to choose thigh-high boots.

Thigh-high boots with Denim

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This is the most usual dress up idea where you put on your favorite denim jeans with a nice pair of boots. Based on the personal taste, you can choose the boots with high fittings or little loose boots. Loose boots can be fashion if you know how to choose them. Fluffy boots are mainly in the fall to save your legs and the fitting can be loose to some extent to make some space. If you are thinking about wearing a denim color boots, I would recommend you to think twice. Because, the combination of these two is hard to carry.

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Thigh-high boots with leather

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Leather boots are awesome for every kind of look. You can get a hot chic look or rock look with leather boots. Leather boots with high heels and fitting looks amazing on any kind of tops and jeans combination. You can wear them with one piece short length tops and keep the legs open for boots. Little fluffy short tops with layers or ruffles are recommended. Leggings are also appreciated with leather boots. Choose a nice pair to carry out for special occasions or outing.

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Choose color for thigh-high boots

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It is important to choose colors for thigh-high boots with what you are wearing. Don’t go for a lighter color as they focus it too much on your lower portion and make it look cheap. Rather choose deep color or neutral colors that will add complement and make you look bold. Actually, there are some fixed colors for thigh-high boots like black for leather, mainly, silver color is allowed if you are going party or gray and deep brownish color can be a good choice for casual outing. Not that you can never try those patterned boots, but make sure the occasion allows them to fit.

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Break the tradition with thigh-high boots

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We are always afraid of trying something new and go for all the old styles that are safe. Fashion takes courage and new experiments. It is not necessary to try out thigh-high boots with long denim jeans or leggings always. You can try your denim shorts with a nice pair of thigh-high boots that can be elegant and at the same time, stylish for any outing.

For sophistication and a hot look, there’s no alternative for thigh-high boots. Every fashion conscious woman should know their taste and wear it with confidence.

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