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Emma Watson and Her Eco-Friendly Fashion

There’s more to Emma Watson than just your favorite know-it-all always-loyal Hermione. Over the years, Emma has definitely bloomed into a very versatile actress, which created her a mark in the entertainment industry. And her upcoming Disney movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is one of the most awaited films this 2017. Not only that, she promotes feminism at all cost. She believes that feminism is about equality, and giving women choice.

But aside from her distinctive acting skills and feminism campaign, she is also an advocate of eco-friendly outfits. She promotes sustainable fashion wardrobe through her eco-friendly choices, from her casual clothing to red carpet looks. Let’s take a look at her environmental OOTDs, and be amazed how this woman conquered, not just the movie screens, but also the runway.

Sophisticated Suit

Source: Instagram

Emma gave this suit a sophisticated flavor. As an advocate of eco fashion brand, she made sure that her style is an epitome of environmental style. This sophisticated suit is from Maiyet, a fashion line that focuses in luxury yet ethical products through artisan partnerships globally. Aside from her dashing suit, Emma also glammed up her look with a simple yet striking accessory from Catbird— a fashion line that offers handmade pieces using recycled gold and focuses in fair-trade. Check out more of the hot suit fever: The Hottest and Edgiest Suits of 2016.

Collarless Coat

Source: Celebzz

During the 2016 MOMA Art Film Benefit, Emma was a timeless beauty as she was seen wearing a classy black dress paired with a minimalist blue coat. However, the coat is not just your ordinary covering as it features a rather sustainable fashion. This blue collarless coat is also from the fashion line Maiyet. Emma has undeniably lived up to her eco-friendly choices by greatly supporting fair trade practices, as well as the empowerment of artisan cultures.

Dashing in White

Source: Instagram

This dashing-in-white ensemble was worn during her visit in Malawi as she talked about gender equality among youth activists and the issue about child marriage in the place. And of course, Emma’s fashion pieces are always on point to keep up with her eco-friendly style. Her jacket and trousers were from EDUN, a fashion line that encourages ecological trade and production in most parts of Africa. The company uses sustainable and organic materials that avoid harmful chemical processes, which makes it way better for the environment.

Also during the event, she wore a pair of handmade shoes from a shoe line named Ancient Greek Sandals, a company that features locally-made footwear made by skilled Greek craftsmen. Each pair of shoes highlights the touch of historical craftsmanship that uses chemical-free leather processed by traditional techniques. And to complete her look, she opted for a recycled jewelry pieces from All Blues, a jewelry handcrafted business based in Stockholm.

Minimalist and Sustainable

Source: Instagram

Her visit to Malawi is downright significant, and of course stylish and sustainable. To start off, her white shirt was created by TOME, a fashion entity that specializes in featuring organic materials like cotton. It was in 2014 that this company unveiled the ‘White Shirt Project’— a campaign to raise awareness and funds for ‘Freedom for All’. Freedom for All is a charity organization that battles modern day slavery and human trafficking.

On the other hand, her black silk skirt is from the fashion line Zady, which partnered with Cocccon— an ethical fashion company founded by Chandra Prakash Jha, who focuses in helping the locals by giving fairer and safer wages. The business uses mosquito nets instead of toxic pesticides to protect their production of silk from silkworm caterpillars.

Further, her sandals are made by Nisolo, an entity that is internationally and ethically designed to create fairly-priced footwear and accessories. The team of experts behind this shoe line in Peru encourages fair trade wages in safe working environment as well as striking benefits for all their employees such as healthcare, wellness trainings and financial literacy.

Marching in Maiyet

Source: Metro

It seems that Emma is an avid fan of the eco-friendly fashion entity, Maiyet, as she is seen wearing another outfit from the company during the 2017 Woman’s March in Washington. She wore an all-black ensemble while walking and smiling all throughout the event. Her red lipstick and hoop earrings made the whole event more charming and captivating.

Coat in Action

Source: Instagram

Her brown trench coat was another piece from Zady, which is made from biodegradable material— light-weight wool that is woven and dyed by a vertically integrated facility powered by hydro-power and solar panels.

All Black Ensemble

Source: Instagram

Her black outfit from Behno is a definite piece of the company’s mission— to bring awareness to the impressive products made in India. Behno specializes in redefining and inspiring the factory conditions in the garmenting industry of developing countries.

Her jewelry pieces were again from All Blues, which features handcrafted work of arts by using recycled materials like silver and gold. These accessories are not just trendy pieces, but also long-lasting embellishments you can wear for a lifetime.

Fancy Layering

Source: Instagram

Emma graced the One Young World Ottawa opening with her fancy yet classy ensemble. Her outfit is from the prestigious fashion line, Dior, which provides designer collections. This luxury brand also supports the local handicraft workers, and even owned a small atelier situated in Paris that preserves traditional craftsmanship.

Classical White

Source: Instagram

Wearing this classical white dress from Stella Mccartney, Emma looked radiantly beautiful during the HeForShe 2nd anniversary event. Stella Mccartney became the first and only luxury vegetarian brand in the world because of using animal skins, feather, fur and leather, the company focuses in using organic materials like vegetarian leather, wood, cotton, as well as regenerated cashmere and forest-friendly fabrics. Aside from that, her accessories were from Monique Pean, an entity that specializes in hand-made craftsmanship to support traditional and cultural heritage.

Recycled Gown

Source: Go Fug Yourself

One of the most iconic dresses of Emma was her black-and-white recycled gown from Calvin Klein. She totally stunned the Met Gala event with the pants-under-dress trend that highlighted creativity and resourcefulness. Her pants were made of recycled plastic bottles, and were woven to create an eco-friendly piece.

If you adore her unique red carpet look, here are more of the pants-under-dress fashion that will really be ideal for your distinctive wardrobe capsule.

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