How to Minimize Pores to Get an Even Skin?

Those large pores on the face tend to ruin the whole beauty. There are a number of factors that may cause these weird looking pores on our skin. Some of these may include—age factor (our skin tends to lose collagen with age and that makes pores more visible), oily skin, genetics, sun damage and natural skin type. We are often asked the questions like ‘how to make pores smaller?’ and ‘Why do we need pores?’ Let’s find out the answers.

How to Shrink Pores?

To shrink the pores completely, is not a possibility. The shape and size of the pores on the skin is determined genetically. So, there is no specific method to shrink or minimize these skin pours. What you can really do is to make them look smaller by using different skincare techniques. [Read here: 6 Easy and Safe DIY Face Masks You Should Try at Home]

Why Do We Need Pores?

Like every other feature in our body, pores too have a function to perform. Pores aid our skin in sweating and releasing useless fluids and sebum (skin oil).

What Skin Type is more Likely to Have them?

Pores size and appearance may vary according to the skin type. Those who have mixed or oily skin are more likely to have these large pores on their skin.

What are the Best Ways to minimize pores?

Checkout the most effective techniques to shrink the pores on your face.

1.Cleansing and Exfoliation

Your pores on the face look even bigger when they are opened and clogged with oily substance and makeup remains. So, the very first step to follow is to opt for a regular facial cleansing. Keep your skin free of dust, makeup and oil. Exfoliating ensures the removal of dead skin cells and a noticeably clearer face each time. Use some soft exfoliant (easily available in the stores), to slough off the dead skin cells. Apply the exfoliant (special brush to exfoliate) in short and swift strokes. If you don’t exfoliate, the oil will keep storing in the dead cells, making them look larger and more visible.

source: Exfoliate the Skin

2.Pick a High-Quality Exfoliator

Markets are filled with a number of drugstore exfoliators. Pick the one that contains the small scrubbing grains in them, for exfoliating. If your skin is not sensitive, you can exfoliate daily. But those with sensitive skin (skin that easily gets red and irritated) should exfoliate no more than thrice a week.

3.Try Some Homemade Scrub

You can prepare your own exfoliator at home, if you don’t feel satisfied with the ones available in the drugstores. Add honey and green tea in granulated sugar to slough off the dead skin. All three ingredients are suitable and non-damaging for the skin.

4.Prefer Lukewarm Water

When you cleanse your skin, avoid hot water. Instead of that, prefer lukewarm water and then use a soft towel to pat dry your face (avoid rubbing). And don’t forget to apply some moisturizer after exfoliation.

source: Scrubbing the Skin

5.Steaming Method

To get rid of the oily and sebum-filled pores, steaming is yet another easy way. when you steam your face, it loosens the hard-oily pores to ensure deep cleansing.

6.Try Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is keratolytic beta hydroxy acid (BHA), that is considered good for the most common skin issues like acne outbreak and deep cleansing. It easily gets penetrated in the deepest pores and sloughs off the impurities.

7.Use Facial Masks

Using face masks is the best way to minimize pores. Masks are recommended to clean the skin of all the dust and sebum, and also to reduce the inflammation that makes these pores look large. Look for some effective clay mask or make a homemade mask with yogurt.

source: Clay Mask for Large Pores

8.Products with Retinol

Beauty products containing retinol are considered best for unclogging the pores and making them look smaller. Besides that, prescription Accutane too is a reliable medication to minimize the pores. But once you stop using it, the pores would get back to their natural size.

9.Laser Treatment

If you are looking for a permanent solution of the problem, opting for a laser treatment is the most recommended solution. Get professional help in this regard.

10.Use a Primer

A primer is the very first layer before putting on the makeup. Primer helps in concealing the pores by giving an even look as a whole.

11.Use a Concealer

Using a thin (very important) layer of concealer helps in hiding the remaining pores on your face. Make sure you are not using it excessively. Applying a thicker layer may make the pores more visible.

source: Makeup for Hiding Large Pores

Some Other Tips to Prevent Large Pores

To get rid of large pores for long term, here are a few precautionary measures you must take beside following the above-mentioned techniques.

  • Don’t apply too greasy and creamy-textured lotions and creams on your face. Especially the creams that contain mineral oil or petroleum must be avoided for facial use. These are more likely to produce oil and that may result in further clogging of pores. Follow this step, especially if you have got an oily skin.
  • Using bar soaps for face is not recommended. Reports suggest, the ingredient that keeps a bar soap in its specific ‘bar shape’, may cause clogging of pores.
  • Prefer only water soluble cleansers.
  • Moisturizing your skin is essential for preventing large pores. For better results, you are recommended to opt for oil-free or water based moisturizers.
  • When you exfoliate, don’t forget to apply some SPF15 product before going outdoor. As your skin can easily get affected with harmful UV rays after exfoliation.
  • Avoid the application of thick makeup base. The thick makeup may intensify the clogging process and you will have to face serious skin-related issues.
  • Never leave the makeup on your skin before sleeping. Make sure to use a good makeup remover and a harmless face wash before going to bed.
  • Never pick or scratch any pimple on your skin. It not only damages your skin but it also widens the pore permanently.
  • Make sure you are scrubbing your skin gently. Excessive rubbing or brushing the skin may cause irreversible damage to your skin.

Conclusion: To get the most out of all the solutions given above, it is really important to apply them consistently. Instead of applying all of these methods at the same time, apply one at a time. If you don’t get benefited from it, try another one.

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