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Ava Gardner: Love Affair with Hollywood and Fashion

Ava Gardner is one of the most legendary actresses during Hollywood’s Golden Era. Her classic sultry beauty captivated the hearts of many (including Frank Sinatra!) which makes her one of the most popular actresses of all time. Ava Gardner starred in many films during her lifetime. She started with minor roles in films and eventually got noticed in her performance in 1946’s The Killers. After that film, Ava Gardner’s list of movie projects kept pouring immensely. She even starred in 1953’s Mogambo alongside Clark Gable and Grace Kelly and earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.

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Glamorous Formal-wear

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Ava Gardner is the epitome of the classic pin up girl in the early 50s. Ava flaunted a sassy black silk gown with an asymmetrical strap in the film The Killers. She paired this beautiful gown with long black velvet gloves and a pair of slingback heels for a classier look. Since Ava has a perfectly-shaped body figure, she seems to have developed a liking to long gowns with bustier tops to enhance her bodily assets. In 1954’s The Barefoot Contessa, she also wore a gown showing her favorite asymmetrical hem gown, only paired with a chic short hair cut.

Edgy Casual-wear

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Sorry to break it to you but semi-revealing mesh tops isn’t the fashion invention of the 2000s! Ava Gardner showed how to properly pull it off back in the 50s and it is nothing less stunning. It makes a sophisticated casualwear paired up with dainty jewelry pieces to amplify the look. Even with wearing fully-covered coordinates, Ava Gardner still showed her beautiful physique with tight-fitting tops and high-waist pants. Truly a comfortable outfit without sacrificing sex appeal!

Playful Minis

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Ava Gardner sure knows how to tease everyone with her fashion. Without revealing so much skin, she can definitely pull off a hot and sexy look with the right clothing pieces. She showed her beautiful long legs in mini skirts without being too overwhelming. Her secret? Balance it out with a nicely-fitted round neck top!

Vogue Corporate-inspired Dress

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Whether it is a dress that you would want to wear in a picnic, a friendly meeting or in the office – Ava Gardner has got one dress that you can wear to all of those. She wore knee-length dresses and maxi dresses with either plain or patterned prints to make the whole look stand out. She popularized tailored collars and button-up V-necks to give every look a sexy kick.

Dramatic Long Gowns

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For long gowns that are definitely red carpet worthy, Ava Gardner also showed her take on long, dramatic dresses that go all the way to the feet. From Spanish inspired off-shoulder cuts to fascinating detailed embroidery – Ava pulled it off with elegance and class. She makes sure that even with long gowns, she should be able to display her tiny waist and gorgeous bust area – Ava Gardner’s signature assets.

Dressing up like Ava Gardner

The beautiful thing about Hollywood’s fashion back in the 50s is its timelessness and versatility. Check out these fashion ideas inspired by the one and only, Ava Gardner.

  • Formal Evening Dress

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Bustier tops, bodycon fit and plunging necklines are some of Ava Gardner’s favorite gown styles back in her old Hollywood times. Today, you can still flaunt modern evening dresses that show the same cuts and details. If you want to keep it minimal but sophisticated, focus on the right fit and the point embellishments of the gown. Ava Gardner is not all about décor but the right fit!

  • Casual/Street Wear

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Round neck tops paired with high-waist bottoms is Ava’s signature look that you can always go by. It’s a perfect yet subtle way to show off your defined waist and beautiful upper body while being extremely comfortable. It is always classy to go plain, but it is 2016! – Don’t be afraid to play with colorful prints! The only key with printed pieces is to balance them out with plains.

Ava Gardner’s style is all about the classic 50s pin up look. She flaunts sexy pieces that are not too overwhelming and revealing; instead, she takes on perfectly-tailored clothing and tight-fitting apparel. What particular outfit caught your attention?

It is true that Ava Gardner is an iconic figure and her fame is undeniably notable. But before her huge success, Ava Gardner had her own struggles and humble beginnings. Despite all of that, she made a name for herself and expressed herself through fashion without restrictions. She truly lives up to her title as one of the most iconic fashion figures of all time.

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