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63-year-old Christie Brinkley’s Anti-aging Beauty Secrets

Christie Brinkley, a gorgeously ageless lady, a supermodel, that dominated the covers of fashion mags for about 40 years. We have seen the ravishing model, posing in bikinis, on the beaches. She is going to turn 63 this year. That’s really shocking. Today, she is a mother of three. No one can guess her age. But the fact is, Christie Brinkley is 60 plus and you know what? She never had any cosmetic surgery (the most sought-after trend today). She is a great source of inspiration for all the women who want to stay young even in their 60’s. Let’s get some inspiration from her age-defying secrets, straight from her life. Continue reading

Your Ultimate Guide for Keratin Treatment

Long, shiny, straight and manageable hair are every girl’s dream. Daily exposure to pollution, hair products with harmful chemicals and blow drying, all tend to damage the natural keratin of hair. Once the keratin from your hair is depleted, your hair cortex is exposed to more damage. From decades oiling and conditioning are considered the most reliable hair treatment for frizz-free and luscious hair. Not too long, around a decade ago, the world of beauty and glamor was introduced to an all new term i.e. ‘keratin hair treatment’. It has become so common today that any woman can easily have keratin treatment at home. Continue reading

10 Tips for Makeup with Glitters

Glitters aren’t always the easiest thing to work with. It can be quite messy and unnecessarily overdramatic! Despite those facts that imply how glitter can be a toughie, the beauty world still thinks it is worth the spotlight. Both beauty and style portals have predicted how glitter will conquer this year’s hottest beauty trends (Step Up Your Makeup Game with these Gorgeous Makeup Trends to Try for 2017) and without a doubt, we have already seen so many beauty brands to come up with their sparkly collections. We have seen glitter pots, glitter lipsticks, glitter pigments and even full-face glitter makeup challenges all across the internet! Continue reading

Trendiest Brunette Hair Colors to Try this 2017

We believe all hair colors are very beautiful in their own special ways. As every hair color varies greatly from one to another, it also requires different types of care and styling. In this article, we would love to show brunettes some love by going through the hottest and trendiest brown hair colors this year. Brown hair is quite versatile and you can be as experimental with it as you want. Having brown hair is definitely universally flattering as it looks good on almost everybody. We know a lot of our favourite A-list celebrities change their looks from time to time, but here, we have listed the ones who rocked gorgeous brown hairs! See these brunette celebrities who you can take your hair inspiration from! Continue reading

10 Affordable Dupes for High-End Makeup

Splurging for beauty always seems like a justifiable act to do. Well, we can’t be blamed when beauty cult-favorites cost a fortune and they sure live up to the entire rave! While these expensive cult favorites are sure worth every single penny, the fact that beauty isn’t always pricey is still very true. There are times that you get the exact same color and formula for a much lesser price point. Continue reading

The Minimalist’s Skincare Routine for Busy Women

Not every woman has the power to spend hours in front of mirror. Especially the mature women who have kids and family, find it very fatiguing to put themselves together each morning. But that should not be an excuse to ignore yourself. Whether you are stay-at-home mom or a working lady, beautifying yourself and taking care of your skin must never be compromised. We have the best solution for you. Follow a MINIMALIST skincare routine. Continue reading

10 Ways to Make Your Hair Superbly Gorgeous Overnight

The journey of making your hair look perfectly beautiful is quite an unending road to take. From time to time, new hair products are being launched from side to side that it can be quite overwhelming sometimes. As we search for new things that make our hair look superbly gorgeous, we tend to overlook the basics. Yes, there are so many easy steps in which one can take in order to get that gorgeous hair overnight. No need to pay the salon a visit or get yourself expensive heating tools just to make your hair look good! In fact, you might even have amazing hair essentials already with you at your very own home. If you have always wanted to wake up with superbly gorgeous hair, then here are 10 ways to do it. Continue reading

10 Underrated Beauty Brands You Need to Finally Try in 2017

We all have grown up to the big beauty brands like MAC, NARS, LANCOME, Bobbi Brown etc. All through these years, these big names have been dominating the beauty industry. People buy their products because they trust all these big names. But that doesn’t mean that these are the only reliable beauty brands. Each year we see the launch of various new brand or beauty products. There are some underrated brands that have been here since years and their products are great. But unfortunately, they are over shadowed by the big names. Here we have summed up 10 underrated but recommended beauty brands that you really should try in 2017. Continue reading

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