14 Trendy Long Hair Styles to Embrace This Summer

Summer is the time when long hair needs a more natural texture. The higher temperatures also call for styles that keep the mane away from your neck and face.

Dimitris Giannetos is a celebrity hairstylist who has worked with Gigi and Kourtney. He says that this summer we will see effortless undone hairstyles such as messy buns, textured wave, and low ponytails framed by face-framing strands. Kathleen Riley, Sofia Richie‚Äôs wedding hair stylist, also echoes the theme of effortlessness, highlighting heatless curls and loose braids as styles to look out for. Dhairius Tomas, whose clients include Ziwe and Victoria Monet adds knotless braids and long layers to the list.

The best hairstyles to wear in summer for long hair are also those that keep you cool, and can withstand humidity. French twists and braided buns are some of the newer styles. Accessories will also be everywhere. Amber Fillerup Clark is a former hairstylist who founded Dae Hair. She says bows, charm clips, and bandanas will be popular this summer.

Messy French twist

image 20 261

Kathleen Riley

Riley says, “This is a great look for hair that has already been in the hair for a day or two. It’s also perfect if you have hair with some texture.” Gather all your hair at the back of the head, but leave out the face-framing parts. Then, twist the hair into a French twist. Secure it with Bobby pins. “Leave out some pieces for an effortless look.”

Braided Pony

image 20 262

Neil Mockford/Getty Images

Upgrade your slicked back pony into a slicked back braid. Fillerup Clark loves both big, messy braids as well as skinny braids.

Loose Braids

image 20 263

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Here’s an example that is a little looser and more unfinished. Fairy Duster Dry shampoo is my secret for big, volumous braids. Fillerup Clark says that it gives the perfect volume and texture. Zendaya’s style is a great example of how a thoughtful accent can make a simple look shine.

Knotted bun

image 20 264

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

There are few styles that can keep your hair away from your face as effectively as a slicked back bun. This polished, yet playful variation features a knotted design.

Riley, the stylist who created the look for Sofia Richie at the Grammys, shows how to replicate it. “For this style, section your hair into three sections. One in the back, and two either side of the part. The back section should be put into a ponytail. Combining the two sections of the front into the back, while maintaining the part. To smooth down the hairline, use the Nexxus Slick Stick. Use Nexxus hair oils to coat the ponytail and then roll it up. “Secure with Bobby pins”.

A Piecey Bun

image 20 265

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

A braided front piece with an undone bun offers a romantic look. Thomas created Ziwe’s Oscars style by starting with a base made of knotless boho strands. He then pulled the braids back into a bun and left one braid to frame her face.

A Straight Front Piece Updo

image 20 266

Gotham/Getty Images

In the last few years we’ve seen a lot of updos that have face-framing front pieces. The latest version has pin-straight pieces. How can you achieve this look? Giannetos lays it out below.

“Pull back the hair without touching the front sections (we’ll cover that later). I gather my hair into a low bun and secure it using an elastic. Then, I use my favorite styling products. My favorite styling product is Moroccan Oil Hydrating Hair Styling cream, which slicks hair back perfectly. Next, twist the ponytail and secure it using bobby pins. Use a flatiron to straighten the sections in front for a smooth, polished finish. Hairspray will lock the style in and control any flyaways.

Side Parts

image 20 267

WWD/Getty Images

Did you hear? The side part is back. The style has been seen on everyone from Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez.

Giannetos gave some advice to those who are interested in dipping their toes into the water. “I recommend that first-time side-part enthusiasts start by using a fine tooth comb to create an even part. Try different parting angles until you find the one that suits your face best.

Giannetos says that adding a volumizing mousse to the roots will add definition.

Still-Wet Waves

image 20 268

Alberto Tamargo/Getty Images

Red carpets are always covered in hair that looks wet. It’s especially appropriate to look as if you just came from the beach or pool.

Giannetos – who created the style for Megan Fox and Kourtney Kourtney – explains how you can get it at home. “Curl your own hair, and then create a deep side section and slick down the sides. Be sure to keep the front part of your side part out to frame your face. Sweep your hair all to one side, and pin it behind your ear with bobbypins. “To recreate that glossy finish, I suggest using a moisturizing left-in.”

A Half-Up, Half-Down Accessorized

image 20 269

Gilbert Flores/Getty Images

Thomas braided Coco Gauff’s half-up/half-down hair for the TIME Women of the year gala. Thomas used Carol’s Daughter Moisture and Hold Black Vanilla Moisture Jelly for her curls, as well as a leave-in conditioner. The final touch was a crystal-studded statement Ponytail Holder.

Front pieces tucked in

image 20 270

Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

Add interest to your look by tucking the front sections of hair. Thomas shows how to achieve the look: “Starting with the center part, move about 2-3 inches away from the hairline. Then draw another section down towards the ear. Repeat the process on both sides. Clip all the remaining hair. Then, pull the ends of each section together and secure with an elastic. Let the rest of your hair fall.

Headband updo

image 20 274

Kirstin Snclair/Getty Images

Cool girls all over the world have copied Meredith Duxbury’s look since she began using a thick headband made of cotton to pull back her hair. The headbands are usually worn down with hair, but they add a touch of ’60s style to an updo.

A Spiky Bun

image 20 271

Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

Ziwe shows us that a slick-back style bun does not have to be all about business. Thomas shows you how to create the same look: “Pull the hair into a bun and then divide the ponytail into 3 sections. Twist each section individually around the base ponytail.” Leave the tail out and pin it for a flare.”

Slick Back Wavy Pony

image 20 272

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Slick backs have been popular for years, but they are usually paired with sleek buns or ponytails. Selena’s wavy ponytail is a great way to add some contrast. This is an excellent option when you don’t want to use heat on a particular day and just want your natural texture to shine through.

“I like to air dry in the summer!” Fillerup Clark’s number one tip is to spritz our new Mirage Mist Leave In after towel-drying. It’s perfect for air-dried waves because it softens and adds shine.

Statement Clips

image 20 273

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

The humble hair clip is another hot accessory for summer. Giannetos suggests using them to add interest to half-up styles or to secure loose hair strands. For a bolder look, use multiple clips on one side of the head or to accent a sleek hairstyle.

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