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Versatile Maxidress Styling for Any Mood and Event

Maxidresses are the most difficult summer dresses to style. A floor-length dress leaves you with little styling space. The floor-length dress is the main focus of this look, but you can still add your own personal touch. All you need are the right accessories and styling ideas.

You’ll discover 15 fresh and fun ways to style your maxidress so that it doesn’t overshadow or overwhelm the dress you chose. We thought of everything, from flowy maxidresses that look like beach cover-ups, to columned maxis with ruffles, and everything in between.

Under a Knit Tank

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We recommend wearing a knitted tank top over a maxidress if you feel like it’s swallowing you up, especially if the sleeves are longer. It’s best to go for a slightly tighter fit, and choose contrasting patterns or materials. It’s only a 30-second hack that will take your boho maxi from cottagecore to chic.

Platform Loafers

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Wear a gingham maxidress or plaid dress with stacked loafers for a look that has a bit more of a punk feel. The structured lines of a vintage doctor’s bag can be seen in a purse or tote. This will keep you on the fashionista end of the spectrum.

With a Chain Belt

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It’s not a new concept, but we keep coming back to it for good reasons. Switch out your regular belt with a multi-stranded chain belt to create a classic look.

Mix metals

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We recommend a statement bag in a different metal if you have a maxidress with metallic embellishments or embroidery. What’s our pick? Verono Hills Amanda Jodie Handbag


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Add a button down to your maxidress to give it a street style vibe. Otherwise, the dress might feel too formal to wear during the day. Under a spaghetti-strap maxi dress, a simple white button down looks great. But don’t hesitate to experiment with a colorful linen blouse or a peasant shirt.

A Vest

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Vests are in vogue, and you can add the romantic vibe of a vest that is slightly oversized to your favorite maxidress. Vests in neutral colors or with subtle patterns look great on dresses with loud prints.

Statement Belt

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Banana Republic Leather Corset Belt is a great statement belt to break up the lines of a maxi dress. Add cowboy boots, a textured bag, and a leather belt to give it a rustic, Coastal Cowgirl look.

Mix Prints

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Mixing prints is the key to a whimsical, transitional look from daytime into evening. You’ll want to use as many prints as you can to create contrast, since maxis are so visually appealing. This includes jewelry, shoes and hair accessories.

Add Cut-Outs

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You’ll want to try out this unusual maxidress style trick as soon as possible if you love to stand out. Instead of wearing a belt over your dress, wear a heavy crop top with cutouts or a harness. Current Mood’s Divided Attention Harness top is our recommendation.

Over a patterned base layer

image 20 284

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Layer your summer dress over a turtleneck, or another base layer to transition it from summer to fall. Consider pairing a solid-colored maxidress with a pattern for interest and flair.

Chunky Sandals

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We recommend wearing a pair of athletic, chunky sandals for a comfortable daytime look. A structured statement bag adds just the right amount of height to this maxidress.

Add Heels and a Headband

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We love to style maxidresses with a visual connection from top to bottom, especially if they have a lot of detail. A bold headband and stylish shoes that feature embellishments such as rhinestones, or finishes such as iridescence are the perfect way to create a fashion-forward look.

Blazers and Flip-Flops

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You have a formal gown but no place to wear it. It’s no problem. Wear your evening maxidress for brunch, date-night, or the office with a roomy jacket on top, and flip-flops.

Under a Cropped Jacket

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Wearing a cropped jacket at your natural waist can help you add shape and contour to any maxidress. If you are petite, and feel that your curves and body get lost in a maxi dress’ length, this is a great option for you.

Keep Things Simple

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Mix and match laidback accessories to give a maxidress a casual feel. Sneakers, bucket-hats and colorful purses can all be used to inject some fun into the refined silhouette.

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