Why You Should Never Miss Bomber Jacket?

Women are being more and more sick (most of them actually) with the idea that every garment needs to be ultra feminine, with peplums, pastel colors and ruffles. Fashion is listening to our prayers, and during the last few years it started to take a lot of cues from the boys. At first, it all began with the military trend, but that got worn out too.


With everything else, you cannot miss out one thing, a bomber jacket. Reserved for men only, it was designed only in forms of varsity jackets which are very common. But today, hundreds of women designs exist and are ready to add up the boy wardrobe touch to your outfit! Besides that, they could also look girly when worn alone, as they are made with pretty much everything printed on them, even flowers (ah, the evolution of varsity prints, from football teams to flowers, priceless). From past few seasons, bomber jackets are topping the spring season trends. Big names in the world of fashion (Elie Saab, Alexander Wang, Paul and Joe, Saint Laurent) have been showcasing it in their collection of spring staple. Not just this, known celebrities and super models (Olivia Palermo, Gigi Hadid, Kendell Jenner, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Miranda Kerr) love to flaunt their bodies in this chic outerwear.

Why a Bomber Jacket is a Must-Have?

It’s not just about the style, there is a lot that makes a bomber jacket a must-have for all the fashion forward girls. [Find here: The Exquisite Closet: Victoria Beckham Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear.]

Fun Styles

A few seasons back, leather jackets were seen everywhere but not anymore. In leather jacket, we had not much to choose from. Typical colors and same styles were introduced each year. With the surfacing of bomber jacket, that stereotype of leather jackets was successfully replaced. Bomber jackets has a lot to offer. Soft and silky fabrics, wool and padded style, solid neutral shades, unlimited choice of colors, eye-catching neon prints and even embroidered jackets, all tend to give you a flawless fit.

Easy to Carry

Another great reason that makes it a must-have, is the ease it offers. You don’t have to be a fashionista to carry it, rather it has the power to turn any simple-looking girl into a fashionista. Its versatility makes it fit into anyone’s style. You don’t have to be particular about mixing and matching it with pieces of staple. It would smoothly go with anything you want. You can easily get it paired with legging, denim shorts or trousers, maxi dress, light dresses and even on the skirts (pencil or flowy).

Best Staple for Layering

Spring is a time with the most unpredictable weather conditions. You never know when it starts to rain and when a cold wind starts to blow. To face this puzzle of weather, we always recommend to dress up in layers. And a bomber jacket serves that purpose in the best way. Wear it in style or throw over your shoulders, both ways are good to add a stylish glow to your look.

Easily Accessorized!

You don’t have to worry much about the other accessories to be used with it. Any type of handbags, hats and shoes can be paired with it. it looks great with high heels and wedged sneakers.

Suitable for all Occasions and Times

As one of the hottest spring trends, designers are introducing new styles and pieces that are suitable for all the times (day or night) and occasions. For teens, there are jackets with more sportier feel. For fashion lovers, designers create prints and embroidery. For mature women, who want to have a classy look, bomber jackets in army green and black are considered perfect. And those who want to get an edgy look, pick the one with studs.

A Unisex Item!

What I like the best about it? it is a unisex outerwear. Yes, if you don’t find anything interesting in the lady’s section of the store, you have all the rights to go check in the male section. There are no restrictions for you on picking the one from there (but men do not happen to be that lucky in this case). Even if you don’t find a perfect piece of your size in men’s store, pick a size bigger and wear it in an oversized jacket style. it has its own grace.

Sporty and Glamourous

You can’t name it as a sporty or glamourous outfit. It can be both at a time. it is up to you how you want to style yourself. For a casual and street style, you can simply pair it with comfy sneakers. The same bomber jacket can be given an all new glam look by pairing it with some femininely styled outfit like leggings or a bodycon dress and high heels.

Different Styles of Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are available in many amazing styles. Here we have enlisted the trendiest styles for spring 2017. Hope these inspirations would be helpful for you in picking the one for you.

  • Style# 1: Plain Satin Bombers
Green Embroidered Long Sleeve Bomber Jacket

Green Embroidered Long Sleeve Bomber Jacket $79


These are considered best for casual and everyday use. Fashion runways of Rick Owens and Paul and Joe have showcased a lot of great pieces in plain bomber jackets.

  • Style #2: Printed Bomber Jackets
Mustard Animal Embroidered Vintage Bomber Jacket $65

Mustard Animal Embroidered Vintage Bomber Jacket $65


Fashion conscious and teenage girls love to flaunt in bomber jackets in different prints. The variety of prints can’t be listed in a few words. The trendiest prints these days, are the neon ones. For the best designer prints, check out the collection of Alexander McQueen and Saint Laurent.

  • Style #3: Embroidered Satin Bomber Jacket
White Floral Embroidered Stand Collar Bomber Jacket $84

White Floral Embroidered Stand Collar Bomber Jacket $84


For an edgy look, try one with delicate embroidery. Available in so many colors and styles, many of our celebrities have been spotted wearing them. Just checkout the look of Maria Sharapova. She looks gorgeous in that all black look. The pairing of an embroidered bomber jacket with those black ankle boots seems quite flattering from every angle.

  • Style #4: Luxurious Fabrics for Evening Looks
Black Long Sleeve Beaded Bomber Jacket $79

Black Long Sleeve Beaded Bomber Jacket $79


If it is an evening event and you want a suitable style, simply pair your evening dress or skirt with a jacket fabricated in luxurious clothes like tulle, satin or velvet.

  • Style # 5: Army Green Bomber Jacket
Long Sleeve Beaded Casual Bomber Jacket $69

Long Sleeve Beaded Casual Bomber Jacket $69


For a minimal look, try an army green bomber jacket. It is best paired with a denim. It goes great from street style to casual wear.

  • Style # 6: Classic Black Bomber Jacket
Black Casual H-line Stand Collar Lace Bomber Jacket $107

Black Casual H-line Stand Collar Lace Bomber Jacket $107

For an out and out sporty look, the classic black bombers jacket with plaid lining is a great option. For inspiration, follow the way Emma Watson has carried her jacket.


Conclusion: Your spring wardrobe cannot be upgraded until you have a couple of bomber jackets. And there are several reasons why you should not miss them, and that we have already mentioned above. I believe these are pretty enough to convince you all to buy some for you. [Find here: 6 Gorgeous Hairstyles that you can do in just Five Minutes!]

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