Your Ultimate Guide for Keratin Treatment

Long, shiny, straight and manageable hair are every girl’s dream. Daily exposure to pollution, hair products with harmful chemicals and blow drying, all tend to damage the natural keratin of hair. Once the keratin from your hair is depleted, your hair cortex is exposed to more damage. From decades oiling and conditioning are considered the most reliable hair treatment for frizz-free and luscious hair. Not too long, around a decade ago, the world of beauty and glamor was introduced to an all new term i.e. ‘keratin hair treatment’. It has become so common today that any woman can easily have keratin treatment at home.

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What is Keratin?

Keratin is a natural protein that actually is a part of our hair (nails and skin). But unsuitable atmospheric conditions and chemical based hair products destroy it. Keratin is essential for the inner (cortex) part of hair as well as for the outer (cuticle) one.

What is Keratin Treatment?

Keratin therapy itself is a chemical-based hair treatment to regain that lost elasticity and health of your hair. In other words, adding the lost keratin back in your hair, using an artificial method is called keratin treatment. It splendidly works to enliven your hair by ending all the roughness and unwanted curls. It is the best way to get rid of the daily fatigue of getting your hair straight. Once you opt for it, you have your hair straight, shiny and tangle free for about 3 to 4 months’ maximum. Though it’s not a permanent solution, but it’s the best alternative for a hair straightener.

Note: Keratin has chemicals in it. So, it would not be so simple to apply it. There are some conditions where you should not apply it without consulting some expert. Such conditions include different type of allergies and sensitive hair scalp.

What is Brazilian Keratin Treatment?

It’s another latest form of keratin treatment, also known as Brazilian hair straightening treatments. Brazilian keratin comes with amino acids. It does not have the harmful chemical ‘formaldehyde’. Formaldehyde is a health risking chemical that affects not just your hair but it’s also dangerous for your overall health. Most of the countries have banned its use in keratin treatment, but not in US. Brazilian hair keratin treatments are best known not just for straightening the hair, but also for rebuilding the damaged hair structure. These days, Brazilian keratin treatment is the preferred choice over the earlier keratin hair straightening treatments. And we have noticed an increase in the number of clients as well as in the salon businesses, that offer this treatment.

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How Does Keratin Treatment Work?

It’s a process that tends to bind keratin to hair. A hot flat iron is used for sealing process. The heat from ironing makes the mixture work for straightening the hair. There are other chemicals too along with keratin. Without those chemicals, keratin cannot function properly. This whole process takes about 90 minutes or so. If you have longer hair, it may take a bit longer. Once you have been through the sealing process, don’t wash your hair for about three to four days. As this whole process of locking the keratin takes time.

Note: To get the best results, make sure, the shampoo you are using does not have sodium sulfate as an ingredient.

Types of Hair

Keratin treatment is quite common these days. But it’s not suitable for all hair types. Most of the women don’t have this idea and they opt for this hair treatment and get nothing except an empty wallet. Whatever keratin treatment you are heading for, the first step is to determine the type of hair and the most suitable keratin for it. To get the best outcome, you must have frizzy and curly hair structure. Women with naturally straight locks should refrain from this process.

Note: Blonde women need to be extra careful. Not every formula is suitable for blond hair. Some formulas have glycolic acid. It can affect the natural color tone. So, being a blond lady, you must opt for some treatment for lightly-hued hair.

Is it Possible to Get Keratin Treatment at Home?

Yeah! As women, today are more advanced and fashion-forward, they are trying their best to get it done at home. But we would not recommend you to do that at home, all the time. it’s important to undergo this process at some expert’s salon. Because there are certain things that only an expert knows. These may include;

  • Quality of the keratin
  • Suitable keratin for Your hair type
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Keratin Treatment Before and After

There is no doubt that right processing of keratin treatment works wonder for your hair. Those rough and dry grass-like hair are transformed into silky and shiny locks. What you get ultimately include;

  • Frizz-free hair
  • Shinier texture of hair
  • Hair that are easily styled
  • You get rid of hair straightener
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How to Make Your Hair Curly Afterwards?

It’s a common concern of most of the women who own curly locks naturally. We are often asked the questions like ‘how to get curly hair again’? If you want your curly locks back again, the best recommendation is to blow dry your hair, using a round brush.

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Will keratin straightening deplete the natural curls for good?

The answer is NO. You can’t get rid of those curls completely especially if you have bountiful curls. You can have them straightened to a great extent along with a few minor curls. If you want to have soft and silky hair even after the keratin treatment, a regular (as recommended on the bottle) use of keratin shampoo keeps your hair tangle-free, shiny and soft.

Note: Don’t opt for keratin treatment for more than three times in a year. For all the remaining time using best hair products for curly hair is the right option.

Conclusion: Keratin treatment is one of the best options to get your lost proteins back. Especially, mature women should opt for it, because the more you age, the less proteins your hair has. But do make sure that you are using safe and approved keratin treatment.

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