How to Style Cropped Flare Jeans?

The flare denim was a big thing during the 70’s. After its rise to stardom, it got lost for a few decades but today, it has come back and this time, with a big bang! This street style staple is widely loved by celebrities and models because of its figure-flattering features. It may be intimidating to many, but this look is quite easy to pull off. To help you out, here are some of the rules that you should follow when wearing flared denim: Make sure that the hem of the denim falls right above the ankle.

Many women love wearing flare jeans that reach the floor. But if you want to make your look more modern, we recommend that you opt for the right length above the ankle. This is perfect for making you look sexy and stylish at the same time. Plus, this length will not make petite women look smaller. In fact, it may even help to make their bodies look more elongated.

Tuck your shirt in

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Cropped flare denim has amazing figure-flattering features, and you should try to make the most of it by tucking in your shirt. Doing so will allow you to create an illusion of a slimmer silhouette. Plus, it will make the entire look more effortlessly sophisticated and sexy. Finish off the whole look with a pair of comfortable flats for a laid-back look.

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Wear it with mules

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The best thing about wearing cropped flared jeans is that it makes you look stylish without putting too much effort. It has that laid back and relaxed appeal that many women love. To help to maximize that effect, we recommend that you pair your pants with the most relaxing footwear in the mules or loafers. This model look fab and so will you!

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Office look with a blazer

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You can wear your cropped jeans to work too! You just have to tuck in your top and wear a structured jacket or outerwear over it. For the spring season, we recommend that you opt for a shorter and sexier jacket, but if it is wintertime, we suggest that you opt for a structured trench coat like the one that supermodel Darja Barannik is sporting in this picture. You can also wrap a scarf around your neck to achieve an elegant look.

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If you have always loved the style in the 70’s, then now is the perfect time for you to channel your inner 70’s wild child. Do not be afraid to join the bandwagon. Follow the tips mentioned above and you can certainly pull off the perfect cropped flare jeans look.

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