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60 Degree Outfit Ideas for All Fashion Personalities

The 60-degree day is a pretty good weather for us. This temperature sweet spot is ideal for us to feel not too hot, but also not too cold – as long as you dress appropriately. It’s not easy. We’ve got some styling tricks and outfits formulas that will make dressing for temperatures in between a breeze. Talking lighter trench coats in place of warm puffers. Also, blanket dresses with boots and playing with layers. It’s really a balance act, but you can learn to master it.

We’ve put together our top 60-degree outfits so that you can easily handle this challenging temperature.

Oversized Blazer + Miniskirt + Boots

image 10 96

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

A blazer that’s oversized can make any outfit look better. And because of the contrast it creates, styling it with a miniskirt is especially striking. Add tall boots or tights if you can’t handle the occasional gusts.

Cozy Sweatsuit + Duster Jacket

image 10 97

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Sweatsuits are a wardrobe staple. They’re great for lounging, but they can also be dressed up. This laid-back style is made more stylish and deliberate with a solid color. A structured jacket or leather blazer completes the look. Classic sneakers are a great casual option, but chunky boots can also be worn to add a bit of toughness.

Trousers and Vest with Lightweight Turtleneck

image 10 98

Streetstyleshooters/Getty Images

Combining a thin turtleneck and loose trousers is a great way to transition from day to night. Add a button down or blazer to make it more office-ready. Or, wear a puffer jacket for a casual look.

Denim + More Denim

image 10 99

Melodie Jeng / Getty Images

This classic combination is still popular, and it’s simple to pull off with your favorite jeans. Our tip? Add a personal touch to the look with your favorite accessories, such as layered necklaces or a scrunchie.

Long-Sleeved Mid-Length Dress with Tall Boots

image 10 100

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Tall boots, whether they are cowboy boots or an over-the-knee option with a sleek design, can transform any dress — even summer styles — into a fall-ready ensemble. Black or brown boots are always useful.

Sweater dress + emergency top layer

image 10 102

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

You can dress up or down sweater dresses to suit your mood. Choose booties or sneakers for the daytime or mules or strappy sandals for formal events.

Crop Top + Jeans + Leather Jacket

image 10 101

Melodie Jeng / Getty Images

Crop tops don’t have to be worn only in warm weather. Long-sleeved crop tops styled with high waisted jeans can extend the summer feel well into the cooler months. To add extra warmth to your outfit, layer a leather jacket or cardigan over it.

Oversized Suit with Bra and Sandals with Socks

image 10 103

Jeremy Moeller / Getty Images

The suit has evolved from a workwear staple to a casual one. A slightly baggy version will keep you on trend outside of the office. Opt for neons or printed pieces if a dark design or neutral one feels too dull for you.

Long Coat with Leather Pants and Statement Footwear

image 10 104

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Your leather jacket is the perfect way to welcome fall. Leather trousers and a leather blazer inspired by the 1990s can be used to spice up your basic outfits. Also, neon shoes are a great option.

Basics + Trench Coat and Sneakers

image 10 105

Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Let us convince you to add a trench coat to your wardrobe. It’s not only timeless, but also light and versatile. You can wear it with casual or formal clothes. No need to think about it — just throw it on.

Leggings with Shacket and Chunky Loafers

image 10 106

Streetstyleshooters/Getty Images

Leggings are a great choice for when the weather gets “kinda cold”. This basic bottom is often criticized for looking lazy. However, you can make it look stylish by adding a shacket or preppy loafers.

Midi Skirt + Blazer + Slouchy Boots

image 10 107

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

It’s no surprise that a midiskirt makes our 60-degree outfit. Style one with slouchy booties and a jacket to look put together even on the busiest of mornings.

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