Freshen Up Your Look: 20 Must-Try Clothing Color Combinations

We all experience a familiar feeling at some point in the week: panic caused by our inability to choose what to wear. No matter how many dresses, pants or skirts we have in our closet, or shirts and t-shirts. We often struggle to put those pieces together into a cute look.

What if we told you that there is a styling trick that never fails and makes our fashion dilemmas disappear in a matter minutes? Color blocking. Color blocking.

We’ve put together 20 color combinations to inspire you.

Pink & Green

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The classic combination of green and pink. The pink gives off floral hints, and the green provides a perfect balance. Wear a top in pink with bottoms in green to make it look like a flower.

Green with Blue

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The two darker shades go well together because blue is one primary color used to create green (the second is yellow). Add a lighter shade by pairing it with white shoes.

Pink & Red

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The color combination of pink and red doesn’t have to be reserved for Valentine’s Day. Over a pair pink metallic pants, a red crocheted top is stylish.

Yellow & Pink

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Color blocking can also be achieved by wearing the primary yellow color with a lighter color, such as pink. Prints can be used to add dimension to an outfit.

Green And Purple

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This color combination is a real winner. We love how the green skirt complements the purple and blue in the top of this outfit.

Purple & Orange

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A bright orange is a good complement to purple. This outfit combines a purple turtleneck and an orange leather jacket, playing with colors and textures.

Green and yellow

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This outfit is not only a great example of color blocking but also of layering. The ruffled skirt is covered by the long, canary-yellow blazer. The garment brightens the ensemble and elongates your upper body at the same time.

Pink & Blue

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Pink and blue are used in many things, including cotton candy, beautiful sunsets, nurseries, etc. Why can’t the same be said for clothes? This look is a great blend of masculine and feminine.

Blue & Orange

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It’s not just about wearing a top and bottoms of different colors. You can color block your top by adding accessories, as shown in this model. The orange vest adds warmth to the cool blue tones.

Orange & Yellow

image 10 85

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Consider pairing orange and yellow for an outfit that will make you look like the personification of flame. The model here wears a top in orange with a skirt in yellow, but it’s also possible to do the opposite.

Orange & Green

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Combine orange and green to make yourself look like an orange. Orange’s warmth will be offset by the green, which is more muted. This combination gives you a natural feel.

Purple & Pink

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You can look like Barbie by pairing pink and purple. Wearing a pink top with a skirt in purple could help you achieve this look. As the model here does, you can cover up a dress in pink with a button-up purple top.

Yellow & Blue

image 10 88

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Blue and yellow are a great combination because they both have a bright color. The other one balances that brightness. To avoid the yellow being drowned out, we suggest wearing yellow pants with a pair of blue shoes and a jacket in blue.

Blue & Red

image 10 89

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Red is a warm colour, so pairing it with blue for a color-block look is a good idea. You could pair navy with red but brighter blues are better.

Red & Green

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Red and green are opposites on the color wheel. Color blocking is a great way to use opposite colors because they create a cohesive appearance.

Red & Yellow

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Two primary colors like yellow and orange tend to pair well together. This outfit combines a red dress with yellow pants. This is the best way to combine these colors. It can otherwise look like… a fast-food chain.

Pink and orange

image 10 92

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The combination of two bright colors will also help to draw attention to the ‘fit. The model is wearing a hot-pink hoodie and peach orange pants in the photo, but you can also wear a skirt or top with a jacket on top.

Red & Orange

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Velma, from Scooby-Doo, was right when she combined an orange turtleneck with a bright red skirt. Both colors are on the warm side of the spectrum, so they go well together.

Purple & Yellow

image 10 94

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The model is wearing a light-purple coat over a dress in a deeper purple with yellow boots. Consider making the dress purple and the boots yellow. You can combine yellow and purple in a variety of ways.

Red & Purple

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We love the retro feel that red and purple give off. This red and purple combination is stunning, whether you wear it in patterned pants, a maxi-dress, or a jacket like the one shown.

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