Exploring the World of Hot Pants

Hot pants are the new name for pants-free fashion. Hot pants are a difficult concept to grasp, even though A-listers know how to style these barely-there bottoms. Hot pants are often mistaken for shorts, bathing suits, or even cheeky swimsuit bottoms.

It’s important to first understand what hot pants are not. Hot pants are not short shorts or underwear. They are a completely different animal than the fuzzy undies A listers are always wearing. Hot pants are not always high-waisted but they tend to look and fit like high-rise shorts. Hot pants don’t need to be skintight. Many designer hot pants are slightly baggy, so they don’t ride up too high.

You’re not mistaken if you think, “This sounds like an adult diaper.” Designers make sure that their hot pants have flashy prints and embellishments. Plain cotton hot pants can be mistaken as laundry day underwear. Hot pants can be styled easily, despite the fact that they will make you look like you are wearing nothing. We’ve put together a few hot pants outfit ideas to inspire you to wear this barely-there, bold fashion staple.

Try Tailored Separates

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Even though hot pants are tiny, you shouldn’t shy away from luxurious separates. Paris Fashion Week features many stylish guests in trouser style hot pants paired with essentials such as button-down shirts, cardigans and other luxe pieces.

Coverage by a Long Coat

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Hot pants are a great alternative to trousers. You can add a long trench or wool coat to your hot pants outfit if you are worried about covering up. A long coat will not only keep you warm, but it can also create a striking look so that the rest of your outfit can be sleek and understated.

Add a base layer

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You’re not the only one who has concerns about coverage. Hot pants can easily slide up and down, especially if they are tight. We recommend wearing a pair full-coverage dancing briefs underneath your hot pants to avoid making any unartful adjustments in public. Dance briefs are designed to be worn underneath leotards and come in many shades that match your skin tone. But why hide them? Black dance briefs are a great way to add contrast under metallic hot pants.

Simplicify your life with a matching set

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Hot pants are available in textures like boucle, cable, and tweed thanks to luxury designer brands such as Chanel, Prada Tom Ford and Miu Miu. The elevated fabrics lend themselves to matching three- or two-piece sets.

Mix Prints

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Mixing prints will make your patterned or printed pants pop. Wearing a pattern that contrasts with the pants’ size will make them pop. You can avoid chaos by sticking to a single colour palette if you are worried about too many prints.

Style Sheers

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You’re not ready to take the streets in full hot pants “fit”? Don’t fret. Wear them under a sheer, comfortable skirt to give you a little coverage. This will make you feel confident and comfortable.

Sheer Slip-on Tights

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A pair of sheer pantyhose or stockings can be worn to add a little extra coverage to a hot pants look. This style hack is popular with celebrities like Kate Moss and Sydney Sweeney. It’s also great with sequins, wool, and sweater-texture hot pants.

Try an Statement Texture

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There are many adorned hot pant styles that will leave no doubt in the minds of onlookers as to whether you’re wearing hot pants or large baggy underwear. Hot pants in high-shine, glittery vinyl can make a statement despite their small size.

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