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Who Knew? Boxer Shorts Are the Cool Girl’s Answer to Summer Heat

Boxer shorts, baby…and I don’t mean the lumpy pieces of fabric that your boyfriend shoved into his drawer. A boxer-inspired bottom seems conservative after a few seasons of celebrities wearing barely-there underwear, including Anya Taylor Joy, Janelle Monae, Demi Moore, and Kelsea Ballerini. Gen Z girls like Jessica Luck and Rebeca OKsana have dubbed the breezy, easy cotton bottoms as the “it” summer staple on social media. I agree. This sweaty writer loves to wear something lightweight and breathable on a hot summer day. You’d be surprised at how well-dressed you look in what you could mistakenly think is your man’s underwear.

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Boxer shorts monochromatic sets /GETTY IMAGES

Boxer shorts, from Gen Z to Earth, are not a recent invention. The popularity of boxer shorts dates back to the Levi’s ’80s commercial, which boosted sales and gave the elastic style, a competitive edge over briefs. If there’s one thing we can learn, it’s from Carrie Bradshaw’s shrewdness. Her boyfriend’s clothes that he leaves at your place can be transformed to create a unique look.

I first noticed this piece a few years back on Matilda Djerf. She is an It-girl and influencer, and the founder of Djerf Ave and Djerf Ave Beauty. My brain did not automatically connect Djerf Avenue’s cotton shorts with my brother’s undies (gross), at the time. That would have been weird. I chose the outfit with its matching shirt to wear on vacation. Before I even thought about men’s underwear, I had imagined Bananas In Pyjamas.

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Boxer short street style images, striped shorts/GETTY IMAGES

As Vogue declared last summer, this trend is now a global phenomenon. It can be seen on TikTok and Instagram, and even many runways in 2023 and 2024. As I was scrolling through my Instagram feed in the last thirty minutes, I noticed Gabriella Gofis wearing boxer shorts under an oversize jacket. It’s my duty as a fashion editor to keep up with the latest trends. As I sift through street style photos from recent fashion shows, I see women in boxer-shorts all over.

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Boxer short trend street style images of colored and striped shorts/GETTY IMAGES

You’ll need to consider a few style tips before you jump into your skivvies. Boxer shorts are often mistaken for both underwear and pajamas. If you want them to look more polished, choose items that are well-made. It’s always a great idea to pair matching button-up tops, which will result in a sleek and refined two-piece outfit. Comfortable kitten heels will elevate your laid-back look, and show off to your neighbors that you didn’t just roll out of bed. Play up your accessories. A bright handbag, or chunky necklace will add a lot of zing to the look.

Don’t hesitate to go for a casual look with a graphic tee, plain white tank or sweater. You should tuck your top in and let the elastic waistband show. Otherwise, it will look sloppy. I love to wear the shorts with a trench or blazer on top for a corporate look that is so wrong but yet so right.

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