What To Do When You Are Bored

It’s almost impossible to be bored or stuck in a rut. Boredom can be a real problem.

Here are 100 fun things you can do when bored. You’ll never be bored again. Whether you want to complete a jigsaw or conduct your own wine sampling, or create an Instagram account for your pet. Never be bored again.

Looking for some great ways to pass the time? We’ve got you covered.

1. Tie-dye T-shirts.


Tie-dye a white T-shirt in a color scheme that matches your children’s. Once the shirts have dried, take a photo inside and upload the pictures to Instagram.

2. Coloring book.

It’s not just for kids anymore! Grab an adult coloring book with intricate designs, some colored pencils, and let the minutes fly by.

3. Turn your latest family photos into a scrapbook.

Print the photos of your family’s latest trip, and create a scrapbook for the whole family to cherish.

4. Create your own film

Shoot a movie on your smartphone or recreate one with household props. You can edit it with iMovie.

5. Make slime with your children.


You can keep your children entertained for many hours using only glue, eye-contact solution and food color. To keep the slime fun going, look up other recipes.

6. Read a book.

Read your favorite book from beginning to end. Watch the movie version of the book if it was adapted to the screen and compare notes!

7. Take a stroll.

It is not only good for your health, but can also help you with overthinking!

8. Bake something sweet

There is nothing more delicious than fresh cookies straight from the oven. You can bake up a storm with classic recipes you find online, or get creative and make your own.

9. Finish a jigsaw.

Set up a puzzle station in your living area and work on it while you watch Netflix.

10. Play an Instrument

Learn to play a small, simple instrument such as the ukulele if it does not bother your neighbors.

11. Learn a language.

Duolingo is one of the many free apps that you can use to prepare for your next vacation.

12. Start journaling.

Keep a journal to help you navigate through difficult emotions and kill some time.

13. Take up a new pastime.


You can add a personal touch to both your home and wardrobe by knitting and embroidering. YouTube has some great tutorials to help you learn the perfect stitch for a scarf.

14. Play a game you played as a child.

Playing a favorite childhood game, whether it is a boardgame like Clue or video game such as Kingdom Hearts will not only pass the time but bring back some serious nostalgia.

15. Organise your home.

Marie Kondo inspires joy through organizing your closets and clearing your space.

16. Mix your playlists.

Create your own playlists with music-sharing apps such as Spotify or Pandora and share them among friends.

17. The perfect old family recipe

Do you have a family recipe that has been handed down through the generations? This is the time to perfect that recipe so your family will think it’s even better than Grandma’s.

18. Learn to play a tabletop RPG.

In the past, people thought that games like Dungeons and Dragons were only for geeks. But, as it turns out, they’re a fun way to pass some time. You only need dice, some friends and your imagination to play the game.

19. Create your signature cocktail.

What would you put in a drink created after you? Create your own drink and put it on the table at your next dinner.

20. Order some takeout.

You can add some excitement to your day by ordering your favorite takeout!

21. Enjoy a picnic indoors.

Set up a picnic blanket in the living room and prepare your own lunch without going outside.

22. Pickle some veggies.

Slice up some cucumbers or onions, and place them in a mason-jar with vinegar and seasonings. Seal the jar, and allow it to sit until you have a barbecue with some pickled toppings.

23. Shop for Christmas.

Why not start your Christmas shopping early this year if you still have holiday stress flashbacks?

24. Write a gratitude list.

Count your blessings to remind yourself that the light is at the end. Make it special by using cute stationery and your favorite pen.

25. Cook an extravagant meal.

Try a home-cooked date inspired by Gordon Ramsey or Julia Child. Cook a complicated recipe such as beef Wellington or coq à vin to test your culinary skills.

26. Have ice cream for dinner.

Make every 5-year old’s dream a reality by serving ice cream as dinner. Create a sundae station in your kitchen, with different toppings and flavors. Don’t forget to add whipped cream. ).

27. Take a bubble bath.


A bubble bath is a wonderful way to relax in these stressful times. Aromatherapy can help you relax with scents such as lavender or jasmine.

28. Smoothies are easy to make.

During long periods of idleness, it is easy to mindlessly munch on junk food. Mixing frozen fruits together can be a healthy alternative.

29. Read a New York Times Bestseller.

Find out the New York Times Bestseller list for the year that you were born. Then, choose the top choice to see if that classic is still relevant.

30. View all of the Oscar-winning “Best Picture” films.

Check out the differences between these films and others. Choose what you like from the list of Oscar Best Picture winners and enjoy your popcorn.

31. Use Pinterest to your advantage.

Take a look at your favorite Pinterest board to see what you can do in the home. Take note of those that work.

32. You can conduct your own wine tasting.

Open any bottles that you already have in your house. Create a story to explain how the grapes became wine.

33. Plan your finances.

It may be time to review your budget to see if anything needs to be changed.

34. Camp indoors.

Build a fort in the living room or pitch a camp to bring the outdoors inside! You can go to the extreme and roll out sleeping bags, or hang some glowing stars.

35. Interview your grandparents

Ask your grandparents about their lives. Use your phone to record the conversation.

36, Master your favorite drink.

Gather ingredients and supplies to create the perfect Manhattan, or glass of lemonade.

37. Visit the zoo.

Are you raising a wildlife expert? You can give your kids a lesson on zoology by watching live streams from zoos all over the world or visiting your local zoo.

38. Google Earth lets you explore the globe.

Google Earth is a great way to take a virtual trip if you want to explore the world but don’t have time for a real vacation.

39. Give yourself a manicure/pedi.

You don’t need to wait for an appointment to paint your nails. Just grab your favorite polish color and go to town. YouTube has many tutorials on how to create fun designs.

40. Learn a different style of dancing.

Watch YouTube tutorials to learn different boogie styles. You can stay fit without going to the gym by dancing like belly dance and shuffling.

41. Marathon Classic Film Series.

Turn your living room into an old-fashioned movie theater. Serve popcorn and other snacks while you watch classic movies like Back to the Future or Star Wars. You can earn bonus points by figuring out fun ways to watch each series in a new order.

42. Meditate.

Take 10 minutes to quieten your thoughts and meditate. Download Headspace or YouTube to find guided meditations.

43. Makeover yourself.

Face masks, moisturizers, and skincare in abundance! Get your pampering on with a 10-step skin care routine.

44. Feng shui your living room.

Research the philosophy of Feng Shui and see what works best in your home.

45. Visit your favorite neighborhood shops.

You’ll help your neighborhood by stopping in for a quick snack or to splurge. Not only will you be able to combat boredom, but they’ll also get more business.

46. Write a family book.

Each family member should create a character. Have one family member start a chapter and then pass it on to the next to continue. Continue writing until the end of the story!

47. Organise a Scrabble Tournament.


Organise a Scrabble Tournament with your Family. Fill out brackets with your children to determine the winner.

48. Call a friend.

It’s okay if you don’t have much time to make plans. After all, boredom can strike at any moment! If you’re unable to make plans with someone, see if there is a way for them to be available via FaceTime or Zoom.

49. Write a letter.

Write a handwritten letter like the heroine of a Jane Austin book. Wait for a reply from a loved-one after you send the letter.

50. Sleep.

Even if you don’t feel tired, a quick nap can help boost your immunity.

51. Plant a garden.

It’s never been a better time to grow your own food. You don’t need a backyard to grow herbs.

52. Teach your dog some new tricks.

Spend some time with your pet and teach it some tricks.

53. Remember where the states on the map are.

Many Americans aren’t able to name all 50 US states or even point out their location on a map. You can beat the odds by memorizing each state’s location and name.

54. You can learn how to make earrings by watching YouTube videos.

Why not make your own accessories? You can learn how to make your own jewelry with YouTube tutorials.

55. Install some twinkle lights.

You can add twinkle lights on your deck, fence or trees. You can use them to decorate your deck, fence or trees.

56. Crossword puzzles are available.

Try a mental game like a crossword. You can find a crossword in a magazine, newspaper or online.

57. Landscape your yard.

Landscape is a great way to keep yourself entertained. Whether you want to add some flowers, shrubs, re-mulch, or add a fountain, you can do it. You can do as little or as much each day as you like. Pinterest is a great place to get some ideas.

58. Your bookshelf can be color-coded.

Once you’ve color-coded your bookshelf, it will look like something straight out of a magazine. You can order them in a rainbow, from the lightest to the darkest, or warm to cool.

59. Sign up for the Paint and Sip class.

You’ll enjoy an online class, whether you attend it with a friend. You’ll be able to use your new art piece as a decoration for your home once you’re finished.

60. Online barre classes are available.

You can find a barre class online that you can watch from your home or attend one in person.

61. Visit a museum.

It’s amazing to learn that many popular museums have virtual tours that you can take. So, even if your nearest museum is in NYC or Paris you can still “go there” from home. Visit your local museum to learn about the history and culture.

62. Donate your clothing

You probably have a lot of clothes in your closet that you don’t wear anymore. Sort through your closet and get rid of anything you haven’t worn for a while or that doesn’t fit. Donate your tops, pants, and shoes to a charity or shelter like Plato’s Closet or Buffalo Exchange.

63. Cleaning out your pantry is important.

De-clutter your pantry! You’ll be less likely to overeat at home if you throw out the junk food and other items you want to eliminate from your diet.

64. Create a virtual TikTok Recipe.

There are also tons of cool, easy recipes. Try one that you like! You will be able to inspire your kids with this app.

65. Create a blog.

It’s a great time to start blogging, even if you haven’t done it before. You can blog about anything you like, such as fashion, fishing, or food.

67. Create an Instagram account for your pet.

You probably have tons of cute photos and videos of your pet on your phone. Set up a special Instagram page for your pet to show them off. This is a fun way to create a scrapbook and connect with other animal enthusiasts.

68. Your resume should be updated.

You can also use your computer to look at your resume if you are really bored. Take some time to reword and reorganize your resume.

69. Reach out to someone who you haven’t spoken to in a long time.

It’s normal to feel lonely or disconnected because life is so busy. Rekindle that relationship with a friend, family member, or someone else. You will likely make their day.

70. Find freelance work.

Freelancing is a great way to fill your time if you are feeling bored or antsy. There are many freelance jobs available, from freelance writing, freelance drawing and social media work.

71. Play Putt-Putt.


Do not let boredom stop you from staying active. Mini-golf is a great sport to play outside.

72. Listen to a podcast.

You would be surprised at how entertaining podcasts are. You can find podcasts on just about any topic, so you’re sure to find one that you enjoy.

73. Make your own floral bouquet for display.

You can decorate your home with flowers that you have arranged yourself. You’ll be surprised at how good they look once you’ve finished. Your family may even think that you bought them.

74. Try out a new Starbucks beverage.

Why not give them a try? You can order them through the drive-through, or have them delivered.

75. Paint or stain furniture at home.

Try upgrading your old furniture if you find yourself bored at home. You can be creative by painting, staining, or stenciling your coffee tables and side tables.

76. Learn how to make a fishtail loaf.

You can style your hair the way a professional does with YouTube and Instagram! There are countless options, from fishtail braids to French or Dutch braids.

77. Find out about the life of a famous person.

When you are bored, it’s best to go down the rabbit-hole of another person’s life. As you read about their lives online, time will pass quickly.

78. Decorate a white wall with washi tape.

You can find a pattern on Pinterest that you love and nail it down to your wall. Transform your room by putting it behind your bed or TV. You can also change it later if you tire of it.

79. Visit a park that you have never visited before.

You can clear your head by exploring new places. It will also keep you from becoming crazy at home. Bring a book and read it on a park seat, or enjoy the weather.

80. Learn a TikTok dance.

These 15-30 second dances are catchy and easy to learn. You can also create your own dances and challenge others to learn them.

81. Pay for the meal in the car that is behind you when you go through the drive-through.

You can sometimes feel stuck in your daily routine. Make someone’s day and go through the drive-through to pay for their meal. Even though you are doing this from a distance, it will be nice to make someone’s day by paying for their food.

82. Throw a cocktail with your friends.

Join your friends for a drink. Dress up with your girlfriends for an unforgettable girls’ night.

83. Learn to juggle.

It’s never too late to learn a fun new trick. If you are stuck at home, and you want to do something to pass the time when you feel bored, you can watch a YouTube video on how to juggle. Begin by juggling two balls, and gradually add more.

84. Pet Sit.

If you love animals but don’t have a pet, apps like Rover could change your life. Set up your profile and you can start pet-sitting when you are at home.

85. Cleaning out your refrigerator is important.

It’s a fact: Most people don’t care about the interior of their refrigerator or avoid it. If you buy some bins from Amazon, you can transform your fridge to look like one of the stars’!

86. Online cooking classes are available.

You can now take a cooking course if you’ve never done so before. You’ll soon be a professional chef if you sign up for the MasterClass cooking classes! If you already love cooking, you will be able to improve your skills in the kitchen.

87. Online shopping is a great way to save money.

Even if you’re not in the mood to leave your couch, shopping is a great pastime. You can shop at all your favorite stores, from Macy’s to Amazon, without having to use any gas.

89. Clear out your email.


One afternoon, sit down and sort through your emails. Doing sections at a given time will make it easier. You can go even further and start saving emails into folders.

90. Dress up for a photo of your family.

It’s not necessary to visit a photo studio in order to take a family picture. If you’re all together at home, without any distractions, then take advantage of the extra time to snap a family portrait. Choose a color or theme that everyone can follow, and then choose a beautiful outdoor space to use as a backdrop. Set up the self-timer on your camera while it is mounted on a tripod, and take as many pictures as you like.

91. Calligraphy is a great way to learn.

You’ll be happy you spent your time learning calligraphy when the holidays arrive.

92. See what constellations you can find by stargazing.

You can become bored watching TV every night. Try something new and go stargazing instead. You’ll find it relaxing and enjoyable.

93. Detail your vehicle

Detail your car to make it look like new and save money. You can find some tips and hacks on how to do it yourself by searching online. Then, you can buy the products that you need through Amazon.

94. Take a walk.

The benefits of being outside are numerous. You can go on a small or large hike alone or with friends. Once you reach the top and get a glimpse of the view, it will make you wonder why you didn’t start hiking sooner.

95. Tea party.

Host a tea party with your children or friends. Include unique tea flavors, cookies and sandwiches.

96. Create a time capsule together with your family.

This is a great activity for your kids! You can collect items around your home to place in a treasure box and then bury the chest somewhere in your yard.

97. Make your own ice cream.

Make a delicious recipe in the morning and enjoy it later in the day.

98. Install a gallery wall.

It may look like a difficult DIY project but it isn’t. You’ll need several picture frames of different sizes, along with a mix of scenic and personal photos. Arrange them on the ground in various ways before hanging them.

99. Online Broadway shows are available.

Watch a Broadway play at home instead of watching a movie. You’ll feel like you are in a theater, even if it’s just your living room.

100. Karaoke in the living room!

Bring a karaoke to your home! You and your family will enjoy singing along to their favorite songs. Invite your family members to join in the fun.

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