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Want to Emulate Kate Middleton’s Makeup? MUAs Reveal Her Signature Style

Kate Middleton is a beauty icon and fashion icon since she first entered the public eye. It’s not hard to see why. From bouncy blowouts, to her new manis, to her outfit inspiration for formal events as well as everyday wear, the Princess knows how to look elegantly effortless. Her natural makeup is a staple of her style. It has carried her through many royal engagements and inspired beauty enthusiasts worldwide. If it’s good for the royals, then it’s also good for us. You’ve come the right place if you ever wanted to know how to achieve her subtle yet elegant look. We asked MUA Sarah Egan to share her tips on how to get Kate Middleton’s makeup.

Kate Middleton’s Makeup Look

Middleton is always stunning, no matter what she wears or where she goes. Her makeup enhances her features. Egan says that Middleton is well-known for her natural makeup, which features glowing skin with darker eyes and a pink lip.

Middleton usually shows her natural skin texture through her Foundation. She usually has a light contour all over her face, with rosy cheeks that give her a natural flushed look. Egan says that for her eye makeup she uses neutral eyeshadows paired with mascara and eyeliner. She’ll sometimes add a splash of color to her eyeshadow or waterline, but she always keeps the look understated and sophisticated. Her lipsticks tend to be pink or neutral shades with a slightly glossy finish.

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Kate Middleton’s makeup look: Key products


Egan says that a good skin tint will reduce redness, and offer “a lightweight formula with a buildable formula to improve skin tone and texture.” To achieve Middleton’s natural look, Egan recommends Hi Beautiful You Be Your Skin Perfecting Tint. Bobbi brown’s Vitamin Enriched Tint is another option. The Princess of Wales uses this brand.


We’ve selected the best concealers to cover blemishes and dark spots. This will give you a flawless, even complexion. Egan suggests the Hi Beautiful Skin Perfecting Conceal, explaining that it has an exclusive color matching technology that matches the pH of your skin to instantly match any skin tone. Middleton is also reported to use YSL Touche Eclat’s All-Over Brightening pen as a brightening and concealing product to achieve a luminous look.

Highlighter and Bronzer

Egan’s favorite bronzer is the Rare Beauty Warm Wishes Effortless Bronzer Stick, which can be used as a contour stick to create a look that is easy to blend. Middleton uses the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Highlighter Bronze to enhance her natural glow.

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Eyeshadows and Eyeliners

Middleton uses a neutral eyeshadow with bolder eyeliner to highlight her brown eyes. She’ll sometimes add a splash of color to match an outfit. Egan suggests the Makeup By Mario Ethereal Eyes Eyeshadow Palette which has a range of matte and shimmery neutral tones. To create Middleton’s signature eyeliner, we recommend Middleton’s favorite – the Bobbi brown Long-Wear Smudgeproof Gel Eyeliner.


Middleton has , reportedly been using Lancome Hypnose Mascara for many years. This volume-boosting, buildable mascara is perfect for those who want to enhance their natural eyelashes. Egan recommends Hi Beautiful You Be You Lash Extension Treatment. Egan says that this mascara has a “buildable formula” which dries quickly, doesn’t flake, or smudge, and it darkens and lengthens the lashes, as well as strengthening them.


Middleton used Clarins Lip Perfector according to British Vogue. This product is available in a variety of rosy shades that will complement any skin tone. This product comes in a range of shades to suit any skin tone. Its nourishing formula contains shea Butter and Vitamin F.

How to Get the Look

It’s time to learn the techniques. Egan has broken down Middleton’s look into a step-by-step tutorial.

  1. Start by applying a skin-tinting product to even out the tone of your skin. This will make your skin feel light and less cakey. Egan’s tip: “Apply the skin tint using your hands to warm it up and help it sink in your skin.”
  2. Blend concealer into your skin tone to make it look natural.
  3. Use a bronzer to lightly contour under your cheekbones, up to your ears, and on the top of your forehead. Then blend it with a brush.
  4. Use a small amount of liquid or cream blush on your cheekbones, and blend it up towards your ear. Leave a little bit of the blush on your apples.
  5. Brush some highlighter lightly along the tops and sides of your cheekbones. Move towards your ears.
  6. Use eyeshadow primer to your lids.
  7. Apply a neutral shade of eyeshadow that matches your skin tones (or one shade lighter), under the brows and at the inner corners of each eye. This step should be done with a matte color. Avoid anything shimmery.
  8. Use a matte shade of light pink on the eyelids and mauve, or light purple in the crease.
  9. Use black liquid eyeliner to line your upper lashes from the inner corner outwards. Use a brightly coloured eyeshadow along your lower lashline or a colored liner on your waterline.
  10. Apply two or three coats.
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Kate Middleton’s natural makeup is iconic, and her technique and products are easy to replicate. It’s about highlighting your best features to achieve a glowing, yet subtle finish. This is perfect for both everyday events and formal occasions. Simply adapt the steps above to your skin tone and attire to achieve a radiant, natural-looking finish.

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