16 Timeless Renaissance Hairstyles with a Modern Touch of Romance

Although centuries have passed, the Renaissance beauty looks are still popular today. They’re even in fashion again. It’s not hard to understand why: Renaissance beauty had many timeless ways to enhance natural features. The results were stunning. Renaissance hairstyles may have the longest lasting appeal. We can’t get over the details of today’s styles, from buns to French braids to styles with pearls and ribbons. They’re still as beautiful and trendy in 2024 as in 1624. Scroll down to see 16 Renaissance hairstyles that will give you major styling inspiration no matter when you live.

Fancy French twist

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Over the centuries, the French have set the standard for beauty. The Prada runway and campaign images reflected this head-turning twist on French style.

Rose Bud

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The trick of adding flowers to hair has been around for centuries, but it still feels fresh. This look is inspired by Dior’s fall 2007 campaign and takes a sleek, updo to a whole new level.

Pin-Up Girl

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Zazie Beetz gives her gorgeous curls a Renaissance makeover by adding pearl pins to match the earrings she wears. Hair accessories can take a style to the next step.

Court Order

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This romantic style would be perfect for someone at the French Court. This ‘do is inspired by Lucille’s hairstyle in Du Barry Was a Lady (1943), a movie. Renaissance hairstyles are a timeless style.

Bun Fun

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@lacyredway/ Instagram

Buns don’t have to be small and sleek. They can also be large and gorgeous, like the one celebrity stylist Lacy redway created for Regina King in Cannes. This hairstyle would have been the star of a Renaissance portrait. It also photographs well in modern times.

Bountiful Braid

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@justinemarjan / Instagram

This braid is thick and luscious. This voluminous hairstyle will make you look stunning at your next formal event.

On a Roll

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@lacyredway/ Instagram

This hairstyle is a throwback that would look right at home in a Renaissance picture or on the red carpet. The half-up, rolled ‘do perfectly complemented Gabriella’s Met Gala outfit, showing that nights out with friends are the best time to play around with your hair.

Twice as Nice

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Olivia Culpo’s Renaissance-inspired look includes a braided hairstyle and a tiara. Both elements add interest and texture to a classic, slicked back bun. It’s all about the details.

Bigger Is Better

image 8 1


Make a big statement with a braided hairstyle that is oversized and a matching jumbo-sized bow. This look would have been loved by Renaissance ladies, but also looks modern and coquette.

Ribbon Twirler

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@lacyredway/ Instagram

In high school, we would have probably paid more attention to history class had there been more photos in our textbooks like these–styles created for Christian Siriano’s balletcore spring show 2024. This “dark ballerina energy” will be used to enhance our beauty moments in the future.

Happy Tales

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@lacyredway/ Instagram

When ribbons are added to the bubble ponytail, it becomes even more beautiful. This style is a great example of a modernized, yet fanciful look. It’s also easy to replicate.

All Tie Up

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@justinemarjan / Instagram

Madison Beer takes “all wrapped up in a beautiful bow” to the next level with this gorgeous style. This Renaissance hairstyle is unique and different because we don’t often see bows accentuate a French twist.


image 2 3

@lacyredway/ Instagram

The Renaissance hairstyles taught us that braids should be embellished. The shells and ultra-long plaits add drama to the pigtails, which is why they are great for formal occasions.

Pearl Jam

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You can’t choose between ribbons, bows, pearls or lace? Wear them all to create a stunning maximalist look.

Botticelli Waves

image 2 4

@stormreid / Instagram

Your ideal Renaissance hairstyle might be defined waves that are reminiscent of Botticelli paintings. Storm Reid’s eyeshadow is a great example of a painterly look.

Tousled Texture

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@lacyredway/ Instagram

A beautiful bow ties a loose, messy hairstyle together, giving you the best of both.

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