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Transform into a Pop Icon: The Allure of “Pop Star Red” Hair Trend

Hannah Montana would be a redhead if she were alive today. Red hair will be the most popular in 2024. While blondes are always famous, it’s hard to deny that red hair is better suited for a hit song and a Mugler bodysuit. Pop star red to be precise.

Jacob Schwartz is an Olaplex ambassador and celebrity colorist who created “pop star” as one of the most popular hair colors for winter 2024. It’s a little va-va voomier than cherry cola, and begging for an album cover shoot.

Continue reading to learn everything you need about the shade and how to obtain it.

What is Pop Star Red?

Pop Star Red hair is the color that you would expect a pop star (on or off duty, stage lights only enhance the look). It’s a bold, pigmented red that shouts “look me!” and “have you heard the new song?”

You can see a great example in Dua Lipa’s Houdini-era transformation. Other celebrities who have tried the color this year? Megan Fox, Megan The Stallion, Olivia O’Brien and Megan The Stallion are just a few.

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“I turned Olivia O’Brien a red color, and now she’s really hot. We went all out because she’s a singing star. She used to have red hair, but it was more natural. She wanted a more dramatic look, so I dyed her hair red. Schwartz, who was speaking with Byrdie about the biggest hair trends for winter 2024, said: “I call it pop-star red.” It’s not the typical red. You’re an actress, singer or musician if you are a bit edgy. “Is this red?”

The color is not new. Bowie tried pop star red, and we can all recall Rihanna’s Loud Hair. But it is new to this era.

Shvonne Perkins is a master colorist for Madison Reed. She told us that this shade was more dramatic and less natural compared to the recent trend in reds. It’s a more dramatic take on red, which can feel more exciting.

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How to get Pop Star Red Hair

Schwartz’s formula is the best news for those who want to showcase their new color tonight at karaoke. He used Schwarzkopf Color to create the shade for O’Brien. The Igora line 6-88(60+6-0) was applied with 15 volume at the roots. He applied Igora Royal 688 with 20 volumes on the ends before processing for 35 minute.

Perkins recommends at least one permanent color. If you are going for a hue, bring references to the color that you like.

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How To Take Care Of Pop Star Red Hair

Perkins advises that regular glossing sessions (using products like Madison Reed Color Reviving Gloss Barolo, for example) are essential to keep red hair looking vibrant. Remember: Pop stars are cool and have never let their roots or faded colors dim their shine.

Another tip? Another tip? You’ll need your signature when the autograph hunters come out.

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