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A Feast for the Eyes: Cranberry Nails Bring a Gourmet Touch to Red Nail Art

We love to try out new nail colors. The cranberry nail color is one of the most popular to have appeared on our social media feeds in recent times. Celebrities like Alix earle and Selena Gomez have been wearing the shade. It’s safe say that we have been influenced.

This fun shade is reminiscent of cranberries, as the name suggests. It has cool undertones, and often a sparkly touch. This universal color looks great on anyone. We love pairing it with gold jewelry, like rings or bracelets, to bring it out even more. This color is also suitable for all seasons.

Want to get cranberry nail yourself? If you want to know more about cranberry nail polish, read on. You’ll also get expert advice from Rachel Joseph and Mazz Hannah of Nailing Hollywood.

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What are They?

The name Cranberry Nails is exactly what it sounds like: a manicure that matches the color of this small fruit. Joseph told Byrdie that “Cranberry Nails are rich, vibrant, and bold red.” Hanna says: “Cranberry nail trends are inspired by the deep red tones in cranberries.” The color is generally cool-toned, but the intensity can vary.

If you love red nails, (and who doesn’t?) then cranberry nails are for you. We’re sure you will love cranberry nail polish. Instead of a dark wine or bright apple red color, cranberry nail polish has a cooler undertone which is not only fun but also flattering.

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How to wear them

We love the easy-to-manage cranberry nail polish. We plan to wear them all year round. Joseph says that these earrings are in style around Thanksgiving. This is the perfect time to wear. These go with any outfit, skin tone or shape and will get you in the holiday spirit! Trendsetter Alix Earle endorsed them as being “big this year.”

Hanna also agrees that it’s classic holiday colour: “It is a classic choice of nail color for the holiday seasons,” she says. “But, you can wear this color throughout the winter as the rich red shades go with the warmth and coziness of winter.” The reds go with a variety of nail shapes. However, for me, short or medium length nails are the best to show off these tones.

You can wear cranberry nail polish in many different ways. These will look great on short nails, but they’ll also be stunning in an almond, coffin, or other shape. Keep up your nail health by using hand cream and cuticle oil regularly to keep your nails and hands moisturized.

How to Get the Look

If you’re planning to do your nails yourself, choose a color that looks like cranberries, such as Orly’s Cran – Barely Believe It, or Dior 853 Rouge Trafalgar. Start with the base coat. Let it dry. Then apply two coats of color. Finish with top coat and cuticle oil. Joseph recommends choosing a red that’s “less orange and more blue/red tones.”

Hanna explains that “cranberry nails are a simple solid-color application.” As with any monochromatic mani, cuticle preparation and skin prep are crucial to a polished appearance. Consider using cuticle oils after your manicure to keep the look fresh and clean. “Good prep work and glowing, healthy skin elevates the look.

As long as your nails are healthy and well-maintained, you will get lots of compliments for your cranberry mani.

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