The Pros and Cons of Eyebrow Threading and Waxing

How to shape your eyebrows can completely transform your appearance. How? Experts agree that the shape and definition of the brows can make the face appear more youthful. They also have a lifting affect on the eyes and give a polished look to your makeup, even if you only do minimal makeup. Not all brows or brow shaping techniques are the same. How often you plan to have sessions, your skin sensitivity, and your pain tolerance can all influence whether eyebrow threading and eyebrow waxing are best for you.

Stacie Harding is a manager of training at European Wax Center. She says that threading is the best option for those who want precise shaping, have sensitive skin, or are less pain-tolerant, and prefer natural methods. Waxing, on the other hand is best for those who prioritize convenience and long-lasting results. The best method will ultimately depend on your personal preferences, skin types, and desired results.

What is the difference between eyebrow threading vs eyebrow waxing? Who are they best for?

What is eyebrow threading?

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Harding explains that “Eyebrow Threading is a hair-removal technique which originated in India, but is now popular throughout the Middle East, South Asia and the West.” How does threading work? Stevi Christine is a Los Angeles brow expert. “The thread will be held by the technician with their hands and mouth, who will then twist the thread,” she explains. This twisting technique is used to remove unwanted hairs from the eyebrow region.

The benefit of eyebrow threading is you don’t have to commit a lot of time. Christine notes that eyebrow threading sessions can be as quick as five minutes and as long as 20 minutes. “Eyebrow Threading is great for women on the move who don’t have a lot of time but need a quick clean-up. However, there is a downside to this service, which is that it can be done too quickly and without precision, resulting in more hair being removed than needed.”

Harding says that the frequency of threading your eyebrows depends on hair growth, as well as personal preferences for a certain shape. To maintain well-groomed brows, people usually schedule threading sessions every two to four week, depending on factors like hair growth rate and thickness.

What is eyebrow waxing?

Waxing the eyebrows is very similar to waxing other parts of the body. It requires more expertise because it is on the face, in a very precise area, and targets small hairs. Eyebrow threading involves removing unwanted hairs from the eyebrow area by using a specially-formulated brow hair wax. The wax is applied directly to the hair that you want to remove, and then pulled off. This technique was explained by Hannah Zaborowski of Face Foundrie in Los Angeles, which specializes in face, lash and brow treatments. The hairs are stuck in the wax, and the wax is pulling the hair out along with the follicle.

Tomy Rivero says that the choice of wax is what’s most important, as well as the experience of the technician. The two types of wax used can be chosen based on your eyebrow shape, your skin type and hair type as well as what you or your professional prefer.

Rivero explains that it’s crucial to determine if the wax used by your waxer for eyebrow grooming is hard or soft. Soft wax is usually hotter and is lifted from the skin with a muslin strip. Zaborowski says that soft wax sticks to the hair and skin, which is a little more painful but also exfoliates. This can result in a more defined shape and smoother skin due to the exfoliation of the skin that occurs when the wax is removed.

For those with sensitive skin, professionals often choose a harder wax, which adheres to hairs and not skin. It is less harsh. Zaborowski says that hard wax can be removed directly from the skin by pulling it off when it cools.

The main advantage of eyebrow waxing lies in its durability. Zaborowski says that waxing is more effective than traditional methods such as plucking and tweezing. This is because wax sticks to the hair, pulling it out at the root. It takes a longer time for hair to grow back. Plan on spending 20-30 minutes to wax your eyebrows. Your pro may finish the session with some minor plucking, or tweezing.

How to choose between eyebrow threading and waxing

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Because eyebrow threading uses a very thin thread, your professional can create a more unique shape and not damage the outer layer of skin like eyebrow waxing. You don’t need to change your skin care routine, or stop using certain topicals like acids and retinoids in the week before your eyebrow threading appointment. If you have sensitive skin and get red bumps or irritations after waxing, eyebrow threading is a great option. Harding says that threading is faster and less painful than tweezing which involves removing hairs individually. “Plus, eyebrow-threading offers precise eyebrow shape and is suitable for skin sensitive since it does not involve chemicals or pulling on the skin. It can also be less painful.”

The effect is also softer, and the overall finish can look more natural than eyebrow waxing. Rivero says that eyebrow threading is the best option if you want a fuller look and do not like hard lines and edges. It’s important to note that the pain is not zero. Rivero notes that “Eyebrow Threading can be painful the first time around, especially if your eyebrows are big and fluffy. This can make a huge difference.” Although eyebrow threading is not a common occurrence, he says it can cause irritation. He says that friction from the thread can cause irritation, as it is applied to the hairs on the eyebrow shape with a lot pressure.

Harding says that eyebrow waxing can be quick and provide a longer lasting smoothness than threading. It also exfoliates the skin to give it a smoother finish. This is the best option for people who want a quick hair removal, but want their eyebrows to stay smooth for a longer period of time. They also don’t want to have sensitive skin, or react to waxing products. Christine says that waxing is a great option for those who want a precise eyebrow with a more clean and sharp shape. Rivero says that waxing is the best option for people who want a more precise shape. This is especially true if your brows are thinner and have sharper angles.

Your eyebrow shape and the type of hair on your brows are also important. Christine says that waxing eyebrows is a great option for people with thick or coarse brow hair. She also notes that the benefits of waxing outweigh any downsides. She says that waxing allows you to control the area being removed better than eyebrow threading. “The only problem with eyebrow waxing, is the fact that some people react badly to the wax.” It is important to consider who will be doing your eyebrows waxing as well as the level of cleanliness and quality of wax used. Harding says that the most common problems with eyebrow waxing are due to details you may not be able to control.

She explains that, “Eyebrow Waxing is effective and provides longer-lasting results. However, it can cause pain, irritation, or burns to the skin, breakouts, or ingrown hairs when not performed properly.” There are also concerns about sensitivity for those with sensitive skin.

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