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Summer Whites for a Brighter Lighter Look

Even though we love to experiment with bold, bright colors in the summer, a classic white outfit is still a great option. A color palette that is all white can be just as eye-catching as one with hot pinks or tomato reds. What’s the best part? Even if it’s just a button-down shirt and shorts, summer white ensembles look effortlessly elegant. This timeless monochrome outfit is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a party dress code or you need breathable fabric in the heat of summer.

We’ve put together 15 ways to wear the color white in a stylish way. There are many ways to wear this look. From matching sets for fashion minimalists, to layered looks that suit every mood and situation.

Scroll down to see 15 summer white outfits that will earn you major compliments.

Summer Suit

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Replace your boring suit with a cape this summer. This light, airy uniform will keep you cool in the summer heat and make you look like a fashion expert.

Slip Dress

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Slip dresses are now the hottest trend. They are not only elegant but are even cooler when you add layers and accessories.

Vest as Top

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Vests are a must-have for summer. Wear it without a shirt with any bottom of your choice, whether it’s a maxiskirt or midiskirt.

Jumpsuit for Day and Night

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Jumpsuits are the fastest way to look put-together in the morning. The white denim looks cool and is fresh. It has a lived-in feel. Accessorize heels and chunky jewellery to contrast the relaxed fit.

Silky Separates

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Easy, breezy matching pieces make it easy to choose what you want to wear. You can choose to tuck in the top for a polished look or leave some buttons undone for an easy-going vibe.

Easy Layers

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This classic combination will never go out-of-style. With a gold chain and black belt, you can break up the white jeans with a tucked-in white tee. Add a loose button-down to the tee and add architectural sandals and cool shades to make it look like a Hamptons-ready soccer mom.

Wide-Leg Pants

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Wide-leg pants are impossible to hide in, especially when they’re made of lightweight linen. They’re a staple for summer. For warm-weather dressing, you need a comfortable fit and a flattering shape.

If you want to wear wide-leg pants that look like trousers, choose a pair with a well-tailored fit (otherwise they’ll give off the vibe of sarongs). Fitted tops can balance out the larger proportion at the bottom.


image 20 91

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Who knew that a simple all-white palette can instantly transform your sweatsuit? Metallic footwear doesn’t hurt either.


image 20 93

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We love how the long sleeves are balanced with a shorter hemline. This is what we call business on top, and party at the bottom. Flip-flops can be worn as shoes.

Tonal Harmony

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The combination of a fitted jersey top with a midiskirt is simple, but makes a statement. The color of separates doesn’t need to be identical (think cousins and not necessarily twins) when selecting them. Finish off your look with heels or platforms and socks.

Bermuda Shorts

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Bermuda shorts have seen a revival. Style your pair of Bermuda shorts with a blazer and bra top (also known as. For a new look, try a bracket. Don’t forget your footwear. Consider wearing heels or pointy-toed pumps without the ankle strap to elongate your leg.

Dress and Boots

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Think again if you think it’s time to put your tall white boot in storage. The summer outfit you’ve always wanted is a perfectly coordinated dress with slouchy booties. This is a fun way to update your white dress.

A Cotton Classic

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A classic cotton poplin is a must-have for summer. The possibilities are endless. From a puffy sleeve, to tie straps, or cutouts. This is the summer version of a classic button-down white shirt.

Combine Textures

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Add texture and accessories to a white outfit to make it more interesting. All-white outfits are a great option for those who don’t want to be minimalists but still like the look. Consider adding eyelet, lace, or crochet to your outfit. But don’t limit yourself. Bold accessories like statement shades and jumbo shell necklaces complement any texture.

Lean Into Contrasts

image 20 98

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Wear a simple white dress all summer. Accessorize it for cocktail wear or for casual weekend wear depending on the occasion. We love Dad sneakers for weekends.

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