How to Style a Small Patio and Yard

After a very stressful day at work, all you want to do is go home, relax and free your mind from all the worries and pressure. It’s true that your problems at work should remain at work, and you should never take them home with you. Home is for your “me-time” and family time.

This is why your home should be a place of comfort and relaxation and what better way to achieve this is to have a place in your home where you can relax, such as a patio or a backyard garden.

But what if you don’t have enough space in your home for a patio or a yard?

Relax! Don’t let small spaces limit your creativity. There is still something you can do to style your small patio or yard and turn your home into an instant peaceful and relaxing vacation home.

How to Style a Small Patio and Yard?

1.  Plan out your Theme

What style do you want to achieve for your patio or yard? Do you want a Zen style garden? Do you want a modern patio? Or would you rather create a tropical garden theme? It’s up to you to decide which among the many themes can help you relax and unwind.


2. Think about your Purpose

This refers to thinking about what kind of relaxing activity you would want to do in the patio or in your backyard. Do you find it relaxing to just laze around and read a book? Or are you more relaxed if you’re doing your hobbies like gardening, yoga, etc.? This will help you know what fixtures to put in your yard.


3. Determine how small the Patio or Yard is

Style a Small Patio and Yard

Source: DIY Network

This is very important so that you won’t go buying things and furniture that are too big and will only take up too much space in your patio or your backyard.


4. Think Green

Style a Small Patio and Yard

Source: Pinterest

No matter what style of patio or yard you want to achieve, having plants is always a great move. Not only will they add beauty to your patio or yard, but they can also add to the relaxing and comfort factor due to the oxygen they give out. Plus, if you are planning on making a garden, the plants you plant will also come in handy, especially when cooking.

If you have a small patio and less of a lawn, you can simply put potted plants in there to give you the green effect. You can even put a small potted plant on your patio table.

If you do have a lawn or yard, but it’s smaller, having a tree and some shrubs can turn that small space into a haven. But if you want your small yard to look spacious yet be filled with plants, a vertical garden is a good idea where your plants will be hanging on the wall, saving a lot of space for other fixtures and furniture.

If you are more of a flower person, you can also plant flowering plants for added colors in your garden and make your garden look vibrant yet relaxing.


5. Furnish with the Right Furniture

Style a Small Patio and Yard

Source: Sears

Depending on what activities you envision you will be doing in your yard or patio, you can choose the right furniture to furnish your small patio or yard space. You can add some small chairs and a table if you plan on spending most of your tea or coffee time in your patio. You can also choose a wooden bench or table if you plan on using your yard for barbecue.

If lazing around a dreamy afternoon is your style of relaxation, a comfy sofa where you can snuggle and read a book will do. You may have no pool, but if you like to bathe in the sun for tanning as that is how you want to relax, you can place lounge chairs instead.


6. Incorporate the Right Fixtures

Style a Small Patio and Yard

Source: Pinterest

The right fixtures in your patio or yard can also add to the beauty of that small space you have. Deciding on the fixture to put may depend on your preference, the size of your yard as well as your budget.

If water relaxes you, maybe you can think of putting water fixtures in your yard such as small fountains and ponds. If you only have a small patio where fountains and ponds won’t fit, you can simply choose a tabletop fountain.

Some small yard ideas suggest styling your patio or yard with pebbles and stones that you decorate yourself, especially if you are an artistic person. On the other hand, if you like to have a garden, but space is really scarce, you can create a miniature garden in a pot just so you can get a relaxing garden view even without actually having a full-blown garden.

Most of all, no matter what fixtures you put in your yard or patio, one thing you must never forget is the lighting fixture. Your backyard may look pretty in the morning, but its beauty will never be appreciated in the evening without lights. To magnify the beauty of your patio in the night, you can choose to hang wall lanterns.

On the other hand, if you would like to illuminate your small garden at night, installing landscape lighting not only works best but can also serve as a light to your path at night. Choosing dim lighting is the best as it adds to your patio or yard’s comfy atmosphere.

Gone are the days when relaxation means finding a home away from home. You are now living in a generation filled with backyard designs and small garden ideas that can make your home truly a “home”. In fact, even if you are living in a small apartment or home, you can simply incorporate the Top 8 Tips to Maximize a Tiny Home and 5 Space Saving Ideas for Small Apartments to create your ideal living space.

Remember, there is no small space for creativity if you embrace the vast number of home and backyard styling ideas you can apply.

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