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Six Lightweight Tops for a Breezy Summer

Showing a little skin is in right now, from casual summer looks to runway looks. Sheer tops add a fun, light, breezy look to any outfit. They also give it an unexpectedly chic, edgy touch. The sheer top is a great way to layer, whether you prefer gauzy mesh or classic lace. They can also serve as an accent to a cute tee and a flirty bralette.

Lex Alexandris, the stylist, says: “I love a top with a structured bottom.” The texture and softness add instant interest to a basic look. And the delicate nature of a sheer shirt also adds an understated elegance and ease. Why not let your inner extrovert show with sheer pieces?

We’ve created the ultimate guide to layering sheer tops for summer.

Light Touch

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Picking out a blouse with ruching, light patterns, and a mesh-like appearance is a great way to start. A cute pattern that is fun and playful can add a touch of whimsy to a softer look. To complete the look, layer over your favorite blue jeans and a simple bralette.


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Layering is the key to wearing sheer pieces. Grouping sheer pieces with opaque ones is a great way to look effortlessly cool, whether the mesh is the main attraction or just a texture tool. Style your streetwear look by pairing your favorite mesh long-sleeved top with a stunning dress.

Simple, Sleek

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You can wear sheer to work with ease, especially if you layer a sheer top over your top. This is a simple way to elevate your basic tanks into star status. This simple, elegant outfit is a classic combination that can be worn day or night. You can’t really go wrong with a pair boyfriend jeans and cute flats.

Monochrome Moment

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This look from the fashionista Olivia Culpo is sure to inspire you to make room in your closet. It’s fun to experiment with different textures and styles by using the same color from top to bottom. You can also be sure that you won’t mess it up. The sheerness in the top adds a touch of lightness to the outfit and keeps it from looking too heavy.

Embrace the 90s

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We love 90s fashion. It’s a decade of baggy clothes, edgy jewelry and accessories that is perfect for sheer tops. This was also the decade when mesh clothing was invented. This style is achieved by layering a black bralette underneath a basic mesh top and a jean jacket. You want to bring the 90s back? Put on your chunkiest boots!

Chrome Illusion

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To elevate a sheer item, choose a top that has a little color and dimension. It’s a simple and quick way to make it look more sophisticated. This timeless look is styled with trendy wide-leg jeans, western-inspired booties and a chic bag.

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