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Astrological Guide to Dressing for Gemini Zodiac Sign

Gemini is the social butterfly of astrology. Fashion is a great way to express our constant search for new activities, experiences, and friends. Evan Nathaniel Grim, astrology expert and horoscope specialist, says that Geminis are always learning new things and have a wide range of interests. This requires a wardrobe to reflect their lifestyle.

According to pop culture astrologer Kyle Thomas, Geminis are “striving to look trendy, modern and fashionable to be associated with trends, making them more desirable and relatable for everyone they meet.” The key to not feeling pulled in many different directions is to be open and embrace your ability of change. You will feel fabulous and free if you embrace your vibrant, childlike energy.

If you want to up your style game as a Gemini who is fashion-forward (or if you simply want to channel our Gemini spirit), then keep reading.

Yellow is a powerful color

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Thomas says that yellow is the “power colour” of Geminis. Grim adds that “a color as expressive as yellow can also emphasize the desire to express one’s ideas and socialize.” If bright yellow is too overwhelming, choose a shade with a hint of lime or a buttery yellow.

Blue Air Sign

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Grim says that since the color blue is associated with the throat chakra, it would be appropriate to use this hue. You can choose a bright cobalt if you’re looking for a pop of color or a lighter shade like this. For PJ-chic looks in the summer, choose a set that is light and airy.

Logos and Lettering

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Grim says that “Geminis can be very expressive, vocal, and articulate.” Wearing a shirt that has lips printed on it will make you the life of the event. It’s the perfect mix between classic and modern.

Flowing fabrics

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Geminis are about to have a summer filled with excitement and fun. “Embrace flowing fabrics and styles, but also add a little pop and flair!” Thomas. This caftan dress has a touch of earthiness and romance of Taurus, their younger sister. It also adds a bit of structure and fashionability.

A Jumpsuit, or One-Piece

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Thomas and Grim agree that Geminis don’t have a defined fashion style, so they often wear outfits with multiple uses. A jumpsuit, or similar casual outfit, (such as a tweed onsie), is a good choice. Their personality will be brought out perfectly. The Gemini can wear any trend.

Contrasting colors

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Grim says that outfits with contrasting shapes, colors or designs will be more in line with Gemini. Pairing two items you would not normally pair together, such as a floral colored sweater with pinstriped shorts is a great idea. You will be surprised at how well you can combine all your aesthetics in one outfit.

A Walkable Outfit

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Grim says that Geminis are always on the move, even if they’re just exploring their neighborhood. Wear clothing “that makes you feel comfortable while moving,” he advises. It’s important to wear layers and comfortable shoes. You can also wear your power colour (yellow), to showcase your coolness.

Try wearing the color as an accessory or shoe if you feel that wearing brightly-colored clothing is too much.

Loose tops


Geminis enjoy socializing and like to mix fashion with function. They also use a lot hand gestures and arm movements when communicating, so keeping your shoulders flexible is also ideal. You can add dimension and vibrancy to your outfit by using textures and layers.

A Dress for Dancing

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Slip dresses are perfect for a day of shopping, dining, or a night out. Grim says that many Geminis enjoy dancing and should choose an outfit which allows for seamless movement. Choose comfortable shoes that you can easily slip on or off.

Checked prints

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As part of their vibrant personality, Geminis are able to pull off patterns with ease. However, don’t discount a more subtle, pretty pattern for your wardrobe. “Checkered prints will highlight Geminis’ dualistic nature. They can ultimately dance between a variety of fashion styles,” Grim says. It can be more fun to wear a similar color from head to foot.

Whimsical Designs

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Coachella was designed for us. Thomas says that Geminis like to be noticed in a crowd. Patterns with whimsy or joy will do the trick. Combining two statement pieces, such as this graphic tee and jacket, can be a fun, maximalist way to style your look. It’s also smart to always have comfortable footwear.

Adaptable Layers

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Grim says that for the Gemini who is always on the move, “I recommend selecting outfits which are adaptable and versatile in different settings.” The perfect example is a button-down shirt you can take on and off, depending on whether it’s for work or casual. A layerable poncho is another great option. Switch heels for sneakers, or put some comfortable shoes in your bag.

Surprise, Versatility and Flexibility

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Mercury is the planet that rules Geminis. Mercury “is a versatile’ planet and it encourages all kinds of experimentation, as well as favoring androgyny!” Thomas. This could be a shocking color (Adidas shoes in our power colour of yellow), an accessory (yellow shades), or cool girl layers (a casually draped sweater over the shoulders). Geminis, get out and try new things!

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