Shine Bright Like Rihanna: The Silver French Manicure You Need This Summer

The singer, who was not at this year’s Met Gala, still makes the most of every opportunity, particularly when it comes her street style. No two outfits are the same for the “Anti” singer. When it comes to her nail style, however, she has a formula we will be following all summer.

On May 11, the singer left a party in New York City wearing a silver outfit from head to toe. Her blonde hair was visible behind her. While we couldn’t take our eyes off of her vintage Gucci fur coat by Tom Ford, our attention was drawn to her nails. Rihanna’s favorite things are making amazing lip gloss and wearing a cool French nail. This time, Rihanna chose a silver-chrome French manicure that matched her outfit perfectly.

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She reinterpreted the classic look of the nail by replacing the white tips with a layer glistening silver polish. The singer used a barely-there light shade to complement the shimmery polish. Instead of choosing her favourite square shape (IYKYK), she chose almond to give her nails a sophisticated, elevated feel.

Rihanna is a fan of a French manicure. The “Work” singer wore a trendy, two-toned, purple French manicure on a night out in early April. For the launch of Fenty’s Soft’lit foundation she added a layer shimmery chrome powder to the classic French nails for a Chrome French mani.

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Her nails were not the only thing that made her look great. She wore a satin tube top matching her Tom Ford for Gucci coat with bejeweled ballet shoes and greyish-silver jeans by The Attico for a monochromatic look. She wore vintage sunglasses to cover most of her face. To complete the look, she added a glossy nude lip and styled blonde hair into a side part.

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We’re still daydreaming of what RiRi could have done for her Met Ball nails, but at this rate we’d bet they would probably look like a French manicure. Rihanna has a few go-tos that she uses to create her glam look. A chic side part, perhaps? Check. Check. Double-check. What about an outfit that is a quintessentially Rihanna look? Triple-check. You have a Rihanna-like look.

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