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How to Pair Ballet Flats with Every Outfit

We know it’s hard to believe that something as simple as a ballet flat can be controversial. But fashionistas have strong feelings about these shoes. ballet shoes were ridiculed because they were everywhere in the early 2000s. The flats were everywhere and often paired with styles we’d rather forget, such as jeggings or peplum tops. Take a deep breath if you have ever removed yourself from photos on the internet featuring you wearing ballet flats and a statement necklace that was a bit spiky. Ballet flats have returned.

It is true that we no longer have to wear the same indie-sleaze style of ballet flats as we used to. You can now find updated styles with fresh details thanks to the emergence of aesthetic cores. These include everything from lace-ups that are fit for a ballerina to square toes or straps. The best part is that the styles of ballet flats are now more versatile, so you can wear them with any piece in your wardrobe.

We’ve put together 13 stylish ballet flats outfits, including many wardrobe-essentials. You can wear them with your favorite looks to ease yourself back into the flats.

Romantic Summer Whites

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If you are on the fence with balletcore but still want a romantic look you can’t do better than a midi dress in summer’s most neutral shades. Choose ballet flats that have classic ribbon ankle laces to amp up the dreamy vibe.

Ruby Red

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A black and white outfit with a splash of cherry red is a chic look that’s easy to pull off. You can combine the two colors in a minimalist dress. Then, add patent leather flats that are either red or high-shine to create a minimal but eye-catching look.

Cheeky Checkered Separates

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Ballet flats are a great choice of footwear for outfits with bold patterns and a streamlined silhouette. It’s like mixing ingredients in a cake — you have to measure each one carefully or else the result will be a mess. We recommend sticking with geometric prints like gingham and check, then adding color via sleek flats. Maintain a cohesive look with neutral outerwear, accessories and footwear.

A Maxi Moment

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Although it may seem strange to pair flats with a long dress, you have other options. A pair of square-toed ballet flats with a structured sole will highlight the lines of a long dress, especially if they are worn with a little leg showing.

A Little Denim Dress

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LBD but in denim. Denim mini dresses are a stylish alternative to the classic little black dress. We recommend white ballet flats for medium-wash or light denim. Try a pair of pale pink ballet flats for dark or acid washed pieces.

Timeless and luxurious

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Ballet flats have a chic look and go well with a variety of elegant separates. There’s nothing more elegant than a pair linen or cotton pants, black ballet flats and a lightweight jacket for warm weather days.

Breezy Boho

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Ballet flats can be just as stylish, even if they aren’t the first thing you think of. They are a great option if your day will involve a lot of walking. Choose lace-up flats to extend your shoe’s lines up your calves.

A Touch of Punk

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Add a little punk rock to your outfit and you’ll be able to subvert the sweetness. Mixing a plaid mini-skirt with a band tee or striped button down gives the outfit edginess. Ballet flats help ground and blend styles.

Sophisticated Shorts

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This timeless outfit is perfect for brunching with friends or shopping in the warm weather. The two-toned ballet flats bring a pop of color to the black shorts with a cream blouse.

Big Balletcore Energy

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This look is for anyone who loves coquette style, or has ever dreamed about being a prima Ballerina. A silk corset dress paired with pale pink ballet flats decorated with ribbons epitomizes ballerina luxury.

Tweed Textures

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This ballet flats ensemble is inspired by Chanel’s iconic style. It’s all about texture. Soft spring colors in boucle or tweed are timeless and elevated. When worn with a baby doll dress, empire-waist minidress, or shift in the same color, they instantly look classic.

Split Seams Sheers

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If you want to create a look that is both comfortable and eye-catching, wear a pair split-seam flats with a sheer top. Try a pair of vibrant flats with a matching top if you’re a fan of color. This look is also stunning when done in neutrals.

Back to Basics

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essential basic are just as stylish and elegant. A sleeveless top in black, dark wash jeans with wide legs, and black ballet flats have a powerful impact on fashion. You can create an OOTD with just a thin belt.

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