Recreating Twiggy’s 1960s Mod-Inspired Iconic Eye Makeup

Twiggy is probably the first image that springs to mind when you think about 1960s makeup. Twiggy is one of the most famous cover girls from the 1960s. She was known for her high contrast eyeshadow and doe-eyed look. This style has been copied by many.

Want to copy it? We asked Marijana Zivanovic, a professional makeup artist, for her expert tips on recreating Twiggy’s famous eye makeup. Then we followed the tutorial step-by-step. Continue scrolling to see more.

Cover your bases

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Ashley Rebecca

Zivanovic explains that priming the eyelids properly is essential for this fun look. I love to use a lighter cream eyeshadow shade as a base for any discoloration. If you’re in a hurry, concealer will work, just make sure it isn’t too emollient.

I wanted something that would grab my pigment, so I applied Danessa Myricks’ Beauty Colorfix Multi-Use Waterproof Eye, Cheek and Lip Pigment in “Lift” all over my lid.

Swipe On Your Shadow

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Zivanovic explains that eyeshadow is applied after primer. “Any color you choose will be more noticeable now that your eyelid has been primed.” Since Twiggy’s makeup is usually done in light eyeshadows, I used Addiction Tokyo The Eyeshadow, Mint Drive, to apply a minty green shade all over my lid.

A Liner is a Must

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Zivanovic suggests that after applying shadow, you should apply a generous amount of eyeliner to the lashline. To achieve this look, try to think of a more round shape rather than a cat-eye. The thickest liner should be placed in the middle of the eye right above the pupil.

Addiction Tokyo’s The Colored Liquid Eyeliner, Black River was applied to the top lid. I extended it downward slightly in the outer corners to create a rounded shape.

Crease Detail

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Once you’ve applied liquid liner, add the details that instantly make Twiggy look recognizable. The dark liner at the crease of the eye and lots of mascara.

Zivanovic says, “When drawing a line, begin slightly above the crease. Use the crease to guide you.” A good trick is using a small, pointed brush to draw a thin line of eyeshadow. You can use a dampened brush to add another layer of eyeliner or intensify your line once you have it the way you want.

Zivanovic prefers to use waterproof products that last a long time for this part of the look. “It is important to choose products that adhere well.” She says that you don’t want the liners and mascara in the crease smudging. I used Chanel Beauty Stylo Yeux Waterproof, Long-Lasting Eyeliner Noir Intense in the crease to create an iconic half-dome. Then, using an angled linerbrush, I smoothed out the line. Check out our favorite waterproof eyeliner products.

Mascara in abundance

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Zivanovic suggests using as much mascara as possible to replicate Twiggy’s legendary lashes.

My lashes are naturally very long so I applied Le Volume De Chanel Waterproof Mascara, Noir by Chanel Beauty to both my top and lower lashes. Click here to see our recommendations for waterproof mascara. Apply false eyelashes to mascara-coated lashes to give them more emphasis.

The Spider Effect

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Zivanovic says that there are several ways to get the Twiggy look. One would be mascara. It’s important to choose a formula with a lot volume. Use tweezers and apply a few coats, then gently “squeeze” bottom lashes to create little lash groups.”

I used Tweezerman’s Just Imagine Slant Tweezer to gently pinch the top and bottom lashes, creating spider-like clumps. This is something you’ll want to do slowly and carefully.


Zivanovic says that to make the look pop, it is important to cover as much under-eye dark as possible. Otherwise, it will not have the same impact. I recommend using concealer that has good coverage and color correction to brighten under-eye areas.

Add some fine lines

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Zivanovic recommends adding accent lashes to the bottom lashes in order to intensify them even further. She says to draw some lines under the bottom lashes. Start with small lines in the front and then draw larger lines towards the end. You can use either a liquid eyeliner or a pencil. Or, you can even use dark eyeshadow and a fine-tip pen. Choose the method that you feel most comfortable using.”

Zivanovic instructed me to use the same liquid eyeliner that I used on my upper lids to draw fine lines beneath my bottom lashes.

The final, far-out look

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Ashley Rebecca

You can finish your makeup by adding the finishing touches. To recreate Twiggy’s soft skin, I applied a generous amount of Addiction Tokyo The Blush in Rose Wish on my cheeks. I used Chanel Beauty’s Rouge Coco Baume Natural Charm on my lips and topped it with Rouge Coco Gloss Moisturizing Glossimer Rose Naif to add some shine. Set everything in place with a setting mist to prevent smudging or creasing.

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