15 Trendy Bun Styles Reminiscent of the 2000s Fashion

Undoubtedly, the ’90s & early aughts have had a major influence on today’s beauty scene. It’s clear that many of today’s hairstyles, like the spiky-bun style, have their roots in this decade. Celebrities like Ashley Graham and Doja Cat have been seen wearing this retro-style updo recently. Their looks prove why this throwback hairstyle has made its comeback. A spiky top bun is an easy, fun hairstyle that can be worn by anyone.

Twisted, Spiky Bun

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@beberexha / instagram

Bebe Rexha embraced the 2000s for her music video, “I’m Good.” In the video she wore a series of top knots that were twisted and had ends that looked like confetti.

Stick Straight Spiky Bun

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@theestallion / instagram

The spikes on Megan Thee Stallion’s bun at mid-height are sculptured masterpieces. Apply a strong hold gel, such as Gorilla Snot, to get your spikes straight like Megan’s. Apply direct heat to the nozzle on your blowdryer and they will freeze in place.

Soft Splay Spiky Bun

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Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Gigi hadid wore her hair in a bun for the Met Gala 2022 and left a few spiky bits on either side. Use a hairspray with a light hold to give spikes a more softer look. Here are the top 14 drugstore hairsprays.

Spiky buns with a Tight Twisted Bun

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@imaanhammam / instagram

Imaan Hammam added a few spikes to her tight bun. The feathered bits will stand out more if you leave out just a tiny bit of hair at the front.

Zig Zag Spiky Bun

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Isa Foltin/Getty Images

Millie Bobby Brown combines so many Y2K trends into this look: zig-zag partings, spiky bits, and low buns. The hairstyle of the actress is playful and beautiful.

Skunk Spiky Bun

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Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Billie Eilish wore spiky buns with her red and black skunk-colored hair to the 81st Golden Globe Awards. This is a fantastic way to showcase a hair color with a lot of contrast.

Spiky space buns

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Normani’s take on space buns is a cool girl look that feels effortless. The spiky buns and the stick-straight face-framing bits are perfect finishing touches.

Y2K Angel Spiky Space Buns

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@justinemarjan / instagram

Ashley Graham’s look is reminiscent of the Y2K era. The butterfly clips that Ashley Graham uses to accessorize her spiky spacebuns give this hairdo a retro feel. This 2000s look is completed by her metallic eyeshadow and heavy lipliner.

Sculpted Spiky Bun

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Rodrigo Varela / Getty Images

Megan Thee Stallion’s spikey bun is an amazing work of art. The spikes on the topknot are symmetrically placed and perfectly sculpted. Megan’s edges have been perfectly and precisely swirled.

Peek-A-Boo Spiky Bun

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Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Wearing a bun at a mid-height is a great way to let other elements of your outfit shine. Take for example the high-haltered gown Bella wore to the Met Gala. Add asymmetrical, peek-a-boo spikes (like Hadid here) to your bun to make it more interesting.

Balanced Spiky Bun

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Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Olivia Rodrigo’s look at the Met Gala 2021 was perfectly balanced. She wore a spiky ponytail. Her hair in the front was polished and precise, but her bun had a lot of sharp, spiky bits. The result is a look with a lot more personality than a typical updo.

Sharp Spiky Bun

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CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

Doja Cat’s spiky bun at the Grammy’s stole the show. If you want a sleek updo, use styling products that have a strong hold like Joico JoiGel Styling Gel or JoiMist Protective Finishing spray.

Spiky buns that are easy to make

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Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Hilary Duff, who grew up in the spotlight during the early 2000s, is familiar with Y2K-inspired hairstyles. Her hair is sculpted in a low, spiky ponytail that looks effortless and polished.

Fluffy Spiked Bun

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Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Rihanna’s bun is soft, sophisticated and spiky. No gel is needed for this look. Just pull your blown out hair into a top knot, and then pull out some pieces to create the feathered look.

Glamorous Spiky Bun

image 462 23


Vanessa Hudgens’ spiky bun goes perfectly with her glittery, glamorous top and eyeshadow. Keep your spikes pointed straight down instead of upwards for a modern and less distracting look.

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