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How to Look Great with Off-Shoulder Blouse

If you want to get an instant hot chic look, the first thing to hit your mind is an off shoulder top with shorts or skirts or a regular jeans, available and awesome. This trend of wearing ‘off the shoulder blouses’ has been just a never changing fashion. Although it was first introduced as a chic and informal messy summer look, now the variation is not limited by unofficial occasions. The celebrities are wearing ‘off the shoulder’ for their award functions, red carpet and everywhere. You can also carry them anywhere, anytime, just need to pick the things sensibly.

Style With Denim

image 1025

off shoulder top and jeans outfit

Denim is probably the best option for this fashion wear and it looks absolutely stunning when you pick the right off the shoulder white color tops. Look at this extremely gorgeous, yet chunky look that is perfect for a get-together party, a lunch date or meeting with old buddies for an adventure trip.

Style with Flared Pants

image 1026

off shoulder top and flare pants outfit

A complete chic, yet formal look with flared pants and heels. Look at your wardrobe now and try this wonderful look for any formal or informal occasion.

Style with Midi Skirts

image 1023

off shoulder top and midi skirts outfit

This trend is not limited to a chic and hot look, in fact, if you know how to wear the perfect one, it will make you look sophisticated than ever! A nice mid length, high waist skirt with it for a totally professional look. Especially, when this is Miranda Kerr with her cute dimple-smile.

Off-shoulder Jumpsuit

image 1027

Off-shoulder Jumpsuit

If you have no idea how to style the off-shoulder tops, why not try a off-shoulder jumpsuit?

Off-shoulder Dress

image 1024

Off-shoulder Dress

An off-shoulder dress will be an ideal choice for day look or a  cocktail party, especially when it’s mermaid silhouette. Need a dress for holiday or party? 

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