Low-Maintenance Haircuts to Simplify Your Morning Routine

A low-maintenance cut makes styling hair a breeze. We’ve rounded-up 37 of the most low-maintenance hairstyles to inspire you for your next appointment at the salon and save precious time in your daily styling routine. We also asked celebrity hairstylists for their top tips on how to get a low maintenance haircut that will make you look fresh every day, even if it has been months since your last trim.

Long, Tiered Layers

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Myss monique, celebrity hairstylist and Bellami professional hairstylist Philip Wolff both agree that long, layered styles were made for thick hair. Don’t be afraid of changing it up. Take a cue from Priyanka. Wolff advises adding waves to long, thick hair if you want it to have more width and body. A nice blowout can be a good thing for thicker hair, as it is able to achieve volume quite well. For a slimmer look, opt for a smooth, sleek finish. You can use a flatiron if you need to.

Super Short

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Wolff says that pixies and fades are great for thick hair. The style is up to you. You only need to make sure you feel and look fabulous. Wolff says that it is up to stylists to create an individual look.

Blunt Bangs

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Although blunt cuts may not be the best option for thick hair, blunt bangs can work well for thick hair. The density of their mane will help them to naturally fall across the forehead.

Waves Half-Up and Half-Down

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The half-up/half-down style is a great option for thick-haired women who want to keep their hair back without having to use a lot of tension or multiple hair ties. Leigh Hardges, a professional stylist, recommends Dyson Air Wrap to create beautiful tendrils. “It eliminates blow-drying and curling steps because it is a blowdryer which curls like an Iron,” she says.


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An undercut can seem a bit edgy to some. Listen up: If you have thick hair, an undercut can make styling your hair in the morning a lot easier (both literally and metaphorically).

Wolff explains that “undercuts are an excellent way to achieve mid-length hairstyles due to the weight being removed from the interior of the head, which allows some length to be left hanging over, with a leaner and softer overall profile and shape.” When worn down, many people won’t know that it’s an undercut. Undercuts can be subtle or drastic, depending on your client’s lifestyle and look.

Choppy Bob

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Layered bobs are edgy and elegant. Hairstylist Gina Rivera says that a chin-touching, choppy bob is an easy look to maintain for those with thick hair. The cut reduces the bulk and makes it easier to maintain. She suggests that to get the best results, apply a styling product like Kristin Ess Weightless Shine Air Dry Creme on damp hair. No blow-drying is required.


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The lob is a versatile and low-maintenance hairstyle that works well for thin or fine hair. Rivera says that to emphasize fullness you can add a little mousse, flip the head upside-down, and scrunch your hair while it dries. To finish, flip the hair upwards. Use your fingers to tousle it from underneath instead of combing. Clutch Hairspray will give you a cool, fun look.

Blunt swag

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The shag has returned and it’s better than ever. Hairstylist Holly Dear explains that although it is traditionally worn by people with medium-thick hair, fine haired individuals can rock this style too: “Blunt end give this shape integrity, and the shag gives an overall fuller appearance.” For texture and hold, add Living Proof’s Dry Volume Blast and Texture Volumizer to the style. You can use your paddle brush or fingers to dry hair.

Face-Framing layers

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Wolff suggests “a look that incorporates layers, whether it’s a face frame or layers all around or a fun, bouncy fringe,” for those who enjoy embracing their natural curls and coils. He says that it depends on a client’s lifestyle, needs and face shape. “Layers are a trend that has been around for a while because they can be tailored to any hair texture when done in an attractive way. This also adds a little extra fun and style.

Lightly Layered

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Layers can make thin, fine hair look thicker and fuller. We don’t say to forget all you’ve read about blunt haircuts or thin hair, but we do suggest that layers, contrary to conventional wisdom, are a great way to add volume. Wolf says, “I love layers for fine hair. It depends on the density and length.”

Why? Although fine hair is thickest at one length, the weight makes it appear flat. By adding layers, you can create the illusion that there is more hair. This may seem counterintuitive but it actually works. You can buy extensions if your hair is too thin or fine to have natural layers. Wolff suggests that you can use Bellami Hair Extensions for volume. They offer five different installation methods, as well as amazing clip-in extension.

Blunt Bobby

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Ask for a blunted cut. Blunt ends will create the illusion that your hair is thicker, so you won’t need to use products to add volume to areas where none exists. Hardges says that for all hair types, but especially straight hair, “a stylist should focus their attention on problem areas like cowlicks and thinning hair as these can become more problematic over time.”

Wash and Go Mid-Length

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Myss monique, a stylist in Los Angeles, recommends that curly hair be cut into fringes or left shoulder-length and natural. Monique says that these styles can be styled with double-strand twists, or washed and gone. Moisture is key to healthy curls. “Products like The Mane Choice Curl Defining Cream mixed with Tropical Moringa Smoothing butter can enhance your curls.”

Overgrown Shag

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Want to grow your shag out? It may then look like this. With a straight hairstyle, a long shag that is overgrown looks great. To add texture, air-dry your hair and then tousle it. Drybar’s Triple Sec 3 in 1 is also a good option.

Sleek Blunt Lob

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You can use blunt ends if you have thin hair. If you want to add body and thickness, let a bit of hair graze your collarbone. It will give the appearance of fullness.

Box Braided bob

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Protective styles can be a great option for textured hair (even though you will need to dedicate a large portion of the day to installation). The box-braided style, as seen on Kiki Layne, is lighter than the mid-back standard length. They’ll also dry faster after washing.

Curtain Bangs

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Monique loves curtain bangs. She recommends them for women with curly hair. Follow the example of Matilda Djerf, a hair influencer. Don’t go against nature. She told us that when using curtain bangs, it is important to let them naturally part at the same place as your hair. It’s exactly the same when I blow-dry my hair. I always blow-dry down my bangs, then blow-dry each side to make sure my hair (parts) where it wants to.

Angular Lob

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Curly hair will take on a new shape with an a-line, or angular cut that is longer in front and shorter in back. This style can be maintained even after washing and drying. Laura Polko, a hairstylist, says that medium hair is all about the layers. This will prevent your hair from growing triangular.

Face-Framing layers

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You can also DIY a lot of layers to frame your face and prevent it from being overpowered by its natural texture. The right cut, not just the best products, can help you keep your waves cool, effortless and frizz-free. Second-day hair is a problem. Polko says that you can achieve a slicked back look using your natural oils. You can even add a hair mask to the front of your hair, which will slick it down instead of hairspray. To achieve the look, Polko recommends NatureLab Tokyo’s Perfect Repair Treatment Masque.

Extra Long Layers

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Consider keeping your layers longer in front if you have tight curls to avoid curls in the face. Dear recommends a Deva Cut, which is geared specifically towards those with natural curly hair. The technique supports curls, and allows them to grow out easily, she explains. Hardges emphasizes that a good curly hairstyle is about how the shape and texture will change once the hair starts to grow.

Mid-Length U-Cut

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A U-shaped cut is an excellent option if you want to keep your length while showing off your curly texture. Rivera says that mid-length U cuts are perfect for curly hair. The cut is a great way to reduce bulk and make hair easier to manage. It also emphasizes longer, looser curls.

Layered Bedhead Beach Waves

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The addition of face framing layers to a wispy style that falls somewhere between beach waves and bedhead adds movement. If your hair is thin or fine, you should not overdo the layers.

Shoulder Length Shag

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Lucy Hale’s ’70s inspired ‘do is the perfect example of a lived-in texture. Nicole Poede is a Balmain Hair Couture stylist. She says that shaggy hairstyles require less styling. You can air dry your hair or blow it dry to get the same result. “I recommend using Moisturizing Style Cream and Mousse, then shaking it up with Texturizing Volume spray.”

Classic Lob

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The classic lob has a timeless beauty that we are always mesmerized by. Dear says that the beauty of a classic lob is its straight lines, which emphasize the jawline and lips. Use smoothing serums to add shine and prevent tangles when styling. “Dry with a paddlebrush.”

Asymmetrical with Deep Side Part

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If you want to style your hair easily, an asymmetrical haircut with a side part that is deep will work well. Rivera recommends adding some root booster and styling mousse to give your hair texture. “Partially blow-dry the hair focusing on the root, then let the rest air dry. For a natural appearance, style with your fingertips.

Cascading Layers

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Take note, straight and fine haired people: Cascading layered creates the illusion of volume while styling is minimal. Polko says that because great hair begins in the shower, you should focus on hair health. Use a treatment mask and a leave-in conditioner to reduce drying time and achieve a better air-dry.

You’ll need to maintain the pace of the breakage in order to avoid the V-shaped shape at the back. Polko advises that it’s better for you to give up a little bit of length in order to get a blunter end, rather than keep the tail.

Tousled Pink Pixie

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Consider a tousled cut if you have curly hair and don’t mind going short. This classic style is easy to maintain and has waves that add texture. Hardges says that a strong shape should not require much styling. Hardges says that undercuts and pixies are her favorites. “Just a little finger tousling and maybe a spray of wax to add texture and hold and you’re out the door.”

Long layers and Choppy Bangs

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Rivera says that long, choppy layers and bangs bring out the best of straight hair. The cut is perfect with highlights, subtle ombre, or balayage. “You can gain volume using a round brush while drying,” she says.

Polko says that the most important factor to consider when it comes to straight hair is layering. This is what allows your cut to last and grow. Layers can hide the breakage and help it last between cuts.

Voluminous bob

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A shorter hairstyle can help reduce the time it takes to style and dry thick, wavy hair. A layered, volumous bob will show off your wave pattern. You can enhance your facial features by going slightly shorter at the front.

Face-Framing moment

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Poede says that a face frame can be used to add volume and softness to your hair. “Blow dry the hair, and keep the back straight to make the hair appear thicker.” She says that the layers in the front of the hair will make it look “more playful and voluminous.”

Soft Texture

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This is more of an opportunity to style your hair than it is a haircut. For those with thin or fine strands, a little bit of zhuzh can make a big difference. Wolff says that textured, softer looks are best for finer hair. I hear clients with finer textures asking for more volume, body and movement. How can this look be achieved? He says that he adds a volumizing product to his hair and for an extra flair, adds a soft body wave with a curling-iron. If your hair is fine and straight, he recommends choosing width over volume.

It is also possible to tease, but Wolff warns that it can be damaging over time.

Sleek layers

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Awkwafina’s smooth style is characterized by internal sliced layers, which create soft movement. They also give the appearance of blunt ends. For a similar style, which works best with thick wavy or strait strands, prep hair using Better Natured Hydrating Milk. Francis says to “use a large curling iron and barely wrap the ends, so that they feel polished and sealed, but not curled. This style will give a soft, loose waves.”

French bob

image 455 41


Style is easy with some distinct bangs, and a flattering cut-off at chin length.

Blunt Lob

image 455 42


A long bob that is all the same length makes styling easy.

A Line Bob

image 455 44

Little angles can go a long way. This A-line isn’t stacked at the back but only slightly shorter. It adds some oomph and style to a classic hairstyle.

Chin Length Bob

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Don’t be afraid to wear a cut that is above the shoulder. This style can be as easy to maintain as it is flattering.

Curly Shag

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Curls are best when they’re layered. This shag is layered to the shoulder and frames the face the most flattering, natural way.

Stacked Bob

image 455 46


This bob will take you straight to the volume vista. Throw out your teasing brushes because a simple blow-dry will do the trick to style these stacked strands.

Short Mullet

image 455 50


The classic mullet is a popular style, but it can be low-maintenance if you trim a few inches off the back. Style the front and let the hair do the rest.

Curtained LOB

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The low-maintenance gal isn’t usually the best friend of bangs. Long curtained bangs will be easier to style if you want to join the party.

Blunt Bangs

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Straight-across bangs don’t require much effort for those with naturally straight hair. Feel free to rock ’em until the cows arrive.

Face-Framing the Long Bob

image 455 48


This bob is perfect for the temples, cheekbones and jawline. This bob frames the face and flatters it without adding too many layers or length.

Airy Bob

image 457 5


This bob is a great length for any face shape.

Classic Crop

image 455 47


A classic side-swept cut is both sassy, and stylish. It doesn’t take much to make it the perfect choice for busy women.


image 455 52


Let your curls speak for themselves. You can save time by styling your bangs with short layers around the face.

Textured shoulder cut

image 456 10


You want to wash and go? The layered shoulder style by Texas-based Chris Jones can be achieved with a little texture spray.

Angled Lob

image 455 51


Angle it out when in doubt. This angled long hair bob is perfect for those who do not want to commit fully to a short haircut.

Shaggy Bob

image 455 53


When you choose a shaggy style, rely on texture and not style. This shag-inspired cut features bangs that are of the whispiest kind.

Shoulder Cut

image 455 54


The low-maintenance style is so relaxed that it looks like it’s lying down. But never flat. It only needs long layers.

Textured Lob

image 456 11


The shape is everything. Tim Morrison, a stylist at the salon in New York City, layered this lob-length style to perfection.

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