Korean 10-step Skin Care Routine

Have you ever seen a stunning, bright, youthful-looking face of almost every single Korean woman all over the world? Flawless skin without the unclogged pores and any blemishes. Perfect baby-like skin looking pretty even without putting on any foundation, BB or CC cream before. Women all around the world would surely want to have a perfect healthy-looking skin like this as well. But most of them think that they can´t achieve this look in their case. Or, on the other hand, that it can´t be affordable. In both cases, there are incorrect answers. K-beauty products are suitable for every single skin type and they are, generally, much cheaper! Do not be down if they are not sold in your country. Thanks to a huge communication progress, we can freely use the Internet, where most of the Korean beauty goodies are available.

Every one of us – yes, even the men – can achieve a beautiful and healthy skin. The main secret lays in the famous and world-widely popular Korean 10-step Skincare Routine. This beauty ritual includes 10 – and sometimes even more – steps for a flawlessly looking, clean, youthful porcelain skin. In the past few years, there was a huge boom concentrated around it, but many people still find it annoying. They think that layering so many products on their face is way too much and that using many products is surely expensive. Well, it depends on the different factors – what kind of skin you have, what kind of products you would like to use, what beauty brand you would like to invest more and the others.

In the beginning, you should make a small research about the Korean beauty brands. You can read some reviews and check out their products´ composition as well. This way you can be sure that the stuff you are planning to buy, will fit your face, your needs and your budget too. In the end, every single skincare routine is as much personalised and as much unique as possible. Do not forget one – it is completely Y-O-U-R-S. With this all said, we can finally move to the 10 main steps which the routine is composed of. Remember, not everything is suitable for everyone and there is not the only way how to do it. If you are not sure about anything, do not force yourself to do it. We rather recommend you to experiment. This way you will find the right products suitable for yourself.

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1. Cleansing

For a cleansing your face you can choose from many different types of the products – micellar water, cleaning wipes, foam cleanser, cleansing oil, face soaps etc. Korean women tend to do a deep double cleansing composed of the cleansing oil and foam cleanser. Oil, in this case, is drier and is used for removing the makeup and unclogging the pores. Foam cleanser will wash any residue of the makeup away from the face. Tip – look for the products which are not only cleansing but moisturising too. This way they won´t tear off the natural sebum barrier.

2. Exfoliator

A few days per week you should exfoliate your skin. This step will take care of the dead skin cells and make your skin brightened and really soft. In case of having a sensitive skin, do not exfoliate your face very often.

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3 Toner

Toning is very important since it not only moisturises your skin, wipes away any leftovers of the impurities and balances its pH levels. Except for these things, it prepares your skin for the other steps, so the products can penetrate into the skin deeper and be more effective. Usually, toners are watery products.

4. Essence

The essence is something between toner and serums, containing more concentrated substances in itself. The heart of the Korean beauty skin care routine. Its compositions are even more watery than the toner´s one.

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5. Serums, ampoules, boosters

Watery or gel-like consistency is in their case more than welcome. Thanks to that, layering them is simpler and easier. They usually target one problem or are used for a primary effect – large pores, blemishes, brightening, whitening, anti-ageing etc. Basically, they are high-concentration formulas.

6. Sheet Masks

The products which are also used for a special treatment. While having them on, you can enjoy the substances taking care of your skin. During that time you can read a favourite book, watch series, browsing the photos etc. If you do not like waiting, time will flow faster this way. They should be used at least once or twice per week, but if you need some extra care, from time to time you can use them every day too. But remember – do not overdo it!

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7. Eye cream

It is not a secret, that the skin around your eyes is very thin and delicate, so you have to treat it gentle. If you would like to avoid the wrinkles in this areas, you should start using the eye cream in your 20s! The key is tapping, not rubbing the cream. It will be easier to prevent them than getting rid of them later. Also, the eye cream can be used around the mouth areas too.

8. Moisturiser

Hydration is a super-important key for a glowy and healthy skin! Plump face full of the moisture will prevent from skin ageing too. You can choose from many consistencies – gel, cream, lotion etc. Gel moisturisers are more suitable during the summer, heavy creams, on the contrary, in the winter. It can be used as a sleeping pack as well.

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9. Sleeping mask or sleeping pack

When going to sleep, this is another step adding an extra care for your skin. Usually, there are many useful substances.

10. SPF

When going anywhere outside, a sunscreen is a must-have every single time when you are about to going outside. It protects your skin against the UVA and UVB rays, against cancer and they help to prevent premature ageing.

Beside the sunscreen, do not forget to also wear other types of the sun protection, such as sunglasses, hats etc. If you still don´t know which ones to choose, you can read about how to choose sunglasses according to your face on our blog.

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