7 Types of Dresses You Must Have In Your Wardrobe

Dresses are symbol of pure femininity, they are so versatile and you can easily create an outstanding outfit with the right accessories. Whatever your style any woman should have these 7 types of dresses in their wardrobe. They are classic clothes which will save your day when you do not have any clue what to wear.

Little Black Dress is always classy

Karl Lagerfeld said ‘’One is never over-dressed or over dressed with a little black dress’’. Black is the symbol of pure elegance and you will never be out of style while wearing a black dress. You can wear it at work, in the night at weddings and funeral is such a versatile classic dress. Read about A Comprehensive Guide to Little Black Dress of All Time.

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Little White Dress-A touch of light

We all admire white clothes, but we avoid wearing them because they dirty too fast. But, hey white looks so gorgeous on tanned skin in the summer and can bring you summer in full winter when you choose to properly accessorize with a black or navy sweater and some cozy boots.

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Flora Dress brings summer in all the seasons

No matter if it is summer or not, a floral dress doesn’t have to miss from your closet. You can wear both at day and night, at barbecues, outside parties, but also for weddings or evening events. [Read about Flaunting Floral Dresses in Kate Bosworth Fashion.]

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Sequin Party Dress for wide nights

Sometimes girl just wanna have fun, that’s why for wild nights in the disco or parties, you must have a sexy, short dress in your wardrobe, which will make you look fabulous.  Do not fear to look bold, because you might never know who can fall in love with your style and look.

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Mid Dress/Skirt in formal events

Do you have to go to a job interview, did he invite you to his parents’ home or you simply have to participate to a formal event? Well, you don’t have to panic you need a midi dress or skirt which will make you look elegant and so reliable. Just add a jacket and some high heels shoes and your outfit is ready.

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Casual Maxi Dress for cozy days

There are moments when you do not want a classy look and you want to wear something comfortable. A casual maxi dress can save the day; you can wear it while shopping, at meeting with your friends. Accessorize it with some flats shoes and you can enjoy a lovely day.

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Evening Dress to shine in the night 

Did your boyfriend invite you over night to a wedding? Do you have to go to a party, opera or galas? A long dress from lace or satin will make you the queen of the night. Check out 30 Best Red Carpet Moments of 2016.

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