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Iconic Looks: Princess Diana’s 10 Timeless Haircuts

Beauty signatures that will stand the test time are associated with iconic figures. The blonde crop of Princess Diana was an aesthetic marker that has remained the same over time. It defined a period in its many iterations.

Sam McKnight was the hairstylist who largely created Lady Di’s ever changing hairstyle. McKnight met Princess Di on a 1990 Vogue photo shoot with Patrick Demarchelier. McKnight then shortened the length of her hair to better suit her strength and spirit at the time.

Annagjid Taylor, a hairstylist, says that Princess Diana’s iconic cut symbolized a woman who was empowered and a modern woman. “Her hair was not just a cut; it was an ode to the traditional princess, and a sign of her becoming the “people’s princess.”

McKnight’s seven-year collaboration with Diana was as easygoing as Diana’s natural aura. This is why even her most retro haircuts, from pixies, shags, and wolf cuts, still feel relevant today. McKnight says that their styling sessions were spontaneous and easy. “There weren’t any mood boards or big plans. It was just very natural.” “20 minutes is all it takes for a blow-dry, and 30 if you add a tiara!”

Diana’s hairstyles are still worthy salon inspiration, even though they remain emblematic of the 1980s and 1990s. Taylor says that the best thing about Princess Diana’s hair is you can experiment with lengths and partings in order to find out which look suits you best. When in doubt, follow McKnight’s advice: “To keep your hair modern, mess it up!”

View ten Princess Diana hairstyles for inspiration to create your own royal cut.

Hair Comb

image 10 122

Tim Graham Photo Library by Getty Images

Diana is often associated with short hairstyles, but her shoulder-grazing blowout exudes (can we say it?) quiet luxury. quiet luxury. The addition of a tortoiseshell comb is a great way to draw attention to her face, and highlight the healthy and lush nature of her hair. This style is a great fit for the modern world, especially with Matilda Djerf’s popular voluminous blonde hair. Just fluff up the hair and pin it back partially using the barrette you prefer.

Wedding Hair

image 10 123

Getty Images

Taylor loves the wedding style of Princess Diana. She says that the layers of her short bob were volumous and flipped sideways to compliment the tiara at the top. She would continue to refine this style over the years and make it her signature look. Fun fact: the tiara was an heirloom from her family collection.

Swan Lake

image 10 124

Tim Graham Photo Library by Getty Images

Taylor’s favorite style? This sleek style was worn for a Swan Lake performance at London’s Royal Albert Hall. Taylor says that she wore her pixie behind her ear and straight bangs all across. It’s a huge departure from the usual voluminous pixie and looks chic and elegant. She’s absolutely right: the lack of puffing gives this pixie a more modern look.

Wolf Cut

image 10 125

Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images

Diana’s version of the wolf-cut features a polished, long fringe and a lot of room for a rebellious tousle. Your own version will fall into princess territory if you add layers to the crown, and keep the length of the hair at the back the same. For a truly timeless look, add oversized aviators with gold hoops.


image 10 126

Terry Fincher/Getty Images

Do not be fooled by the royal designation: creating a modern Princess cut is much easier than you might think. McKnight prefers to describe his cuts as “short, sharp and unfussy”. “Don’t overthink things.” What’s his favorite style? The Princess’ slicked-back chop with a deep parted style and our current love for wet-look texture.

Feathered Tiara

image 10 127

Jayne Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Pictures

The feathered finish of this throwback from the early 1980s has found its way into modern fashion. McKnight’s artful and deliberate mussing is made possible by the varied textures and lengths of this hair (there’s even a hint of mullet here).

Dream of the ’80s

image 10 128

Jayne Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Pictures

This brushed-up blond bob will get you there in no time. The style is not necessarily a reference, but it can give off the same vibe. Taylor says to ask your stylist for a bob cut with lots of volume. You don’t need to replicate the height of Princess Diana in the 1980s, but using texturizing products such as a texturizing hair spray or spray can help you achieve the right level of volume and body.

Floral Chignon

image 10 129

Getty Images

Diana’s floral pixie, achieved with silk blooms, creates the illusion that a chignon. Additions to the back or side of a short cut can add interest and change the silhouette. You can even try a long haired updo for the evening.

Sculptural bob

image 10 130

Jayne Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Pictures

This feathered and fanned bob is perfect for those who like a longer cut. Diana’s blonde blowout lifts the lengths away from her face, creating a sculptural look that accentuates her delicate features.

Classic Diana

image 10 131

Tim Graham Photo Library by Getty Images

Taylor says that Princess Diana, who was a trendsetter in her own right at the time, not only adopted the new style but also set it as a trend. The classic Diana had a little height in the back with a full-bang and piecey texture. It was a glamorous, enduring look.

McKnight says, “The haircuts are very simple.” Diana was the one who made it all happen.

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