Easy Steps to Eliminate Concealer Stains from Garments

Makeup can be messy. Because stains can happen at any time, and because anything that could go wrong will (they’ll occur), you need to know how to remove makeup from your clothes. Different makeup products are made differently, so the removal method you use for concealer might not work to remove lipstick.

We asked Cara Lovello, a makeup artist and fashion stylist, for their advice. They not only shared their tips on how to remove concealer from clothes, but also other types of makeup. Conroy and Lovello also shared their best tips on how to avoid makeup from staining clothes.

How to remove liquid makeup stains

Shaving cream is the best option. Conroy says that shaving cream is the best way to remove liquid foundation, concealer or highlighter stains. Conroy says to prepare your garment first by scraping any liquid off with the back end of a teaspoon, and then to apply “a healthy dosage” of colorless shaving cream on the stain. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes.

She tells InStyle that “[Letting the product sit] is crucial because it needs time for it to break down makeup particles.” When the timer rings, wash the area with cool tap water. If necessary, repeat. You can either wash it by hand with a laundry bar, or in the washing machine. It’s as if it never happened.

No shaving cream? No shaving cream? Lovello says you can scrub the area with baking soda, dish soap or hairspray.

How to remove cream makeup stains

Use detergent on cream makeup stains. Conroy says that a liquid detergent cocktail is a great solution for cream blushes, highlighters, foundations, and concealers. She says to fill a small bowl with 1 ounce liquid detergent, 1 ounce water and a few drops of nail polish remover.

Then, dab a white washcloth in the solution. Conroy advises using gentle strokes to prevent the makeup from setting into the fabric. As you blot the makeup, it will start to lift and dissolve.

Lovello recommends using alcohol to remove cream lipstick stains, another common cream stain. If you are dealing with delicate or colored fabrics, test a small area first to avoid ruining your clothes.

How to remove powder makeup stains

Conroy suggests using a hairdryer to remove powder makeup stains. Conroy advises that if you use a hairdryer on a cool setting and place the nozzle directly onto the stain, most of the makeup should be flung off. If any traces of makeup remain, Conroy says that you should not rub the stain because it will be set into the fabric. Instead, use a stain-removing pen or other prewash stain treatments to blot the stain. Let it do its magic for 5 minutes and then wash as normal,” says Conroy.

How To Prevent Makeup Stained

After wearing makeup for over a decade, I have learned to wear it while in pajamas or sweats. If you are in a hurry, you may have to apply your makeup after you get dressed. In this case, you can use a robe or cover to protect your clothing from stains. Even if a small amount of makeup gets on your clothing, you now know how to remove the stain.

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