How to Dress Like a Skater

Aside from the fact that skateboarding has grown in popularity over the years. Its rise to prominence has vastly influenced the fashion world. The skater style is pretty distinct with particular shoes, tees and pants. Aside from all these characteristics and looking modern, skater clothing is just plain and simple cool. You can often use cool as a synonym for skater wear.

If the skater style is what you want then don’t be afraid to rock it in front of your friends. Irrespective of whether you skate or not the style can suit you 100%. Fine tuning the practicality element of the clothing however can require you to learn skating.

Tips #1 A beanie is better



For instance if you want to know if a cap worn backwards or a beanie is better. The beanie style is more comfortable for beginner skaters as it holds firm even in windy conditions. If you are the type to do a lot of tricks on the stairs then you need pants that don’t get in the way.

Tip #2 Skater pants are normally pretty tight.


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Skinny jeans are the way to go. Try to get a flexible pair to support all your tricks and board flips without tearing. Straight legged design for jeans also work perfectly.

Tip #3 Wearing flatfooted converse or tennis shoes.



With respect to footwear, it’s usually the flatfooted converse or tennis shoe design. The coloring of your clothes as well as your shoes should be pretty neutral. Flat soled shoes are easy to find with many brands popping up in the market every other day that cater to this style specifically.
Just a stroll down Oxford Street in London is a testament to the growing skater styled shoes. Companies like Circa, Vans, Adio, Supra, Adidas all cater to these flat footed designs.

Tip #4 Portray a message you are passionate about through your tee.



Your t-shirt can be plain or you can portray a message you are passionate about through your tee.Either way works well for the skater community. T-shirt designs like mentioned before can be pretty plain, they can be a bit faded or torn. Wear a tight tee with a light color. The most common you see out there is of course plain white.

Tip #5 Ripped jeans.



If you are skating a lot your jeans will most likely be ripped in no time. If not you can rip them to keep up with the skater appearance.

There are many different styles of skaters. Punk skaters are those who are a bit more out there. The wear is of course casual but they are a bit more out there in terms of their hair color and dressing style. Dyed hair, fitted jeans and jewelry can all be necessary depending upon how aggressive you want to look. Belts are usually an absolute necessity for women. A leather style belt will fit perfectly. The skater style is by definition casual so you can always mix and match to get your own fusion styles with the base essentially fitting the teen skater look.

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