All the Bra Types You Should Know

All the Bra Types You Should Know

There are seriously a lot of bra types. And when we say a lot, it’s something that will really caught you off guard. Technically, there are over 10 different types of bra, ideal for different bust sizes. With this on hand, the right size isn’t just the significant aspect to consider when looking for a bra. You also need to realize the perfect bra type for a particular situation, whether you’re up for a date night or you’re burning your fats on the gym. The best bra will cover and support your breasts, as well as attractively shape your figure.

So, it’s time for you to know all the bra types, and choose the right one for you. The right fit and the right type can definitely make a big difference.

1. Adhesive Bra

All the Bra Types You Should Know

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Adhesive bra is ideal for glamorous night outs, where wearing strapless dresses or haute couture gowns is a common sight. These bras do not have bands or straps, but still give the right support to your breasts. There are two types of adhesive bras— disposable and reusable.

2. Balconette Bra

All the Bra Types You Should Know

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A balconette bra features relatively low cups, wide straps, and underwires that will allow you to wear low-cut clothing. It is considered as a sexier edition of full-coverage bras, with a lot of horizontal lines along the cups. Balconette is often associated with demi bra, but the two are different. Though balconette has low cups, demi bras even goes lower to show more of the upper portion of the breast.

3. Bandeau Bra

A full strip of cloth made of stretchy fabric that is worn across the breasts. This bra type provides minimal support and shaping, so it’s ideal for those with smaller bust area. Aside from the classical bandeau bra without strap, there are also certain variations, ranging from underwire or padding.

4. Built-in Bra

Aside from the typical one-piece bra, there are also those that are already en suite in some clothing such as tank top or swimsuit, and we call them built-in bras. These brassiere-like structures on a particular garment provides the needed support for the breast without wearing a separate bra. Some may come with underwire or cups, which may be removed.

5. Contour Bra

All the Bra Types You Should Know

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Contour bra or molded cup bra is one of the most popular bra types because of its support and style. These bras are made to suit the shape of your breast, whether you are blessed or not with the bust measurement. Each cup is rather seamless, without giving an outline of your nipple. Thus, it is a great choice for any clothing, especially for body-con outfits or skin-baring attires.

6. Convertible Bra

All the Bra Types You Should Know

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Well, bra comes in different fabric, functionality, size, and style. Thus, there are also convertible bras or also called as the multi-way bras  in the market. This bra type features straps that can either be detached or rearranged, giving you the freedom to  change the regular straps into something special like those beaded or  clear straps. You can use this bra type for particular occasions, where you need to hide those straps away or show them in a very attractive manner.

7. Full-Support Bra

All the Bra Types You Should Know

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As the name itself, full-support bra is designed to completely provide cover and support to the entire bust area. This bra type is normally used every day because of its functionality, especially by women with fuller breasts. But even those with smaller bust, they find full-support bras as very convenient and comfortable to wear. The full cups and wider shoulder straps fully contain the breast in a very smooth manner.

8. Mastectomy Bra

Made for those who underwent mastectomy and lose one or both breasts, mastectomy bra features a full cup with a pocket to insert the prosthesis. There are also mastectomy bras that are particularly designed for women on the stage of  recovery. However, this bra type is not very common on shops, and you may need to ask your doctor where to buy it. It is best that you get fitted by a person who is specializing in such method, or you can also create it yourself for a personalized touch.

9. Maternity Bra

All the Bra Types You Should Know

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If you’re pregnant, you can’t deny the fact that your breasts expand. Thus, you need a bra that is specifically designed to adjust the increasing size of your bust area during the course your pregnancy. Maternity bra is sometimes called as nursing bra, though technically these terms are different. But since these bras are normally worn from the time you got pregnant up to the breastfeeding stage, then these terms are used interchangeably.

Motherhood should not be taken for granted, and you should still look good and feel good even with your growing family. But of course, you don’t have to go to expensive salons just to have treatments. Here are 6 Easy and Safe DIY Face Masks You Should Try at Home.

10. Minimizer Bra

All the Bra Types You Should Know

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Designed to create an illusion of smaller bust measurement, minimizer bras offer full yet compressed breast coverage. Minimizer bras are usually made of elastic fabric, and features full cups and  wider straps for a complete support. This type of bra is perfect for those women wanting to play down the bust area a bit, but still having that attractive silhouette. By using this particular bra, it will help you fit into body-con attires even with your pretty large bust area. But since these bras have full cups, they might not go well with low-cut attires.

11. Push-up Bra

All the Bra Types You Should Know

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Push-up bras are apparently one of the most common bra types. Well, this bra type is designed for a fuller cleavage by lifting the bust area closer together. Most push-up bras have padding, and normally made of either rubber or foam. The padding pushes the breast inward or upward to give a maximum cleavage. Thus, this bra is great for women with small bust area.

12. Racer-back Bra

Normally used as sports attire, racer-back bra highlights the V pattern in the back portion. This  uniquely designed shoulder straps provide a secure coverage, especially during active sessions where you will be moving a lot.

13. Shelf bra

All the Bra Types You Should Know

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Also known as cupless bra or platform bra, shelf bra provides underwires, but limited cup. Thus, revealing too much of your bust area. Well, this bra is really not convenient to wear, and is mainly just for pleasure or for fun.

14. Sport Bra

Sports bra is definitely the right choice for sporty individuals as this bra provides the right amount of support for your breasts during your physical activity. Such bra type will let you move freely and comfortably, without restraining your movements. Sport bras use special fabrics that allows you to breathe well and draw away the unwanted sweat.

During your physical activities, it’s best to have clean and shaved underarms. To help you get rid of the unwanted hair, check out this tip: How to DIY Brazilian Wax at Home.

15. Trainer Bra

All the Bra Types You Should Know

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For young girls that have just started to develop breast, trainer bra is the suitable selection. These are very simple standard-sized bras that will fit properly for new teenagers needing little breast support.

16. U plunge

All the Bra Types You Should Know

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Another type  of women underwear for the breast is the U plunge. This particular bra type gives you the freedom to wear plunging clothes or low-cut necklines,  and still gives you right amount of bust support through side boning and underwires.

Aside from bra, lingerie should also be included in your wardrobe essential. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Lingerie that might be useful for you.

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