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Cape Dress: Back to the Medieval Times this Winter

There is something more than looking like a superhero in wearing capes. In fashion, the rise of cape dresses has become huge the past few years. In fact, this 2016 has been an ethereal year for wearing these majestic-looking cape outfits that have frequented the red carpet and the runways. Designer brands have included at least one or two in their collections!

Cape dresses are not a millennial invention. If you can remember, old Hollywood and the ancient royals have been wearing so for years. Although the difference lies on how vast this style has been. Before, it only limits women to wear them on very special occasions because it looks a bit dramatic and elegant. Today, cape dresses are everywhere and it’s even a huge thing this coming fall season. In this article, let’s take a look at these gorgeous cape dresses worn by the stars and how to style them both for elegant and casual occasions.

Classic Fall-inspired Turtleneck Cape Dress

Alright, so let’s talk about cape dresses that you can actually wear on either a romantic evening date or on a casual day. Elizabeth Olsen pulled off this black turtleneck cape dress coat that has “fall season” written all over it. It is a very comfy casual wear that also provides enough warmth to protect you from the chilly autumn weather. In addition to that, the ensemble is quite elegant to look at.

image 1121
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Cape Turtleneck Knitted Sweater

Here’s an affordable turtleneck cape dress that would make you strut it ala Elizabeth Olsen. It’s a very wearable piece and it is available in black and white as well. If you want tips about how to stylishly pull off a turtle neck, read our post about “Most Stylish Ways to Wear Turtleneck this Fall/Winter Season”.

Vintage Wool Blend Cape Coat

image 1124

Source: whowhatwear

Olivia Palermo took her vintage wool blend cape coat with her denim jeans as she walk the streets of New York. The unlikely pair of the elegant blend cape coat and denim jeans is pulled off stylishly as she layers the coat over a basic white long-sleeve polo. To add up to the style, Olivia went to flare up her collar for a more chic and edgy look.

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Shirt Collar Batwing Casual Symmetric Cape

Street Style Plaid Cape

image 1123

Source: style.wildberries

If you feel like going out for a casual walk along the sunny streets of New York in fall season, here’s how to do it according to Taylor Swift. Taylor looked like a total sweetheart with her plaid cape, cable knit scarf, skinny jeans and ankle boots. The color coordination of warm tones made the whole ensemble perfect for the fall season

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Wool Blend Casual Half Sleeve V Neck Cape

Statement Fringe Cape Dress

Source: celebrity style and fashion trend coverage

If you are channeling a “wild wild west” theme, then take a look at this statement fringe cape dress. This chic cape dress features suede fabric which blends perfectly with the fringes. Though a cape dress like such may be a bit heavy, the texture is quite a remarkable one. Pair it with black flare pants and you are going to look like a true fashionista!

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khaki vintage fringed cape

Chic “It Girl” Cape Dress

Lime green cape dress? Why not! Be your own gossip girl with this warm cape dress coat embellished with an oversized collar and double breasted buttons. It’s a great coat for the fall and winter season as it can look stunning as a go-to outerwear. To make it look more stylish, Leighton Meester paired it up with a polkadot scarf, black tights and bright yellow leather bag.

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Pink Elegant Buttoned Poncho And Cape

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