Five Trending Nail Art ideas in 2024

Just a blink of an eye and 2016 is almost over. It is well said that the only thing constant in the whole universe is change. And with each passing day old trends die out and the new one rises. As far as 2016 is concerned, nail art has stood up to be one of the trendy fashion statements. Everyone from celebrities to commoners has embraced the “gel” culture with open arms, letting the social media explode with pictures of their nail arts. So, let us check out five of the cool nail art of 2016.

#1 Nail Art-Oil Spill

Source: nailsadored

This look has gained momentum over the past year. The nail is painted with a base shade of usually black or any darker color. But when the light is reflected off it, you get something mesmerizing. The base shade reflects off different shades of the color spectrum ranging from pink, green and blue, delivering an alluring finish. Some of the nail polishes can achieve this effect on their own, but it can also be achieved by the marbling technique of swirling around polish colors.

#2 Nail Art-Bold Metallics

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Source: Nails Art Ideas

The bold look never goes out of fashion. It is always reimagined and comes back around all the time with stunning new looks. With so many further categories to it like the sleek tips, chroma tones, magnetic marbling, deco shine looks to name a few; the bold metallic front offers a wide range of different arrays to choose from. It is a nail trend to go wild with. Pick a metallic you like and unleash your craziness.

#3 Nail Art-Deep Green

image 1117

Source: Jasmine Perris

Rich and deep forest greens and kale colors did really stand out this year. Well suited for months after the cold winter, this one goes well all throughout the season. So do not be afraid to flaunt your deep trendy shades and make the world realize how well you pull off the look.

#4 Nail Art-Lettering

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Source: Fabulous Nail Art Designs

A big statement was made by graphic nails this year. With the availability of nail lettering kits, the opportunity to make a statement with your nails grew ten folds. The option of lettering your nail opened up new ways to express yourself through short messages written on your nails. Under this category, newspaper nails have come a long way to attracting a larger audience than ever. Using the technique of applying a base coat, then applying rubbing alcohol to the nails to let the newspaper ink stick to the nail and finish it up by applying a top coat to stop the newspaper ink from rubbing off.

#5 Nail Art-3D Textured Patterns

image 1117

Source: minq

The trend that is one the rise and everyone wants a piece of it. Flaunting a 3D textured nail has become one of the greatest trends because of the difficulty of getting it done. It is an extremely detail oriented technique and requires skill and patience to work around the intricate details to perfection.

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