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Hot Girls Rock the Office Siren Trend for a Chic Business Casual Look

We’ve all experienced an office crush. What if you wanted to be that office crush with secret admirers who wished you would slow your stride when you walked past their cubicle to share a look? There’s even a TikTok for that.

You’ve likely heard about the latest fashion trend that has taken over fashionistas. The office siren style is a mix of the trends from the ’90s, ’00s, and Bella Hadid. It’s also influenced by old rom-coms.

Here are all the details about the new aesthetic that brings the worlds of fashion and beauty to the workplace.

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The New Trend

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The ’90s/’00s trend sub-sections that were in the spotlight after the Spring/Summer 24-fashion month of September last year, was the first since the era began to trend again. In place of glittering party gowns and visible thongs Y2K workwear began to appear on both the TikTok and runways.

In the early 2010s, the office attire was already becoming more casual. The pandemic only intensified this trend. There are few differences in our weekend and workday wardrobes, except for a few professions that require business casual.

Gen Z is just now beginning to experience the corporate lifestyle. They never experienced the Y2K corporate cultures and began their careers with hybrid or remote schedules. It’s nothing like The Devil Wears Prada.

As TikTokers, they started sharing their tips on how to maintain a sense style and professionalism, now that most offices are in person. What are their sources of inspiration? Gisele’s character from the film mentioned, Miu Miu today, and everything Prada produced in the 1990s. Style is structured and tailored with a refined color palette.

Gen Z also romanticizes their lives through clothing. The office siren is just one way they do this. The aesthetic allows them to be a character, but also to spice up boring office attire. The days of boring corporate clothing are over. Now, you can wear clothes that are comfortable to have a drink with friends after 5pm.

How To Wear It

There is a formula that can be used to channel the sirens from the highrise building. This is different than other trends like Barbiecore or mermaidcore where you are allowed some flexibility in how you interpret the trend.

The color palette is dominated by neutrals, and the blacks are even more dominant. She is only seen wearing sandy browns and grays with jet blacks. Creams, whites and leopard prints are sprinkled throughout. The siren is dressed in a variety of colors and textures to make the accessories and silhouette pop, while not taking away from her intelligence, personality and ambition.

This aesthetic is characterized by semi-sheer turtlenecks in tight-fitting fabrics, pencil skirts and mini-skirts that are not too short, as well as tops with stylish cutouts. Also, this style includes tailored button-ups. Tights, scarves. Boot-cut jeans. Of course, only in the colours mentioned above. She’s not into sneakers or flats. She prefers boots, kitten heels or heeled Mary Janes. She chooses timeless pieces with a vintage look that puts the focus on herself, and not her clothing.

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Accessories is her favorite part of shopping. She loves chunky bangles, especially in silver or wooden colorways. She prefers a simple silver earring or a pearl stud. She always opts for the same necklaces: silver chokers with a chic design, long stackable chains or a simple charm silver necklace. It is usually accompanied by a matching ring or two.

If she’s more of a playful office siren she might opt for animal skin or cheetah prints. If she is not, she will choose black patent leather, or dark red.

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Office Siren Beauty

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A siren in an office wears a classic and subdued makeup, with just one moment of boldness.

The office siren prefers a natural complexion but doesn’t care if she looks as if she is wearing makeup. Powder makes the skin matte and hydrated. She uses a bit of blush and contours to define her face.

Eyes are usually a very neutral color. She will choose a simple brown eyeshadow with black-lined waterlines if it is a casual day. On a dressier day, she might opt for a cool-toned gray or metallic cat eye. This or a grunge smoky-eye, but more refined and less smudged.

If she is going to be doing more eye makeup she will stick with glossy lips and darker liner. If she’s wearing lighter makeup, she can opt for a bright red lip or a black cherry with some shine.

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