17 Trendy Nail Piercing Styles for Every Tas

A new piercing can add a little edge to your style. It’s not always possible to get a new piercing. You may be running out of space on your ears. Perhaps the pain is just too much. We have a great alternative for you: nail piercings. These are not painful, they’re not permanent and look great.

We’ve put together 17 nail piercings ideas to give you some inspiration. These nail piercings range from simple to sophisticated, to even a bit scary.

Heavy Metal

image 2 10


Chrome polish will make a manicure with a horseshoe-ring look even more rockabilly. The look is grounded by classic French nail art.

Fit for print

image 3 5


Lava lamp? Tie-dye? Croc? Whatever you call this vibrant French tip print, it makes a beautiful backdrop for some artfully placed hoops.

Prep school

image 1 15


When you hear the word “argyle”, you probably think of sweaters, and a preppy look. This argyle manicure flips the stereotype on its head. The gold and brown shades are already stunning, but the addition of the gold hoop is even more striking.

Black Magic

image 3 6


A French manicure in black is always stylish. Add an airbrush stencil and stars to your look.

Dangling Modifier

image 1


Who is edgy and daring enough to remove chrome nails with pierced tips in order to add charms dangling from them? Megan Fox of course. She is a true charmer on all levels.

Double it

image 1 16


Nude manicures are known for their elegant simplicity. If you want to add a twist, just add some nail piercings. You can make it double.

Shine bright like a diamond

image 4 2


Follow Rihanna’s lead and shine like a diamond. Polish your nails in high-gloss to add a touch of bling.

Jelly Roll

image 2 8


Are you ready to try this jelly? Jelly nails are given a gothic makeover. This set of long square tips with pierced rings will bring that Halloween feel to you at any time.

The opposites attract

image 4 4


This nail art is a study in contrasts: Ombre pink nails with lots of hearts, paired with gold nail piercings for a little bling. The matching sneakers inspiration is the cherry on top.

Silver Streak

image 4 3


These shorties are proof that you don’t have to use long tips in order to rock the nail piercing look. They do it flawlessly. Silver chrome webs go perfectly with the silver hoop.

Thumbs up

image 2 7


This mani is a mix of French manicure, abstract and fun. It would stand out on its own, but the nail piercing takes it to the next level. The thumb also makes a unique accent nail.

Orange Crush

image 2 9


You’re glad to have this nail inspiration? The coffin nails are even more stunning with 3D rings and silver details.

Ball and Chain

image 6 2


Stilettos are bold on their own. But when you add nail piercings at every tip, the look becomes downright frightening. (In the best possible way.) Mixing gold and diamonds creates visual variety.

Long story

image 1 17


Some will literally go to extremes for the perfect manicure. Triple threat: super-long tips, pewter polish and edgy piercings.

Pinky Promise

image 3 4


Your smallest nail deserves a little bling. The nail piercing in this case is made of 10k gold. You can use any material to achieve the heavy metal look.

I’m sure Charmed

image 5 2


Why wear a bracelet when you could have a charm manicure? The charms hanging from the gold chains are so beautiful. These charms include a clamshell and dice as well as a cherry, rose, star, or star.

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