How to Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes?

No one likes that loose and saggy skin under the eyes. Bags under eyes make you look dull and aged. That is a common problem faced by many, irrespective of age and gender. There is a misconception that dark circles under eyes cannot be cured. That’s wrong. If you stay consistent and steady and keep on applying the tricks we are going to share, you can actually get rid of dark circles under eyes. There could be numerous factors causing those dark circles. And to cure them, it is essential to know what is causing it.


What causes Bags Under Eyes?

Check out the most common reasons of dark circles. [Read here: How to Remove Eyelash Extensions]

  • Weak skin tissues around your eyes may result in water retention in the skin. As a result, you get puffiness of eyes.
  • You have saggy eyes when you sleep with your face in downwards position.
  • Eczema and other seasonal allergies also cause dark and puffy eyes. Seasonal allergies cause the release of histamine that results in inflammation in blood vessels.
  • Most of the people who get indulge in excessive intake of alcohol, smoking and drugs, normally have puffy and saggy eyes.
  • You may also get those dull and dark bags under eyes genetically.
  • As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and collagen level. Skin thins down making your veins more visible.
  • People who spend hours in sunbathing are more likely to lose collagen and they get dark and dull skin.
  • Those who stay up late in the night and sleep less, are going to have dark circles.

How to Remove Bags Under Eyes?

Here we have enlisted the best ways to get rid of dark circles under eyes.

1.Cucumber Slices

This is the most recommended trick for dark circles under eyes. Cucumber contains anti-inflammatory properties. Keeping two slices of it on your eyes for 25 to 30 minutes (even take a nap with it), refreshes your eyes and mind.

2.Refrigerated Tea Bags

For an instant relief from droopy eyes, place chilled and dipped in water tea bags on your eyelids. Caffeinated tea contains tannins and diuretic properties that are known to reduce puffiness. It would make you look as well as feel refreshed. Keep on chilling your eyes for about 30 minutes to get the desired results.

3. Remove the Puffiness with Egg whites

Beat it well and apply the egg whites over the affected area around your eyes. Let it dry for about 20 minutes. Egg white would dry, leaving your skin in a tight position. When it starts to feel too tight, rinse it well with cold water.

4. Intake of Water

It’s not a quick fix but a permanent solution. If you drink less water, make it your habit to drink as much water as possible. Hydration helps in getting rid of that puffiness and inflammation around the eyes.


5. Almond Oil

Daily massage of almond oil around the puffy eyes, helps reducing the dark circles. For best results, apply it daily before going to bed and rinse the eyes, next morning.

6. Potato Juice

Potato contains bleaching agents that effectively work on the dark and affected skin. Grate the raw potato and get its juice. Take a cotton ball, dip in potato juice and place it on your dark circles for about 15 minutes. Placing potato slices on the eyes can also bring desired results.

get rid of bags under eyes

source: Potato Juice

7. Rose Water

Nobody can deny the limitless benefits of rose water for skin. Many women use it as a skin toner. And it really works! To cure puffy eyes, dabbing cotton in rose water and then applying it on your eyes for about 15 minutes is what the experts suggest. For a permanent cure, repeat the same process twice for two weeks.

8. Tomato

Just like potato, tomato too has beaching properties and its considered great for an overall flawless skin. Apply its juice, mixed with lemon juice on dark circles and leave it that way for about 10 minutes. Keep on doing that for couple of weeks. Besides that, drinking tomato juice regularly also brings best result for your saggy eyes.

9. Improve your Dietary Habits

Making a positive change in your lifestyle and dietary habits brings the permanent solution for the puffy eyes. First of all, you are supposed to cut back the intake of salt in your daily diet. If you are a chain smoker or if you drink alcohol regularly, it’s time to halt. Alcohol and smoking, both are the biggest culprits of puffy eyes.

10. Change your Sleeping Position

How do you sleep normally? If you have been sleeping on your stomach or on a side, just don’t. It causes water retention under your eyes. For best result, try to sleep on your back as often as you can.

11. No Eye Makeup!

Applying the eye makeup is not the issue, removing is. Many women don’t bother to remove the makeup before going to bed. For a healthy and glowing skin, it is essential to remove the makeup, especially around your eyes.

12. Facial Exercises

There are a number of facial exercises and yoga postures that tighten and tone up the facial muscles as well as improve blood circulation towards your face. To get benefited from it, get the help from some yoga expert or professional trainer.

13. Increase Collagen Level

In most of the cases, it is the reduced collagen level that results in the puffy and baggy eyes. You can overcome these shortcomings with dietary intake like chicken bone’s broth, collagen protein powder and supplements. Besides that, applying collagen building creams particularly with retinol, as an ingredient, bring the best results.

14. Baking Soda

Applying a paste of baking soda, mixed with water on the saggy eyes is yet another great trick for fighting the bags under eyes. Apply the thick paste and let it sit for 10 minutes at least. Now wash your eyes well. The mixture tends to tighten the saggy skin under the eyes.

Conclusion: There was a time when I used to believe my dark circles incurable. But that’s not true. All the above-mentioned tips for reducing dark circles are proven and recommended by the skin experts. All you need to do is to stay persistent and keep on doing it, till the issue is resolved. [Read here: How to Put on Eyeliner]


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