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A Dramatic Evolution Of Wedding Dresses In 100 Years

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Every year has its own signature fashion and these wedding dresses went along and did share its own trend. Years have passed but these wedding dresses have outlived those decades of generations without getting out of style. Millions of women have walked down the aisle wearing their gorgeous bridal gowns and not one glance has been stolen away from these beautiful brides. We’ve seen vintage styles but we might not have seen much more. So, have you ever thought about what these wedding dresses looked like over the years? 10 years, 20 years, 50 years? Maybe we should go back a little more. 100 years, perhaps?

The 3-minute video by Mode unveiled the dramatic evolution of wedding dresses in 100 years. Back from 1915 to 2015, wedding dresses have always been incredibly stunning with the littlest details – from the high-collared gowns to long-sleeved, sleeveless, off-shouldered, and strapless gowns and many stylish details, every wedding gown in each year is trimmed with exceptional design. Let’s take each wedding dress piece by piece and what made them sensationally beautiful.

Wedding Dresses of different times:

1915 Wedding Dresses

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The 1915 wedding dress is embellished with lacy pieces such as the sleeves and the veil. Elbow-length gloves are in white which complemented the elegance of the dress made in silk. The bride does not have much of a skin yet bares her face with a much more natural makeup.

1925 Wedding Dresses

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Jumped into the 1920s, the wedding dress is trimmed shorter than a decade ago and shows a bit of a skin with its V-neckline and sleeveless style. Veils aren’t still crossed out in the attire. Hence, the bride crowned her head with a see-through veil and accessorized with pearls.

1935 Wedding Dresses

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1935 is all about floor-length wedding dresses and lace still takes over. The style is a simpler ensemble with its straight cut and lesser skin. The veil in the crown makes it classier yet chic.

1945 Wedding Dresses

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Source: Pinterest

The bride’s figure is more accentuated with a fitted waistline and lower neckline. The 1945 wedding dress is styled in long sleeves with pleated and puffed shoulders which made the design simple yet elegant. The look is more captivating with pearls pairing it with red lips and light eye makeup.

1955 Wedding Dresses

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Forwarded to 1955, the wedding dress went back to laces and long sleeves. It showed off a Sabrina cut which heightens the bride’s neckline making it look appealing but not daring. Pearls are still in and make it more classic. Crowns no more as the bridal look finishes it off with a capped veil.

1965 Wedding Dresses

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Source: Pinterest

The 60s uncovers a simple wedding ensemble with a sleeveless wedding dress and a see-through veil embellished with a ribbon and lace. The dress is designed with floral embroidery and beads.

1975 Wedding Dresses

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Embroidered designs stood out in the 70s. This representation of a 1975 wedding dress is ornamented with floral embroidery. The sleeves are styled as puffed and long. The veils were cut off at this time and the bride finished off her look with a floral headpiece.

1985 Wedding Dresses

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Down to 1985, the wedding fashion is like putting a twist from the 1975 wedding dress. It is finely embedded with pearl-like beads which cover the sleeves and the collar. The dress is high-collared which but not fully enclose the neckline with its see-through cloth. The look is less natural with bolder shades of eye, cheek, and lip makeup.

1995 Wedding Dresses

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The 1995 wedding dress is a real head-turner. The off-shouldered wedding dress didn’t need the beads and laces to make it look more elegant. The pleated waistline and wider skirt range enhance the bride’s beautiful body figure. To top it all off, the veil is placed on the bride’s hair bun.

2005 Wedding Dresses

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Source: Pinterest

Getting much nearer to the present, 2005 showed more skin with the strapless satin wedding dress. It is a straight cut but drapes the back side of the gown. The heart-shaped neckline is more revealing but breathtakingly stunning. Less accessories and no veil make all the eyes on to the bride’s incredible beauty.

2015 Wedding Dresses

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Source: Pinterest

2015 is the combination of all the pieces from the past years. From the lace, beads, and florals up to the see-through veils – everything just went so well, piece by piece. The wedding dress is trimmed with a lace design, styled with short sleeves, and added with a belt-like beaded piece that gives emphasis to the bride’s figure.

2020 Wedding Dresses

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Source: Pinterest

The whole journey throughout the years is indeed a bumpy ride! We’ve got more years to come and in the long run, the wedding fashion will definitely not cease to evolve.

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