10 Easy Braided Hairstyles to Try This Season

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Hair braids are quite the most popular and most versatile hairstyle almost everyone does to create a certain look. The beauty of braiding your hair is that you can wear this particular hairstyle on many different occasions – may it be casual or formal. Although some stunning braids are quite complex and can only be done by hair professionals, there are still a lot out there that are easy, simple, and fast. You don’t need pro skills to do these celebrity-inspired braids!

We have listed down ten of the trendiest braided hairstyles that you can try this season. They are fabulous, chic and most of all, they are very easy!

10 Easy Braided Hairstyles to Try This Season:

#1 Sleek Regular Side Braid Updo

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If you want a neat and elegant hairstyle, you can definitely go for this sleek updo. This particular braid hairstyle can look good on both formal and casual occasions. It only takes your basic braiding skills! Part your hair in the middle and start braiding from your fringe, all the way to the side of your hairline. Twist the ends of your braid into a side bun. Do the same on to the other side as well. Just set everything off with a hairspray and you are ready to go!

#2 Fishtail Braid Downdo

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Source: You look lovely today

Fishtail braids are one of the most Instagram-worthy types of braids for it looks more detailed and unique – away from the usual three-strand braid. It may seem a bit difficult to do, but believe us, it’s actually pretty easy. The only key to braiding your hair into a fishtail is paying attention to detail and making sure that your hair is free from tangles. Take two sections from both sides of your hair and secure both sections well. Take a smaller section of your hair from the other half and carefully over the other half that you parted. Take another section from the other side and braid it on the opposite direction – make sure it is smaller than the other one to make the fishtail look more detailed. Repeat the steps and make sure you make each weave tight to make the fishtail braid look more intricate. Secure ends with a tie and voila! It’s ready!

#3 Boxer Braids

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Source: SANT Magazine

5 years ago, this particular hairstyle is deemed pretty unacceptable and cringe-worthy. But this year, more and more celebs are embracing boxer braids – even wearing them on the red carpet (Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry, anyone?)! It’s undeniable that this hairstyle is this season’s hairstyle trend. So how do you pull off these boxer braids? Easy-peasy. This particular braided hairstyle works better on a 2-day old hair as it requires a bit more grease and volume. Part your hair into two sections; at the center part. On the first section, split your hair into three divided strands and start doing a regular braid all the way to the ends of your hair. As you go by, make sure to take small parts of the loose hair, gradually braiding it all the way down to your nape. Preferably, your plait should go an upward diagonal section. Secure the end with a tie. Do the same thing on the other section of your hair. The key to this braid is to have it really tight for a more detailed, neat look.

#4 Soft Fishtail Fringe Braid

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No worries for those who sport a short hairstyle! Take it from Carey Mulligan as her side fringe fishtail braid rocks her short locks. If your hair goes blunt and straight, take a volumizing mousse to add texture to your hair. Take a small section of your fair (preferably from your front fringe), and start doing a fishtail braid. Try to take smaller sections for it to look more intricate. After braiding that small section, place it on the side and secure with a bobby pin. Cover the bobby pin with the loose hair and try to make it look a bit messy. If your hair still lacks texture, try using a curling iron to make random waves on your hair.

#5 Side Fringe Dutch Braid

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Source: spotlightcelebrity

Amy Adams showed us how to perfectly flaunt this vintage side fringe Dutch braid the best and most classy way possible. The look is quite easy and simple for it only requires a basic three-strand Dutch braid. Just take a small section of your fringe and start braiding! As you go down to your hairline, twist the remaining hair into a subtle chignon and you are ready to flaunt it!

#6 Low Ponytail Side Braid

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Source: glamour

If you would like to go for a subtle Bohemian look, this particular braided hairstyle is perfect for you. It is easy and fast to do. You only need to gather all your hair to one side. Take a small section from the upper part of your hair and twist it in. Starting from that small section, start braiding downwards up until you reach the larger section of your hair. Take smaller parts and join them together to make a French braid. Secure with a tie and it is ready! If you want to add a bit of more “mess” to make the hairstyle look a bit more effortless (because that’s the point of this look!), take small sections of your side hair and pull random strand out from the hairdo.

#7 High Ponytail Soft Cornrow Braids

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Want to look more chic and edgy? Cara Delevigne shows us how to make cornrows look very high fashion. Just like boxer braids, this would also work better if your hair isn’t washed just yet because this would look a lot better with proper volume and texture. Take small sections of your hair and start making a tight braid. The key to this look is to make the sections very prominent and noticeable. As you go along with your braid, tie the rest of your hair up in a high ponytail and secure with a tie. If you want a bit more drama, take your curling iron and curl the ends of your ponytail.

#8 Messy Three-Strand Side Braid

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This is your perfect “I Woke Up Like This” hairdo. The entire point of this look is to make it look messy and effortlessly gorgeous. It’s like a braid you slept in with! But actually, if you want this messy downdo as exactly as how Drew Barrymore pulled it off, you will need a bit more detail in contrast of how it looks like. For more texture and volume, it is recommended that you curl your hair first. Gather your hair into one side and start braiding on the half bottom of your hair. Once you’re done braiding, pull the plaits out to make them more loose and voluminous. Starting from the fringe, use a curling iron and make waves in outward motion. Set with setting spray.

#9 Messy Double-sided French Braids

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This season is all about messy hairdos. There’s just something about looking effortlessly gorgeous that captivates everyone’s eyes! This updo is another take on the messy hairstyles trending this season. You’ll need your basic French braid skills for this one! First, part your hair at the center. Start braiding on both sides until you reach the ends of your hair. Twist it to secure it into a soft bun. To add texture to the hairstyle, pull random sections of the braid out until it looks a bit poufier. Take out a bit of your side hairs as well to make it look messy.

#10 Three-strand Braid Bun Updo

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Source: latina

This is a beautiful choice if you want a classic-looking hairdo. This is also very easy and it will work whether you have bangs or not! You only need to tie your hair up in a high ponytail then start doing a basic three-strand braid. Roll it up in a bun and make sure that it goes up neatly without hair sticking out. Once you’re done twisting it, secure it with bobby pins and set it hairspray. How simple was that!

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